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A Spiritual Fashion Experience Online with Aqua Bod-Hee

Aqua Bod-Hee  enlighten the fashion spirit

Aqua Bod-Hee
enlighten the fashion spirit

Not all online stores are created equal and every now and then a real gem pops up that really stands out from the crowd. Finding such online stores which are both local and unique are really few and far between, so it is noteworthy when one is found. Aqua Bod-Hee is the epitome of online store originality and a bit of free fashion spirit. Showcasing a lot of LOVE, LIGHT & HAPPY THINGS. It is evident that style runs deep through the site and all labels that Aqua Bod-Hee stock have a very bohemian feel with a touch of retro but nothing that doesn’t say anything but real class and exclusivity.

Aqua Bod-Hee’s intention is to spread the revolutionary love of fashion, individuality, Spirit & consciousness. All of pieces sold on this site are hand-made with love and sourced with care. Each item has a unique story behind it which takes one back on a journey of past eras that have contributed to the world we live in today.

Founded by the owner of Aqua Bod-Hee, Nicci Fleishman whose vision has come to life with the launch of online store which was to create the perfect place which stocks to the items which can be hard to find for individuals who wish to echo individuality in what they wear; for those who possess an inner gypsy, hipster, hippy and/or vintage lover who is wanting to express themselves by what they wear. Individual pieces with meaning, rather than your stock standard mass produced pieces that are turned out of factories at a rate of knots. To embody your spirit on the outside, to express yourself, to be free. Aqua Bod-Hee is stocking everything from gypsy shoes to head bands, and some gorgeous jewellery, there is no shortage of go-to custom hand-made items to top up your closet and outfit no matter the occasion. Aqua Bod-Hee is stocking up-and-coming brands and here area a few examples of what to expect on the store….

Love Republic

Love Republic  Alaya Tan polka dot R250

Love Republic
Alaya Tan polka dot


Kimimela  Brahmā Peace R70.00

Brahmā Peace

Skull & Bone

Skull & Bone Mettā Small Black Bead R220

Skull & Bone
Mettā Small Black Bead

Earthlings Creations

Earthlings Creations Earthlings Seashell R320.00

Earthlings Creations
Earthlings Seashell

Bits & Pieces

Bits & Pieces Kathina purple crown R250

Bits & Pieces
Kathina purple crown


Chou-Chou Sage Elephant R120

Sage Elephant

Boho Is the New Black

Gold Coin Gypsy Shoes available in sizes 3 - 8 R150

Gold Coin Gypsy Shoes
available in sizes 3 – 8

India Rose

India Rose Mantra Silver & Pearl R350

India Rose
Mantra Silver & Pearl

To view the entire collection be sure to check out Aqua Bod-Hee’s website. Like them on Facebook. Follow them on Twitter @AquaBodHee.

XO flea143

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A Wonderful Journey

The Journey Store

I was fortunate enough to attend the official launch party of The Journey Store last week. Having seen the Journey brand grow from selling on social media to being an actually fully functioning online store as well as being stocked at a couple of boutiques around Cape Town, including Sugar Plum Boutique in Fish Hoek (where the launch was held) with the most unique costume jewellery and drop dead gorgeous acrylic makeup organisers is wonderful. At the launch we were treated to delicious and guilt-free treats from In All Honesty, a company which specialises in health super foods and guilt free treats without any nasties and everything we munched on that night including cupcakes and brownies were all sugar, egg and gluten free!

Andrea and Rayne the brains and beauties behind the Journey Store

Andrea and Rayne the brains and beauties behind the Journey Store

The Journey Store is headed up by Rayne and Andrea, both ladies are extremely driven and passionate toward their venture together and have a distinct feature of having their own individual contemporary styles which I believe is reflective in the goods that they have on offer. Some words that come to mind when thinking of all the jewellery they had on display at the launch are chirpy, fun, gorgeous, quirky, statement, original and inventive jewellery pieces, which are sure to add a statement to any outfit. The Journey Store branded acrylic organisers are nothing short of being gorgeous and are the ultimate accessory for stylish storage solutions on any dressing table.


