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What Is Jungle Juice???

Right, so now that I am a mommy, I’m going through more things than just finding out the latest beauty products, tricks and tips. Motherhood goes beyond that. It’s now whats best for your child, and of course yourself. How on earth can a mother look after her child if she doesn’t look after herself first.

So if you’re a mommy, you know or have heard of jungle juice, haven’t you?  It’s a ‘magic’ potion you drink to improve your milk production. Although on La Leche League (LLL) groups, they’ll tell you it holds no evidence that it does, HOWEVER, too many mommies say it has worked for them. So I’m testing it… And in my honest opinion it is working. But I have to also say that I’m topping up with formula. This is a personal choice, as my milk took a while to come in. I feel it’s due to the fact I had a c-section. I have however noticed my milk is coming in more with this juice while expressing. So my boy is having less formula.. so yay!

Now it could be just be the fact I’m drinking a whole lot of liquids which lets face it, is what really helps with milk production. But with all the ingredients one mixes, it could only be helping really.


2 litres water, room temperature or cold.
1 litre apple juice
1 sachet rehidrat (available at a pharmacy)
± 10 drops per litre of juice of Rescue drops (available at a pharmacy)
60ml blackthorn berry elixir (available at a pharmacy)


  1. Mix it all together in a large bottle ± 5 litre bottle and drink it all up within two days.

Oral electrolyte mixture for the treatment of dehydration.

A homeopathic-flower essence combination complementary medicine of the use of shock, anxiety, fear, grief and recurrent insomnia due to stress.

This elixir is ideal for restoring the body’s natural balance after periods of exhaustion, pressure or illness.
Reducing fatigue and increasing vitality.
Pregnant and breastfeeding woman and after confinement. Ideal for the whole family.

So if you’re breastfeeding, I suggest trying Jungle Juice out. So far, so good. I definitely approve.

MuchLuv, BeBlessed
Sandy N

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I am proud to announce that I am now a owner of these super cute little fragrances, because I WON the Essence #MYMESSAGE competition on Facebook!


Essence has always been one of my go to brands when I want something really nice to pamper myself with, that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg! They were holding a competition last month for their new range of fragrances called #MYMESSAGE, and I won a nice hamper of these 5 brand new fragrances all thanks to the Essence team, and they were delivered to me straight to my front door!

Personally I usually lean towards the sweeter notes, but with this range it was actually a pleasant surprise that the Luck fragrance was my favorite…it has a more masculine scent, which lingered all day long! My brother funny enough thought it was a unisex perfume!

The 5 fragrances in the range are:











Looking good this summer is one thing, but smelling great is now at the top of my list too, and thanks to the Essence team I no longer need to find my fragrance of the season, its definitely LUCK from ESSENCE!

These also make a great friendship gift as you can write in a name or a message at the back of the box!


You can find yours at a Clicks outlet near you and many other exciting things like these for this spring time pampering:

ess_I_Love_Nude_Eyeshadow_01-horz másolata-vert essence-nails-3 essence-cosmetics-plump-no-clump-mascara-300x300

Till next time lovelies!


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Catrice Allround Cover Stick

Because I suffer from dark circles, I always keep concealer with me and use it religiously on a daily basis. But, I have been stuck using the Catrice Camouflage cream for such a long time,  that I did not even notice other products in store. So when another Catrice concealer came along, I was excited to test it.


It comes housed in a slim, retractable tube with a cap. It is best being retractable as it is much more hygienic, but the product does not retract all the way back into the housing, so in the beginning you need to recap with caution or else there will be product everywhere.


The formula is creamy, applies smoothly and blends evenly.It did a good job of covering up my dark circles and imperfections, however it did not sit as tight as I would have liked it to. I think my dark circles are just so bad that I need something that packs an extra punch to conceal them and keep them concealed the whole day . If I have to choose between the Allround Coverstick and the Camouflage Cream, I’d rather grab the Camouflage Cream.

But, if you want a coverstick to just cover mild imperfections, this is the product for you. They retail for a mere R52.95 and you can find them at Dischem stores nationwide.


Leandra x

Disclaimer: This product was given to me for reviewing purposes and has in no way altered my view of the product.

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Wet ‘n Wild Fast Dry Nail Color

Over the past few months I have been getting a little more up close and personal with the products that Wet ‘n Wild cosmetics have to offer. I have been quite hesitant to give budget beauty items a try as it can be a clear hit or miss situation, but Wet ‘n Wild has not disappointed me yet, and I find that their products are a Hit for me 98% of the time.


The brush of this nail polish is long and slim. I like it when nail polish brushes are long, it gives me extra room to work with and application is easier and a lot less messy. The formula is opaque, but the colours are highly pigmented. It applies evenly and I only need to apply 2 coats to get the desired finished.


The main question here is whether it dries fast, and my answer is yes. It dries faster than other nail polish brands out there. Useful tip, I pop my nail polishes in the refrigerator 20 minutes before I use them, it helps for the product to apply easily and dry faster.

One thing I must mention is that it tends to stain nails especially with the darker colours, but these days everyone is applying base coats before hand so that should not be a problem if you are part of the latter. Just a heads up.

In conclusion, I find this product to be another HIT for Wet ‘n Wild and pop these in my shopping trolley each time I spot them in store. You can find them at Clicks stores nationwide. They come in 7 shades and they retail for R44.95 each.

Chat soon,


Disclaimer: These items were given to me for reviewing purposes and has  in no way altered my view of the product.


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John Frieda Repairing Oil Elixir

I am very happy to be reviewing this product as it has brought me a lot of joy in the past six months.

It is the John Frieda Repairing Oil Elixir for hair. It repairs hair that are damaged, almost instantly. Let me tell you that a little while back my hair was really out of sorts and I tried everything, until I remembered I have a full bottle of this that I received as a gift from a friend.


You apply it to damp hair and it is instantly absorbed. It doesn’t weigh your hair down or make your locks feel heavy and volume-less. You also will not suffer from greasy hair halfway through the day.

You only need one squirt and you are set. And on the plus side it also protects your hair against the heat from styling. It is also safe to use on colour treated hair ( I am living proof because I am a brunette naturally and is grey now, and my hair has never been in a better condition since I started using the right products). After styling it leaves my hair smooth, bouncy, shiny and very soft (What more can a girl want?).

They come in a 50ml bottle and one squirt goes a long way (my bottle is 6 months old and I use it on a daily basis and it is not nearly half yet which is great value). You can buy them Clicks stores nationwide and they retail for R109.95.

Chat to you soon
Leandra x

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