John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse

When I received this product for reviewing purposes, I realised that I am in no way the correct candidate to test this product and review it properly as my hair is naturally straight and I have to curl it. So I decided to ask a friend with naturally curly hair to give this product a try for me and report back.


Rochelle (my friend) was super keen to try it as she has extremely natural curly hair and struggles with issues such as dryness, no bounce, minimum shine and very little to none definition in her curls.

This is the before picture. Rochelle opts to wear her curls loose and natural every day and occasionally she straightens them.

This is the after picture. I noticed a definite change in the appearance of her hair that morning when she walked into the office.

Rochelle was super happy with the noticeable changes in her hair from using only one styling product that is meant for her hair type. She said her hair does not feeling sticky or crunchy at all from using mousse. Her hair looks shiny and more healthy without feeling or looking greasy at all. Her curls are more curly and bouncy.

All in all, she loves this product and have repurchased another can of this. This product lived up to each and every one of its claims for her and that impressed her immensely.

If you are having the same issues with your curls, pop into a Clicks is store and have a look see at what they have to offer.




Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and has in no way altered ‘my friend’s’ view of the product itself as I only reported her findings.


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