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What’s in Lady_HellFire’s Handbag

Me again… 😛

So Sandy made a post some time ago which was titled “what’s in Sandy’s handbag”

Seeing as it’s Friday and i Have a little time on my hands and she “Challenged” me to see what’s in mine.

Here is my fun filled Friday post.

What’s in my Handbag:

Firstly My bag, which is a BRIGHT pink, that i got from the mother-in-Law all the way from Botswana 🙂

What you will Find inside

Basic Business related:

Ipod, Business Cards, Diary and Ipad

Beauty Related:

Okay a Lighter, Yes i'm a smoker :P Love my Lip Butter and new Gorgio Armani Perfume - SI

Okay a Lighter, Yes i’m a smoker 😛 Love my Lip Butter and new Gorgio Armani Perfume – SI

A bunch of Makeup touch up stuff, Sanitize etc

A bunch of Makeup touch up stuff Like I said i have Essence in there :P, Sanitize etc

Can’t function without:

Sun-glasses and Prescription Glasses

Sun-glasses and Prescription Glasses


My Bag is pretty boring and literally only has the basic’s also i change my bags ALLOT so it’s to much to keep more then this in it although when i have a bigger bag it contains more crap 😛 Haha


Let us know what’s in your bag or what you cannot go without when it comes to your bag!!


Mad Love




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Fhm Modelbook

Hello Poutlings,


I’m pretty sure you are all very familiar with FHM or even more so FHM Modelbook,

Who couldn’t be all forms of Social networking has been over flown by “Vote for me by sms-ing” since 2009,

I am extremely “Sad” (RollEyes) to finally report that this has officially come to a stop with FHM releasing an official “FHM MODELBOOK CLOSES IT’S DOOR’S ON THE 30th JUNE 2013” email, and post to their website.

Now as a Modelbook member since 2011 or so myself I’ve had my fair share in taking part in the “site/Form” activities but soon distanced myself when I moved up the “FHMgirlfriend voting poll ladder” due to unfair participants and FHM simply turning a blind eye to it, Even though the modelbook section will be closed the Girlfriend side will take over by becoming an official Fhm “leg” if you will.


Full statement:

“All good things must come to an end and so it has proven for FHM Modelbook, which will close it’s doors on the 30th June 2013. The platform has provided an incredible opportunity for thousands of up-and-coming models to get a start in the business and was used as the base for several of FHM’s famed annual model competitions, most notably FHM Models 2009 through 2012. However, the technology the platform is built on is no longer feasible and we’re moving onto something bigger, better and a little bit different… FHM Girlfriend!

In the past, our up-and-coming model competitions rewarded those models who had the most dedicated “clickers”. Those whose boyfriend/granny/uncle/friends/fans were prepared to vote the most. And everyone, from the FHM editorial team, to the participating models and even their fans expressed dissatisfaction with the voting methodology. It became  apparent that we needed a whole new way of doing things. So, we’ve created the FHM Girlfriend Challenge to help models who want to get themselves into magazine, into the magazine!

Basically, the FHM Girlfriend challenge will still allow FHM fans to rate the model’s hotness, but it will work in conjunction with monthly challenges set by the FHM team that will help models climb the ladder to FHM success. The challenges will be based around a theme taken from the magazine and could be anything from raising money for a charity of the model’s choice, through to submitting a photoshoot based on dressing up like, say, a cheerleader, or even a 30-second lip-synch to a favourite song.

But back to FHM Modelbook. It will still be available to the models who utilize the platform right up until the 30th June 2013, when it will finally close it’s doors for good. That should give everyone enough time to  download their FHM Modelbook image portfolios and apply, if they so wish, to participate in FHM Girlfriend.

FHM would like to thank each and every model who participated in the phenomenon that was FHM Modelbook. And let’s not forget the fans who logged on in their millions to browse the galleries, vote for their favourites and even chat to the girls who lived their FHM dreams. 

We’re currently launching the new website and the FHM Girlfriend platform as you read this so here’s the link to apply for FHM Girlfriend, but please note it may be a couple of days until you can access it properly.

Thank you

The FHM Team.”



I’m sure if you’ve been bullied with the spam and constant posts for votes you too will agree that’s it’s about damn time 😉

Now we wait to see what happens with the girlfriend section i’m sure there is a few of you that are just as interested as I am to see what the changes will be.

Either way good by and RIP Modelbook, No more “My friend has a camera models” Or “I own a camera so i’m a photographer people”

As much as i use to enjoy the Magazine as a girl I very soon learned to hate it due to “MODELBOOK BABES” claiming to be professional models. RIP Modelbook

As much as I’ve had fun being active on the site and meeting great people i soon started to hate it due to the constant bickering. RIP Modelbook

As much as I’ve grown fond of the guys I’ve made friends with I’ve become fed up with the ones that see girls as sex objects. RIP Modelbook

With that i’ll leave it to your opinions and feedback,

Please share your thoughts on the section of the site closing, a new one opening and just modelbook in general.




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Tips on printing you’re own Christmas cards for friends and family


Whether you’re the creative type, or you’re a bit broke from all the Christmas shopping for the kids, and forgot all about buying the Christmas cards for family abroad, and have decided to make your own, here are some things to remember when doing so:

1. Make sure you have enough ink. Christmas cards are printed in full colours, and require a lot of ink. Choosing cards with a lot of white space will help lessen the need for ink, but you’ll still want to be sure you have plenty of supplies to print your cards.

