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I'm your average girl, I have an Iron Fist shoe fetish that at times are seen as a tiny obsession. I'm a very straight forward and honest person, but who ever said honesty is a bad thing :) I'm not a girly girl, although at times i love dressing up and looking fabulous, I have been in the Industry on and off for about 13 years, where i've gone from commercial to alternative modeling and back and even now you can still see a bit of both in my work :) I'm the kind of girl who doesn't care about looks as beauty fades, i sometimes snort when i laugh, I absolutely love modelling purely because its my way of expressing myself! I'm not stuck up nor do i think the world of myself

What is your Valentine’s day colour? :)

Glad we got the cooking out the way now onto some beauty products and fun Valentines day specials 🙂

What is your Valentines day color? Pink or Red?

Have a look at these absolutely AMAZING specials by Essence, Caribbean Tan and SkinScience,

Now as most of you know I have done more then one Review / Post on Essence and I definitely love the brand,

Its very much affordable and very easy to get your hands on, Now the same goes for Caribbean tan and SkinScience.

And what better way to spoil yourself or be spoiled this V-day with some of these amazing products.

I’ll start with Essence first 🙂




 Essence Pigments:

These little fellas are extremely pigmented as the name obviously states and they are perfect for that eye catching V-day look this year



Essence Long lasting lipstick:

I have an absolute fetish for Red lipstick even though I have only started wearing it about a year if not two ago, I strongly believe every girl should have a red, and having so many different shades of Red’s I’m sure you too will find your color in the Essence range, Best way to get your warm toned kissable lips this V-day! 😀 Continue reading

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Kitchen Fun. . .Banana and Oats cookies

Good afternoon Poutlings,

I trust you are all doing well, had a great weekend and loving the rain 🙂

So I have a few Beauty product posts I’d like to share with you all but thought i’d slip in another kitchen one seeing as the last one was beauty related.

I got to make my very healthy and Fit Viking Banana and Oats cookies last week,

He loved them so much that it is now a daily thing and he has them as snacks between meals,

So if you would like to try them, Keep reading 🙂




2 x Large Banana’s

1 cup of Oats

1 1/2 cup of Whey Protein  (optional, I added Cinnamon pancake for flavor and that extra bit of protein which is perfect to take to gym or snack on before, during or after)

You can also add Almonds, peanuts, raisins and all kinds of things you enjoy, I stuck to the simple one due to a strict diet 🙂


1. Preheat oven to 175°C

2. Mash the Bananas in a large bowl, add the oats and whichever mix-ins you’d like, I added the Whey Protein.

3. Using your hands or an ice cream spoon, Make little round balls and place them on either a greased pan or a pan covered with parchment paper, You can either flatten them or keep them round, I did however flatten them by pressing them down with a spoon as it’s easier to eat then.

4. Bake for 12 to 15 Minutes

5. Enjoy

This is such an incredibly quick, easy, healthy and delicious snack, Please let me know if you’ve tried them, what you’ve added and how you liked them 🙂

Source: Delicous, Easy, Fast & Healthy Recipes for Cooks at Home


Happy Pouting.




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SpaRitual…Matte Top Effect

Hey Poutlings,

Wow I can’t say I haven’t been around for a while as it seems I have to much time on my hands at the moment, But that’s obviously not a bad thing as I get to share a bunch of things with all of you.

SpaRitual Matte Top Effect

SPARITUAL INTRODUCES A NEW CATEGORY: TOP EFFECT, Discover SpaRitual’s Exciting New Innovations

SpaRitual introduces an exciting new top effect category with two new Matte collections: Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Matte Top Effect. As part of the signature collection, Top Effects add new dimension and versatility to any nail lacquer.


SpaRitual Mattify Matte Top effect

“The Mattify Matte Top Effect top coat transforms any glossy polish to a matte finish for a unique and beautiful touch”

 How amazing does these nails look, I’m not going toe lie, I’ve always wondered how the effect is created.


Luminary Matte Top Effect

“The Luminary Matte Top Effect diffuses light with iridescent matte flakes when layered on top of any nail lacquer shade.”

The Luminary collection features a speckled, radiant effect including a gold iridescent, Citrine and purple iridescent, Opaline”


“As with all SpaRitual lacquers, the Mattify Matte Top Effect and Luminary Top Effect are formulated without DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde, Formaldehyde Resin, and Camphor.”

Mattify Matte Top Effect and the Luminary Top Effect will be available April 2014 and will both retail for R193.00 each at select spa and retail locations throughout the country.

Ladies April 2014 is definitely a date to remember, I’m most definitely going to keep an eye out for the release of these beauties as I am extremely amped to try them, especially the mattify matte top coat, I’ve always loved the matte effect on nails.

Sadly I have not yet used SpaRitual but being told they are a 100% Vegan brand they are without a doubt being added to my list of “MUST TRY” and hopefully “LOVE” soon too.

