Guest Contribution : Rain Africa Luxury Artisan Soap

Rain Africa is one of those amazing South African local brands with a story that is just as amazing as their products.

The product range is made in Cape Town and now found all over South Africa and around the world. In the range a selection of soaps, creams and face washes can be found. All products are handmade with love and you can definitely feel it. Every person who works for Rain Africa has an amazing story and all make up the extended Rain Africa family.Rain Soap

I was sent this beautiful Luxury Artisan Soap to review.

So why do I love this soap :

1)Simple packaging which can be recycled.

2)Beauty without cruelty.

3)Its made by hand.

4)100% Natural so no chemicals have been used to make the product.

5)The smell which is so natural , fresh and clean.

6)It tells me that my soap was made by the Artisan Florence.

7)Small batches of the soap are made so its rather special.

8)A moisture rich lotion has been used to make this bar.

Rain Artisan Soap

Last year a book was launched by Bev Missing the owner of Rain Africa on soap making. So why not try your hand out at making your own natural soap.For more information on Rain Africa products check out

About the Author:

A 30 something South African Indian woman living, laughing, loving and trying to find her way back after a long stint abroad. A million stories a million laughs to share from a journey where I have been blessed to meet some really amazing humans. A domestic goddess with a love of food, books, travelling, cocktails and the colour pink…… Welcome to my world sit back and enjoy my adventures………

You can follow Verushka on Twitter @verushka143 or visit her blog

Disclaimer: These products were given as a gift in a goodie bag, this has in no way altered the view of these products in anyway.


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