Gorgeous Froggie Chain on Sale at the launch

Sugar Plum Boutique with gorgeous In All Honesty treats (gluten, sugar and egg free) to eat at the launch

Sugar Plum Boutique (Fish Hoek) with gorgeous In All Honesty treats (gluten, sugar and egg free) to eat at the launch

Meet Clair, The Journey Store branded 6 layer display acrylic organiser.

Meet Clair, The Journey Store branded 6 layer display acrylic organiser.

I have added their Pluie acrylic organiser to store my excessive, almost border-line hoarding collection of makeup brushes and to store my foundation of the ‘moment’, in my quest to ensure that I start finishing my backlog of products. The Pluie cost me R849…. I know.  I always have a mini-heart attack when thinking about the prices of all styles of the acrylic boxes BUT, they are imported and then couriered to you. The geometric sizes and courier costs are excessive to begin with so cut them a break. You will be extra chuffed like me when you finally get it out of the box, put your makeup brushes in it and repeatedly tell everyone how beautiful it is… until you get threatened that if you don’t stop, the organiser may miraculously disappear…. but seriously, it really is so beautiful!!

I have added to my wonderful collection of quirky jewellery by adding The Journey Store Jewellery ‘handcuffs’ necklace, a la 50 shades of Grey which retails for R120 and their large ‘Owl Pendant’ necklace which retails for R220. This is a step outside of my comfort zone, because the items are gold in colour where I normally only wear silver colours – but they were too cute to pass up and I love them so much… I’ll have to get over my silver obsession!

Handcuffs Necklace Owl Pendant (Large)

Be sure to check out The Journey Store’s Online store, Facebook and Instagram.

x flea143


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Good afternoon Dahlings.

So on the 5th of October 2013, I got married to my babsie. Ever since, I’ve been terribly busy, but I’ve always wanted to write up a post about the amazing service providers that made the day unforgettable. Post 1 will be about the dress.

To plan a wedding is easy if you know what you want and you’re not influenced by too many different opinions. Trust what you feel is right. I started with a mental list of exactly what I DIDN’T want.
For example: no poofy dress, no veil covering my face as I walked in, no updo hairstyle, no bridesmaids, no flower girls, no main table, no buffet, no garter throwing, no dj, no blingaling, no sparkly invites and so the list goes on. Now you look at that and you’re probably thinking that I had a terribly boring wedding. Haha. Boy are you mistaken.

Let’s start off with my dress. I knew I wanted a lace dress, mermaid shape. I knew I wanted a mantilla and that I wanted to look elegant. In my mind I had a vision. We then booked an appointment at PRONOVIAS in Sandton. Honestly, the most exquisite and beautiful wedding dress store ever. If you haven’t heard of PRONOVIAS, I suggest you have a look at their site. Dresses from designers like Elie Saab, Manuel Mota and Atelier. We were welcomed by the amazing staff and our consultant sat us down and showed us all the dresses on the computer. I then had to choose my favorites. And from those favorites, I had to choose 6 dresses which she would then get ready for me to try on.
I tried on the 6 dresses, but by the 2nd dress I knew I found the one. It’s name was SILABA, by Manuel Mota.

I also got my headpiece, shoes and mantilla from PRONOVIAS. I’m terribly thankful for their amazing service, because I was losing weight before the wedding and they altered it perfectly with no complaints. (I didn’t lose weight for the wedding, it was a health issue I was facing.)


They had to take down so much of the dress. Bear in mind that this dress arrived 7 months after the appointment I made in January. It gets made in Spain and then sent over. If you’re planning on going to PRONOVIAS, make sure you make your appointment 6 months before your wedding. Minimum!

Our dear consultant was Lindiwe. What a lovely lady. So cute, tiny, friendly but the biggest sweetheart ever.

This was on the actual wedding day. 🙂

Prepping the mantilla.



My mother and best friend.
My mother, aunt and sister also got their dresses from PRONOVIAS. Of course my mom spoiled me with lots of cocktail dresses for my honeymoon. I’m so blessed.

What I also love about their store is that they have sales where you can get selected cocktail dresses for R1000,00. These were dresses that normally costed over R5000,00 and more. So make sure to just pop in for a cocktail dress, they may have a sale on the go.

For more info:

YouTube link to pronovias runway

Building: Michelagelo Towers Mall
Street: 145 Maude Street
Suburb: Sandton
City/Town: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Landline: +2711 784 2000



So my next post will be on the amazing photographer!