If any of you ladies have used the brand and or have images of your sexy SpaRitual nails, please share them as we love hearing from you.



Twitter: @SpaRitual

Here are some ideas on how to play with your SpaRitual Matte Collection

I have no idea of what nail polish was used to create any of these nail art as the images have been taken from the amazing world wide web, these images are mainly for inspiration purposes. 




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Kitchen Fun… Breakfast Muffins

Morning Poutlings,


I trust you are all doing well and having a great week 🙂

I’ve been a really good house wife the past few days doing some cleaning (you know those places that never really gets the attention it needs lol) I’ve also been playing around in the kitchen for a change, and I really enjoyed it as I’ve always been someone that absolutely LOVES baking but haven’t had much time for it lately.

Okay okay so I’ve also been Pintrest-ing again, ALLOT lol but if I didn’t I wouldn’t have gotten back to the kitchen.

So I’ll be sharing a wonderful recipe that I found on Pintrest by Mindy from Creatie Juice, I did however change it a bit so that’s what i’ll be sharing with you.

Bacon & Egg muffins:

image (2)


What you will need:

4 x Eggs

1/4 Red, yellow or green pepper (I used red and yellow)

1 x 250g Diced Bacon

6 x slices of bread (I only used 4 because the BF doesn’t eat bread)

Dash of milk

Some Salt, pepper and i used a dash of Lemon Zest (its my fav spice at the moment)


Muffin Tray


Making your Muffins:

Preheat oven at 250 Degrees 

1. Cook your Bacon as you desire and leave to cool

2. Chop the peppers into small bits

3. Mix your eggs, adding the some milk,  peppers, salt and pepper

4. Using a cookie cutter cut your slices of bread into circles and place them in your muffin tray

You can toast the bread or leave it as is. I only made 4 of the 6 with bread as the BF does not eat bread so i just spray and cooked the two without the bread.

5. Now add your egg and peppers mixture to your tray filling the half way

6. Add a spoon of bacon to each and top it off with cheese (Again I only did this with 4 as the Bf does not eat Bacon)

image (1)

My muffin tray Before cooked

7. Leave to bake for 20 Minutes

Once done leave to cool before removing your muffins


image (1)

They were Absolutely amazing and really quick to make, I’d def replace your normal scrambled eggs with these babies, they are absolutely delicious and allot more effective, Next time i will add Feta too though lol

You can change it about as you wish add what you like and remove what you don’t like.

Well best I be off to Pintrest, Still need something to bake for today 😛

P.S. Please visit Creative Juices at the link above for the original Recipe

Happy cooking




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Burst Studio

Helloo Poutlings, yes me again 😛

As many of you may or may not know, I am a make-up artist as well as a very big animal lover,

Now as both I have been struggling to find Synthetic make-up brushes for personal use as well as professional use since I can remember, I even looked for some during our Italy trip over December but was still not satisfied with what I’ve found. So today I finally took the leap and got myself a Synthetic 12 piece set from Burst Studio.

Can I just say from first glance these bad boys absolutely IMPRESSED me, they didn’t even look synthetic to be honest, they are of absolute high quality, no doubt!

Now as a make-up artist i’m sure you will all agree with me that the job cannot be done with out the proper tools, which is our brushes, products, technique etc.

So let me introduce you to my new and favorite set of tools:

SYN 01-Synthetic set:

This set consists of 12 absolutely amazing synthetic (obviously) brushes as well as an amazing black holder.

12 Piece Synthetic brush set with holder

1. Face Brushes

1. Stipple foundation brush

2. Flat foundation brush

3. Powder brush

4. Angled blush brush

5. Concealer brush

2. Eyeshadow Brushes

1. Large dome eyeshadow brush

2. Medium dome eyeshadow brush

3. Slanted eyeshadow brush

3. Blending Brushes

1. Medium blending brush

2. Small blending brush


4. Brow and Eyeliner Brushes

1. Angled brow brush

2. Pencil brush


Sadly these images don’t really do these brushes justice, I blame Iphone 😛
I really wish i could put to words what amazing quality these brushes are, they are honestly the first synthetic set I have come across that I am this impressed with.

So ladies if you are a MUA or you just love Make-up seriously pay Burst Studio a visit,

Pro artist qualify for discount, and there are smaller sets that are perfect for traveling.

They also stock pro set bags, brush belts, individual brushes, Lipstick decanting pallets, Special Sets and more.

Here are some of the other sets available from Burst Studio

Pro set bag

Pro set bag

7 piece brush set

7 piece brush set

Foundation set

Foundation set

Brush Pouch

Brush Pouch

Lip brush set

Lip brush set

Powder brush set

Powder brush set


For all you top quality brush needs visit Bust studio at:



Or you can send LaReine an email at:

Also note that Burst studio offers a wide variety of make-up services so head on over and have a look.

Hopefully i’ll get to post a few make-up application pic’s with these beauties soon.

Have a fabulous day ladies





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