Review: Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

Apart from using foundation everyday, I have never used any primers before. So when I received this product to try, I was very excited. Call me old school, but I apply foundation and then just colour in my face. Never have I given the concept of making my canvas nice and smooth to paint on a lot of thought before.


Until now.

First step to changing my old makeup habits, use an eyeshadow base.

The Claims

Intensifying eyeshadow base that improves durability. (Very short and sweet)

The Packaging

The product is housed in a matte tube. The black cap twists off to reveal a nifty little applicator.


Beige, creamy consistency. It is not fragranced.


The applicator combined with the creamy consistency makes application and blending on they eyelids quick and easy. No mess, no fuss.


Does it make you eyeshadow last longer during the day?

Yes, I have been using eyeshadow for many years without this product and I always ended up purchasing more high end expensive eyeshadows because I wanted it to last longer. Then I would be disappointed when a really pretty colour in a more affordable brand would not last as long. During the past couple of weeks I have been able to experiment with different brands of eyeshadows and no matter what the price of the eyeshadow, it lasted the whole day. To be honest, with the high end eyeshadows this product was able to make the eyeshadow last 50% longer, where I was amazed that with an affordable brand of eyeshadow it lasted a whopping 65% longer on my lids. (Seriously, how much did I say Eyeshadow in this paragraph?, LOL)

Does this product enhance and intensify the eyeshadow colours?

Yes again. I have tried different colours and tested it with and without this base. Whether the colour of the eyeshadow is dark or light, matte or shimmer, the colour really pops when this base has been applied. I took a picture to illustrate this using the same colour in both swatches. This base does indeed enhance the colour for the better.


On the left, without the base, and on the right with the base. You can see a visible difference.

Price and Availability

You can purchase Catrice cosmetics from Dischem stores, it is easy available and it retails for R62-99.

The Verdict

A product that lives up to it’s claims. I don’t like it, I love it! I would recommend this product to anyone and I don’t think I will ever be without this product again.

Until next time,


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One response to “Review: Catrice Prime and Fine Eyeshadow Base

  1. Andy

    I bought this product last day. I have not tried it yet. But i think it is a good product 🙂

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