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Gaga’s Tribute to Britney at the VMA’s 2011

So, I have 3 official celeb obsessions. 1) Christina Aguilera 2) Lady Gaga and  3) Britney Spears, so you can imagine the seizure I had when I saw 2 of them on the VMA’s last night. Especially with Gaga dressed … Continue reading


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Miley Cyrus’ Interesting New Single

Hiya Poutlings Miley Cyrus, who has been on a huge “I’m a grown up now guys!“; “get-me-off-the-Disney-child-star train“; and let’s not forget…. “look I’m a big girl, I don’t need to wear panties anymore!” has released her new single yesterday On Air … Continue reading

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Red Square have gone Digital

Hiya Poutlings <33 Red Square – famously part of the Edgars group has finally launched an online store where you can get some of your favourite beauty and perfume brands online! They have also stated that they will offer a “free” sampling programme, simply … Continue reading

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Blast from the Past : Celebrity Prom Pictures

Hey Poutlings! In honour of our matric dance season being upon us in its last few weeks here in South Africa, I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of some iconic celebrities who have become household names, once upon a time … Continue reading


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Dirty, Filthy, Smelly, Disgusting Celebrity Habits!

Hello beautiful pouting beauties… or are you? *raises eyebrow* So, we all have bad habits of course, I mean, we’re human after all… but when you find out a celebrity – you know, those perfect people in Tinseltown – actually … Continue reading

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