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A few weeks ago I was fortunately invited to attend the launch of Cipria Milano in Cape Town at the exquisite Nobu at the One and Only.

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!

How amazing is this invite? Colours for days!


Cipria Milano was a brand I was not familiar with – and so I listened very intently to the details. It’s refreshing to come across a fresh approach to beauty, strength and confidence at a valuable price. All of which the brand lives up to.With now being freshly available on South African shores, Cipria Milano is fresh from Italy – synonymous with Italian standards of quality and most of all a great choice of hair care, fragrances, a wonderful selection of makeup and cosmetics that are innovative and of a very high quality but most importantly – the affordability is the biggest draw. The brand is proudly family owned and run with strong values and also prides itself in being diverse as well as cruelty free.

A unofficial slogan i took from the launch is… high end cosmetics do not need to be high priced. That is the message that they are trying to get across.

Some goodies we were given to try are the following and as you can see the prices are so affordable – anyone can look good!

CipriaMilano Pout.jpg

1.  All in one intensive hair mask – R129

2. Eyeshadow solo – R99.00

3. Keratin reconstruction vials – R49.00

4. Lipstick – R79.99

5. Mascara – R119.00

In time we will feature the individual reviews of these products!

Be sure to check out CIPRIA MILANO on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

CIPRIA MILANO stores are at Cape Gate Shopping Centre and Sandton City – pop in and find your colour.




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John Frieda Frizz Ease Curl Reviver Mousse

When I received this product for reviewing purposes, I realised that I am in no way the correct candidate to test this product and review it properly as my hair is naturally straight and I have to curl it. So I decided to ask a friend with naturally curly hair to give this product a try for me and report back.


Rochelle (my friend) was super keen to try it as she has extremely natural curly hair and struggles with issues such as dryness, no bounce, minimum shine and very little to none definition in her curls.

This is the before picture. Rochelle opts to wear her curls loose and natural every day and occasionally she straightens them.

This is the after picture. I noticed a definite change in the appearance of her hair that morning when she walked into the office.

Rochelle was super happy with the noticeable changes in her hair from using only one styling product that is meant for her hair type. She said her hair does not feeling sticky or crunchy at all from using mousse. Her hair looks shiny and more healthy without feeling or looking greasy at all. Her curls are more curly and bouncy.

All in all, she loves this product and have repurchased another can of this. This product lived up to each and every one of its claims for her and that impressed her immensely.

If you are having the same issues with your curls, pop into a Clicks is store and have a look see at what they have to offer.




Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for reviewing purposes and has in no way altered ‘my friend’s’ view of the product itself as I only reported her findings.


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Manly Manicure Monday with Sorbet MAN

Listen up gents – Sorbet don’t only favour the fairer sex, they think you deserve some grooming too and because of this they have launched their male-only grooming emporium. Think beards, think musky smells, think all things manly – they’ve got you covered.

Sorbet launched their very first man-porium in September 2014 in Sandton City and are now following suit with opening the next in the chain line – a store in Bedfordview at Village View Shopping Centre. Sorbet Man

They understand looking good is not always as easy as the woke-up-like-this that you guys pull off so well and sometimes need some added grooming. Don’t think of it as a salon, think of it as a way to accentuate your manly ways with an added touch of polished perfection. They do not want the treatments to be seen as flash but they want their guests to feel relaxed, not intimidated and invited in a discerning manner.

The treatments on offer range from facials for tip-top skin care, to hair colour treatments, massages and “Man Plan” packages including the flagship, The 19th Hole: haircut, hot towel shave and a manicure. All of their treatments include complimentary whiskey, espresso and WIFI.

Sorbet MAN stocks internationally renown brands like Dermalogica, Blue Beards, Redken and KST.

If Sorbet is good enough to keep the ladies in your life looking on point there is no reason why Sorbet cannot make you feel good about your skin, hair and overall well being.

For more information on Sorbet MAN, check out Sorbet’s website.

