Wallpaper is a hot 2015 trend in interior design. I know, I know, the word wallpaper also raises a lot of thoughts in my mind of all the old houses I used to frequent in the UK and always used to think… yuck this stuff is so out-dated…. It has made the proverbial comeback, think of platform shoes but with more of a serious impact. This trend from the 1970’s is changing the game in interior design.groovy

We all know, without a doubt that the best music and care-free groovy living came from the 70s. Can you tell I was born in the wrong era? Hippies, free love, big hair, free spirits, flowers in hair, the best music festivals and let’s not forget… wall paper! Not necessarily in that order, but you understand where I’m going with this…

Well, Skinny laMinx and Robin Sprong have changed the ball game in wall paper and collaborated resulted in the newly launched the PARADISE IS HERE wallpaper collection.

Let your eyes feast on the wonderful designs which can only add to your interior design but combining classic and modern in the same setting to create super stylish and comfortable spaces.

01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Airborne_sage 01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Airborne_tarmac 01-Week-SHOP-Wallpaper_Palmetto_pinenutYou can read about the collaboration on the Skinny laMinx blog and view all the designs on the Robin Sprong website.

Happy decorating xx flea143


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