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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Brilliant Earth Valentines Inspiration

Ethically sourced diamonds from across the pond, Brilliant Earth in San Francisco have provided us with some gorgeous, drool worthy diamond jewellery in their collection which are absolutely perfect for Valentines Day… or any day really.

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

Why do we love rose gold? Well, it is also known as pink gold, the yellow gold is mixed with a tiny bit of copper to give it the gorgeous pink hue which it is famous for. Originally famous in Russia but it has won the world over of late, with rose gold watches being especially popular and unlike plain yellow gold which can wash out certain skin tones, rose gold suits all skins and makes the wearer look immaculate.

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

pictures property of Brilliant Earth

Why do we love white gold? White gold is actually yellow gold which has been combined with palladium or nickel to give it a white hue. White gold rings which are 18carats materials are normally combined with nickel to make the ring harder wearing and therefore it will last longer. You really can’t get any jewellery piece more timeless than a gorgeous white gold piece.

Have a lovely Valentine’s Day preparation (if you’re celebrating)!

x flea143

Related: Natural Diamonds vs Cultured Diamonds

NOTE: After this post has gone live Brilliant Earth requested that links to their website be removed. The article is still live for reference.


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Natural Diamonds vs Cultured Diamonds


What is a natural diamond?

Diamond is pure carbon created under pressure and temperature. The only place that such high temperature and pressure exists is below the surface of the Earth. They reach the surface through volcanic eruptions and then later they are mined.

cultured diamonds

cultured diamonds

What is a cultured diamond?

Diamonds can be manufactured in labatories. They’re chemically identical to natural diamonds the only difference is that they are grown in lab rather than underground.They can have a dash of colour, yellow, red, pink, green, orange… you name it the possibilities are endless. Compared to naturally occuring diamonds, which take a few days to be made but million of years to be found, whereas cultured diamonds are identical to the mined counterparts, just younger and grown in a laboratory in a mattrer of days using advanced high pressure high temperature process rather than being the result of large scale (and incredibly expensive) mining activites.

Natural diamond drawbacks

Natural diamonds are said to be in short supply and some say that they could run out as soon as a decade. Similarly a natural diamonds origin of the upmost importantance too, conflict diamonds also known as blood diamonds due to the blood shed to obtain them. A few years ago Leonardo Di Caprio starred as a South African the in the film Blood Diamond which touched on some of the natural diamond problems.

Most of these controversal stones come from Angola, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Ivory Coast, Liberia and Sierra Leone and are illegally mined and then sold to raise money for rebel militia or terrorist groups. These groups earn money by forcing men, women and children to dig for diamonds and anyone who protests is either killed, or threatened by having a limb cut off. The United Nations, the Conflict Free Diamond Council and other groups are working toward better regulaition so that blood diamonds do not appear in the market. According to National Geographic the UN estimates that 98.8% of diamonds in the market are conflict free and before purchasing a natural diamond, request to see its conflict free certificate.

Similarly the human-and-animal rights issues run wild in India as well as certain African countries who have steadily increasing murder and HIV infection rates as a result of trespassing and sex trade. In India where 92% of the world’s smaller diamonds are cut, children are given the smallest stones to work with because their eyes and fingers are better suited for seeing and shaping tiny facets. Severe eyestrain, repetitive motion injuries and lung infections from inhaling diamond dust are just a few conditions that what these workers, or should we say slaves are subjected to…

Animal rights activists have just as much at stake in a diamond industry regulation as human-rights organizations. According to the Animal Welfare Institute, African primate populaitons are dwindling – in 15 to 20 years, apes will become extinct. the chimpanzee population has declined to around 150,000 and with 600 gorillas being poached yearly, they’re facing extinction as well. The ever decreasing numbers of primates may be partly attributed to paching, but not all poaching is for sport. Some hungry diamond miners with no other food source depend on these animals for survival.

It all seems quite a lot of work, toil and heart ache when you can simply create an exact replica of the stone in a labatory at a cheaper cost too. Oh how mother nature would be proud!

If you are interested in getting your own cultured diamond jewellery in South Africa, please contact me.

x flea143

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