Ladies, you are welcome to spoil the men in your life easily; and no worries, you’re welcome gentleman! 😉

xo flea143

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INOAR Absolut Daymoist CLR Shampoo & Conditioner

For a long time I have been hearing (and well, reading)  about this Brazilian haircare brand that everyone has fallen in love with. When I was given the opportunity to give their products a try ,it had me excited. Number one, I don’t frequent haircare salons that often and yes, like most ladies, I love to have beautiful and perfect hair.

Only problem is, my hair has been a little out of sorts lately and in desperate need of a moisture boost. And these two gems could not have come at a better time.

20150606_155422INOAR claims that these products will intensely condition and recover you hair, while leaving it with added glow and elasticity.

They are packaged in 250ml yellow bottles with a twist cap (which makes life easier by the way, especially when you are in the shower) and the fragrance of both the shampoo and conditioner makes me think of having my hair washed in a salon.

The products itself contains Cornstarch, Beet Extract and Daymoist CLTRM. I do not really have an idea what all of those ingredients each do seperately, but combined they basically maintain the hair strand to increase bounce and elasticity, preserve colour and shine, protects from discoloration and basically prepares your hair for heat styling.

Did it work for me? Yes it did. After the second wash it was as if my hair had received an instant moisture boost, it was noticeably smoother, and my hair was extremely shiny. One would think that because it is a moisturising combo, that my hair would be ‘heavy’, but it did not weigh my hair down at all or leave it greasy whatsoever. My hair was also manageable and easy to style. Not only did this product recover my damaged hair, but it also protects my hair from heat styling after each use.

Will I repurchase it again? Yes, definitely.

There are three products in this range, Shampoo (R220), Conditioner (R220) and the Mask (350). I have only tried the Shampoo and Conditioner, but are dying to get my hands on the mask.



Disclaimer: These products were given to me for reviewing purposes and has in no way altered my view whatsoever.


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John Frieda Luxurious Volume Range: 3 Products to Try

Ever wonder why your hair stays flat even though you use haircare products to combat just that. I might be able to shed some light on the matter.

Some haircare brands give your hair volume, but it only lasts a couple of hours. It is because their products are made to strip your hair of all residue and natural oils which gives your hair that healthy shine. So in the process of adding volume to your hair, you struggle with dullness in the end. It is a no win situation which can leave one frustrated in the end. You gain one thing, but lose another.


But, there is good news. The smart people from John Frieda developed a range that will allow you to have your bread buttered on both sides.

They developed this range to not strip the hair of it’s natural oils. Instead they added small little round polymers to the mix that fills in the damaged parts of the hair strands which lifts the hair and plumps them up. The end result, volume that stay and hair that looks and feel shiny and healthy.

I have been using 3 products in this range for the past few days and I am impressed.

1. Luxurious Volume Touchably Full Shampoo

2.Luxurious Volume Touchably Full conditioner

3. Luxurious Volume Refresh Dry Shampoo

All of these products smells soft, fruity and a little like citrus blossoms. It is quite refreshing. It is housed in beautiful Teal coloured containers that shines as much as your hair will after use.

The shampoo is a clear gel consistency that lathers up nicely. You can actually feel your hair being lighter and fuller after use. The conditioner is a white, cream like consistency that really nourishes the hair and I feel that using the conditioner combined with the shampoo works in a wonderful dual action combo.Lastly I used the Dry Shampoo for days when I do not feel the need to wash my hair. Once again my hair was instantly volumised and refreshed after use.

My hair is very thick and it falls flat a few hours after styling because of it’s heaviness. I must admit that these products have really helped me to lock in volume and keep it. That is the most important part, keeping the volume.

My verdict? Finally a range of products that live up to it’s claims….in a big way.

You can purchase these at Clicks and they retail for R95-00.



Disclaimer: Some of these products were given to me for reviewing purposes, and it has in no way altered my view of the products whatsoever.

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