Tissue Oils : 4 Products to try

I love using tissue oils. Not only do they help to diminish scars, stretch marks and damaged tissue, but they also have so many other uses. Last year I shattered my ankle and had numerous surgeries, after which I struggled with very bad scarring. That is when my obsession with tissue oil started and I have been searching all over for the products that can make my scarring appear less noticeable.

Here are a lowdown of four products that really helped me.


1. Innoxa One and All Tissue Maintenance Oil – What a lovely product. I am down to my last bottle and has been searching high and low for more of these. You can see my bottle is quite battered. This product is more like a skin protector and really calms down and soothes my skin when I am having skin emergencies. I also found that this products works best in conjunction with the One and All Soothe Skin Balm. It does a wonderful job at restoring irritated skin. I am unfortunately unable to give correct pricing on these products as I am not able to find them at all. I remember that I purchased them last year at Foschini.

2. Justine Tissue Oil – With this product containing wheat germ, sweet almond and Vitamin A, E and F in high concentrations, it is no wonder that this product has been a staple in a lot of women’s beauty arsenals for many years. It has definitely helped me with my stretch marks and dry skin during winters and I will use it for many years to come. Justine currently has a special on this product. You will pay R159-00 for a 200ml bottle which is great value, normal price is R370. Tomorrow is the last day to order for this special offer.(I should probably have done this post a bit earlier 🙂 )

3. Annique Essence Miracle Tissue Oil – This product is made with Rooibos Oil and other essential oils. A while back I purchased this nifty little rollette and I carry it in my bag everyday. This tissue oil’s consistency is not as thick as the others, but do not be fooled by that. I am having great results with this product on one of my surgery scars. I would say that my scarring has been diminished by about 30% with using this product twice daily. I once read that Tissue Oils needs to be dark of colour for it to really work, and that made me hesitant to try this product when in actual case the colour made no difference to me whatsoever. You will pay about R289-00 for a 100ml bottle.

4. Africology Tissue Oil – Of all of these tissue oils, this one smells by far the best and the least ’tissue oily’. It is made with 100% Natural Essential Oils and I am also having great results. I have an open wound that has been growing shut gradually over the past few months, and with each teensy bit of growing shut, it leaves behind terrible scarring. This is where this product has been coming in handy. When I apply this product to that bad scarring around the open wound, it makes not only a visible difference, but as you would assume there is always the possibility that some of the product might enter the open wound, and I have found this product to be the safest around that area. I am sure some of this product has entered my wound, but it has not infected me in any way. I am not saying that it is safe to apply this product directly in an open wound, but it is definitely very safe to use around a volatile area as such. I have also been using it on my face at night, and my skin feel soft and plumped in the mornings when I wake up. You will pay R245-00 for a 50ml of this product.

These products have been lifesavers in the past few months and I hope this post have helped you if you have been struggling with similar problems as me.


Leandra x

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