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Hello to you Bride-to-be!

In October I will be a bride myself, and I cannot wait to be one. I’ll be marrying the most wonderful man, and I want to look really stunning, for him and myself.

Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you as a bride looks like on your day. However, for the rest, parents of the bride and groom have a say about the wedding, ESP if they’re paying.

This post is my take on bridal makeup tips for your big day, and of course for my own big day.


* If you are a woman who loves wearing loads of makeup everyday, why would you go minimal for your big day. Nothing is worse than not looking like yourself on your wedding day. This is the day you’re photographed the most. Of course, the same applies if you hardly wear makeup on a day-to-day basis. Don’t go off the path lady! Be you! The one thing you can do is, neaten up your look!


* Invest in a proper silicon primer. This will only give your foundation a flawless finish. Primers from SMASHBOX, WOOLWORTHS, INGLOT will ensure you have that smooth look. It also acts as a moisturizer in a way. Since many moisturizers tend to give an oily look and feel. Rather moisturize the night before, and only use the primer on the day.


* Having a facial a week before your wedding can be a mistake. Many people don’t believe that, but our skin needs to go back to its “natural” state. With a facial, it’s still very oily, and sometimes sensitive. Foundation doesn’t stick too well onto “freshly facial’d” skin. (As I say it).

* Need I say more? Ok, there are some guild lines, like don’t over pluck! Biggest mistake ever. The fuller look will make you look younger and fresher. And what ever you do, please don’t make crazy high arches.

* It is pretty simple. Two things you need to know here:
A) wear false lashes if you’re a fan of wearing a lot of makeup.
B) wear extensions if your a minimal makeup person.
The false lashes make a line, which you won’t see with a strong eyeliner, but extensions look natural. Have it professionally applied a few months before, so that you can get used to caring for the extensions. Remember to avoid the “real mink hair” lashes. We like to be cruelty free here.


* This is not the time to paste splashy pinks, blues, etc on your eyes. If you feel this contradicts what I said in tip 1, don’t be fooled. Of course you can apply all your makeup, but if you’re seriously keen on color, only apply a fine line on the bottom lash line. No neon! No glitter liner! Sorry. You are only going to get so far.


* Ensure your foundation matches your chest and not necessarily your neck. Depending on your dress, apply a tiny amount on your chest for photo flash purposes. Not too close to the dress though. You don’t want to have disgusting foundation sweat marks on your dress.

* A qualified and talented makeup artist is key. Doesn’t mean it’s that one with the most Facebook or twitter fans. It’s the one that takes your personality, feelings and look into consideration. Have makeup trials. Not just bridal makeup trials, but for any occasion. If you are going out for a party, bridal shower, dinner date, etc have the makeup artist do your makeup. This gives you both an opportunity to get to know each other way before the wedding. Build a relationship with a makeup artist you like. (And to my fellow makeup artists, do your own makeup for your wedding day! You know what you’re doing, you know your face and in a way, it’s some “me-time”).


* Is your dress soft and romantic, big and poofy, classy and understated, classic and lacy, sexy and voluptuous?…. Etc
Well, your makeup should follow suit. A big poofy princess-like dress doesn’t go well with a minimal makeup look. Neither will a sexy dress. So take your look into consideration when thinking of your makeup.

* Have a small round clutch bag for your wedding. You don’t need to hold it for the ceremony or photos, but have a bridesmaid or guest look after it for you until you get into reception. In it have lipgloss, lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, foundation/powder compact, blush. It may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. You can even go to your favorite makeup store and ask for sample products. Makeup application never looks complete if your lips look naked! Always apply and touch up!








I hope these tips will help you on your big day, as I really believe in them.




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Victoria Beckham Launches Capsule Collection

Hiya Poutlings! ❤

Victoria Beckham is to launch a capsule collection called Icon featuring the selected reworked designs from her archive collections starting from Spring/Summer 2009 season. The line of seven Beckham dresses coveted by fashionistas around the world will start at £1,000 or roughly R14,000.

Together with my personal edit of the spring/summer 2013 collections, I wanted to be able to offer an exclusive product on the site that was in keeping with the signature aesthetic that’s very special to me, I introduced Icon in response to requests for designs from as far back as my first collection from customers, and I wanted to find a way to offer them key dresses from the archive, but in newly-reworked colours and fabrics.. I hope these updated styles will become unique, limited edition pieces and am excited to revisit other archive designs as the Icon collection continues to grow.NEW ICON RANGE - VICTORIA

The dress that was unveiled as the broke is this navy and spearmint frock inspired by Victoria’s Spring/Summer collection. It will be interested to see what other dress will make it to the Icon collection… are you feeling this one? I don’t know if I like it or not. It may grow on me… maybe?


