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Justin Bieber Impersonator Molests Children

Hi Pouters! So, sometime over the Eater weekend this story happened, but yes, its true, a Justin Bieber “impersonator” has been arrested in Canada for molesting children. Lee Moir, 34, is charged with several offences, including luring a child under … Continue reading

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Calvin Klein Ads Recreated by the Bondi Hipsters

So, after the new images of the Calvin Klein campaign headed up by Justin Bieber went live – there was a big uproar from the people of the internet who didn’t like that Justin was posing for the iconic fashion brand. I … Continue reading

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Red Square have gone Digital

Hiya Poutlings <33 Red Square – famously part of the Edgars group has finally launched an online store where you can get some of your favourite beauty and perfume brands online! They have also stated that they will offer a “free” sampling programme, simply … Continue reading

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Gorgeous Guys of Years Before

Heya Pouters! They might either be long gone, getting plastic surgery, getting old and ugly or like fine wine, getting better with age now… but back then, they were the ones the girls were drooling over. I’ve decided to dedicate … Continue reading


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