2. Clean your print head. Ink smudges can ruin a card, so be sure your printer is in top shape before you start sending paper through.

3. Use a high quality print mode. Skip the draft or text modes on your printer and select a higher level of printing, especially if you’ll be printing photos. This will make sure the ink appears solid and smooth and the colours are rich.

4. Don’t skimp on paper. Your cards will look better if you purchase a heavy weight paper designed especially for printing cards rather than using the regular inkjet paper you use for everyday printing. Splurge on a nice matte or glossy paper to ensure top quality cards if you can afford it.

5. Start early. If you’re going to be printing all your cards rather than buying pre-made ones, be sure to give yourself enough time to get everything printed, signed, addressed and sent. You’ll be glad you did, and home made cards give Chrismas that special feel!


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Weekend Series Crush: Once Upon A Time

Hey gorgeous poutlings,

Hope all of our ladies had a fantabulous Womens Day yesterday!

I spent my day in bed with hot chocolate watching my new favourite series “Once Upon a Time”.

What is that you ask?

Well I didn’t know about it at first – not being much of a TV fanatic – until my sister brought me the DVD and told me that if I didn’t watch it, she’d cut my eyeballs out – totally kidding!

She did, however, tell me it was the cutest series she’d ever seen and although I only watched up until Episode 12, I’m hooked. Now I sit here at work fantasizing about the show and what on earth is going to happen next. It’s like my addiction to chocolate and it’s totally unavoidable.

The first Season (and only season so far), starts off with The Evil Queen of the fairytale-world interrupting Snow White and Prince Charming’s wedding and announces that she will put a curse on every character so that she is the only one with a happy ending.

The Evil Queen then goes about putting a curse on the fairytale-world, sending them to the real world (our world) and they have no idea that they are fairytale characters. Then, when the Evil Queen’s adopted son Henry gets handed a fairytale book by his teacher Mary Margaret (who happens to be Snow White in the fairytale world), he believes the fact that they are all characters from the book and that his birth mother, troubled 28 year old Emma Stone from Boston, is the saviour that will send them all back to where they belong.

In each episode we are told a story of what has happened to each of the characters and you figure out something new of the characters you grew up knowing and loving, like; Why is Rumplestilskin so devious? Why is Red Riding Hood suddenly so slutty? Why does the Evil Queen hate Snow White so much? And who is this Emma Stone anyway?

Do yourself a favour and make sure you get the DVD soon!

Have a lovely weekend poutlings…

♥Marinda Liza♥


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Alternative Model(s)

Good Day Pretty Pouters 😉

Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia:

Alternative modelling is a branch of the modelling industry that features models who do not conform to the mainstream ideals of beauty. Alternative models are often niche-specific, with a personal style that represents subcultures like goth, burlesque, latex and fetishism. An alternative model may for example be tattooed, pierced, or have distinctively subcultural hair (shaved, dyed a distinctively unnatural colour, mohawk, or in dreadlocks)

Alternative models can be clothed or unclothed.

Alternative modelling was given substantial mainstream media coverage in the last decade, partly through the creation and popularisation of community-based alternative modelling sites, like Godsgirls, SuicideGirls and BlueBlood.

Alternative model: M!ss Ameerah

Personally I think she makes a pretty commercial model too (Second image)

Alternative modelling community sites promoted their models for their personality as well as for their look and portfolio.

So as you can see according to google-Wikipedia an “Alternative model” is a female/male with tattoo’s, piercing, and hair that does not get accepted in the mainstream “Community” According to my ability to read I can’t recall it stating ANYWHERE that “Alternative modelling” consists of “Themed shoots” or “Anything/everything the norm would NOT do”.

As a model in the Commercial industry as well as an “ex Alternative model” (If I may) I would like to share my in’s and out’s as well as pretty much just my 2cents on Modelling as well as Alternative modelling.

But let me start of by introducing myself.

I am Lady_HellFire, Better knows as Hesmarie or Hesmarie Hellfire I am a model and have been in the industry for +-13 years where I have done ramp, beauty pageants, photographic modelling as well as teach a few classes at “model finishing school” when I was younger. I will be posting for pout Perfection about the modelling industry as well as the safety and dangers the industry holds. If you do not agree with me on things, please be as kind as to share your opinion, I really do enjoy having a good old debate from time to time 😛

So my first blog will be about “Alternative Modelling” as you can see.

The majority of people’s concept of an “Alternative” model is the fact that he/she has piercings or tattoo’s or even some funky hair-style, which according to Wikipedia is correct.

But in my personal opinion modelling and acting goes hand-in-hand so why the different genre’s of modelling as a model you should be able to be versatile, should be able to portray what is expected of you in front of the lens, so I think if you are a Great model you should be able to slap on some fake tats a clip on nose ring and some wacky hair do and be able to pull off the “Alternative” style of modelling just as if you are classified as an “Alternative” model if you are a good model you should be able to pull of a commercial look when required.

Your thoughts on the image above, commercial or alternative?

I honestly think the fact that every second girl who has a friend with an expensive camera and some nice unedited pictures with “Artistic” angles who classifies herself as a model due to having a facebook page with “fans” should have a look into the industry, because it’s NOT that easy and it’s not all that glamorous either, you are not a model if not qualified so being an “Alternative” model does not make you one either, its become a gate way for attention. Again in my opinion 🙂

Would love to hear your thoughts and input on the subject?

Much love.




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