Meanwhile Victoria showed both her collection at NYFW. The main line textures and colour blocks while Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection is about layers and versatile pieces, which I think I prefer to the first Icon collection piece…

I’m really excited about this collection, it’s effortlessly cool and easy and we’ve developed a lot of textures, it looks like there’s a lot of layers. The idea is that you don’t have to think about it. It looks like two pieces – jumpers and skirts – but it’s just one piece and you can just zip yourself up and off you go.

Be sure to check out Vicky’s website for the new ecommerce website and new pieces of Icon collection.

x missfitz

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FLASH SALE : Triumph

Hiya Poutlings!

A good bra and knickers can make or break your outfit… One of my favourite affordable underwear brands is Triumph and even though they are generally affordable, they are even cheaper online from 11 – 15 February…. Just in time for Valentines day!

I am so excited to tell you a secret – I’ve recently joined Diligo’s newsletter and they run the most fabulous FLASH SALES. They are only available for people who have signed up, but I thought I’d give you a quick peak at what I can see on their site, and to tell you that you should sign up too so you can see all the stuff I haven’t mentioned here.

WAS R459.90NOW ONLY R334.0027% saving

Triumph Maximizer Sexy Curves Strapless Bra Set –
WAS R459.90
NOW ONLY R334.00
27% saving


Triumph Saturn Seductive Curves Pushup Bra and String Was - R244.90 
now only - R178.00 
27% saving!

Triumph Saturn Seductive Curves Pushup Bra and String
Was – R244.90
now only – R178.00
27% saving!

Triumph Cranberry Maximizer Super Curves Push Up and Hipsterwas R244.99 
now only R178.00 
27% saving!

Triumph Cranberry Maximizer Super Curves Push Up and Hipster
was R244.99
now only R178.00
27% saving!


I must admit, I’m normally a bit sceptical about buying underwear online as you never know what will fit you, but as I already own a couple of Triumph goodies, I know exactly what sizes to order…

Be sure to sign up, so that you don’t miss out on flash sales of your favourite brands! Don’t forget, if you spend R500.00 or more, you get 10% off!!


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Chrysalis Lingerie : Specifically for Trans Women

Hi Poutlings

Transgender women are becoming more and more talked about and really, they are most certainly becoming more accepted and less taboo in todays society, and they are becoming an ever-growing demographic world wide… So it would make sense that new businesses would crop up to attend to their specific needs. Chrysalis Lingerie is a special lingerie that is marketed to transwomen, and it comes completel witha power-mesh panel that’s designed to create a seamless effect, so that those who wish to “pass” as a women can adequately tuck in their male genitalia.


Similarly, the bra comes with hidden pockets that “hold full-cup” insers to create the appearance of breasts (seems like this might be a useful invention for breast cancer survivors and women who have had mastectomies for a variety of reasons, too.) All of the Chrysalis lingerie models are transgender.


“I wanted a product that actually celebrated who we are, something that made us feel beautiful but is also practical. We’re done hiding. We’re done keeping quiet. We are a very diverse community, we do exist and we have explicit needs.” – Cy Lauz, Chrysalis designer.

I think it’s great and another step in the right direction towards transgender equality.

I hope RuPaul approves! 🙂



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69Slam – PLAY LOUD!

Hello Poutlings…


I know i know, at first the name puts you a bit off considering it’s sexual innuendo,

At first I was also a bit shocked and skeptical when a friend told me to check out the page and seeing it being called “69Slam” and being referred by a male friend made it a little more weird, I was like “WTF, how about NO

Curiosity however did as usual get the best of me and before I could find myself, I was head-over-heels IN-LOVE!

To my surprised it was everything but what I expected, yes yes the sexual innuendo was there loud and proud but way more fun! haha

What is 69 Slam?

“69slam is a unique gem with simple rules: be fun, creative, unique.

In just a few years 69slam has grown into a modern brand of alternative funky underwear, swimwear, clothing and related products for men, woman and children

Since 2004, the brand has been on a mission to spread a revolution in over 40 countries with a motto: “PLAY LOUD!”

with this motto: 69Slam not only provides clothing but a lifestyle:

for those who are not afraid to diverge from the norm.

for those who thrive on doing things on the wild side.

For those who simply love surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding and all other extreme sports”

Still not convinced on how awesome this brand is?

Check it out:


















These are just a few previews of what this brand has to offer 😀

I am a Fan and cannot get enough of it, not only does the brand Rock but the people involved too!

So be sure to check out 69SLAM and don’t miss out on their “Heart-day” Special! xx







Twitter: @LadySlam69


Johannesburg – Nicolway Shopping Centre, Bryanston, (William Nicol Drive)
Tel – 011 706-6820

Cape Town – Canal Walk Shop (1st Floor, nextdoor to Diesel)
Tel – 021 551-1499

Have a “SLAMMING” Friday and Fantastic weekend!






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