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Bond Girls + Swarovski Crystals = Deadliest Combination

Hiya Poutlings Beauty, intelligence and danger are three characteristics that make a classic Bond Girlso irresitible and stimltaneously trecherous. For Jenny Temine, the costume designer for Skyfall partnered with Swarovski Crystals for a custom handmade gown that is fit for … Continue reading

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5 Minutes With Shajar Khan – Miss International SA 2013

I was lucky enough to get to interview the equally classy and fabulous Shajar Khan – Miss International SA 2013. Hi Shajar, for those of you that don’t know you, could you give me a brief introduction of whom you … Continue reading

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Red Square have gone Digital

Hiya Poutlings <33 Red Square – famously part of the Edgars group has finally launched an online store where you can get some of your favourite beauty and perfume brands online! They have also stated that they will offer a “free” sampling programme, simply … Continue reading

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Blingy Bathrooms at Ridiculous Prices

Hi Poutlings! After splurging that last pay cheque on your hubby for his custom made $91,500 [R869,200] crocodile t-shirt, why not start on some interior decorating, to match your million rand manicure for the house with all your left over … Continue reading


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Vajayjay + Bedazzle = Vajazzle

Hi Pouters! ♥ You may have or have not heard the term VAJAZZLE before, but after this informing blog post you will. It is exactly what you’re thinking… Think Vajayjay + Bedazzler and you get VAJAZZLE. Now, while you are … Continue reading


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