Johnson’s Hydration Essentials 2 in 1 Facial Gel/ Mask

I have a huge love for skincare products, and like to try out everything. My skin is not sensitive at all, so I pretty much try out all products that fits my combination type skin. With that being said, I was very excited to give this product a try as you can use it in two ways.


This nifty little product acts both as a face mask and a daily moisturiser. It is light blue in colour and smells fresh and clean. It has a gel like consistency that applies wonderfully.


When I use it as a daily moisturiser I have found that it balances out my combination skin very nicely. It keeps my dry cheeks wonderfully hydrated during the day while it keeps the oiliness of my t-zone at bay. It is comfortable to wear and the refreshing scent is very uplifting.

My favourite use of this product however is as a face mask. I use it once a week and apply it on my clean skin in a thick layer. It literally feels as though my skin is being hugged by a surge of moisture. After ten minutes I rinse it off and my skin feels energised and looks radiant.


This is just one of those products that I will always have with me especially during the hot summer months where my combination skin is stretched to it’s limits. You can find this product at all major retailers and it only retails for R59-95.



Disclaimer: I have received this product as a gift in a goody bag and it has not altered my view of it in any way. 

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