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What is the latest craze in the makeup industry? What’s the one word you hear in almost every makeup tutorial?  


So I did a makeup application in which I didn’t contour at all.  I did however shape my brows as I cannot embrace those misshapen things, plus I didn’t apply any falsies.

So this is what I ended up with.

Here is my CONTOUR-LESS look!

Applying foundation


My Nina joining in on the fun!

Nina is such a diva!

So I have on: Foundation, mascara, blush, shaped brows, lipstick.

             I think overall this look is good for an everyday easy application.  Look, I enjoy wearing falsies on a daily basis, even if it’s just on the outer half of my lash line .  I doubt I’ll go falsie-less on a permanent basis.

The whole post is about not contouring, and I think, I can embrace it.  Unlike many women, I don’t mind my big nose at all.  It doesn’t function whatsoever… having chronic sinusitis and all, but it’s there.  Anyway, would I stop contouring all together? Nope!  I think contouring is great!  Remember when every makeup artist would tell you to blend, blend and blend in their tutorials and so forth?  Well, that still holds true, but if you’re into contouring, please do it properly and BLEND  the CONTOUR.

And if you don’t contour at all, well, that’s your decision.  It’s not the end of the world if you’re indeed a minimalistic makeup user.

If you ARE into CONTOURING, please learn from the best makeup artist, Samer Khouzami and celebs like Lilly Ghalichi.

Here are some of my previous makeup ‘tutorials’ :

Sandy’s Foundation,

Rubywoo & CONTOURING look,

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Pigment Pink & Purple eyes,

Blend Blend Blend.


Sandy Nouwens

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Thought for the day.


The word ‘NOT‘ is offensive. You are NOT beautiful.

The word ‘EVERYONE‘ is offensive. EVERYONE thinks you’re irritating.

The word ‘FINDS‘ is offensive. He always FINDS the worst in her.

The word ‘EVERYTHING‘ is offensive. EVERYTHING you have done in your life was a waste.

The word ‘OFFENSIVE‘ is offensive. In my opinion what you said about so and so. This and that. Him and her. Them and they is OFFENSIVE.

What is my point?

Don’t take everything to heart. What I’ve been noticing about people these days is that they finding anything and any word or term offensive.

People. Relax!!! One of these days we won’t be able to use any words in any language, because somewhere along the way, a vowel, a consonant, a verb, a term was used in the wrong manner according to YOU.

You know what? Let’s just stop any form of communication. Because what is the point? People are over sensitive.

At the end of the day, different people in different cultures, countries and even the same families are exactly that….Different! Our sense of humors aren’t the same. Our levels of “offense” aren’t the same.

I’m not saying not to care about other people’s feelings, but if you show that something doesn’t affect you. Then it’ll die out. Sometimes the problem is not with others, but with you holding on to a mere term or word. Wow. Such a small and sad world that is. (If something major happened to you, then yes. Protect your feelings, but also understand. The billions of people out there don’t know what you’ve been through. And yes. You have to walk a mile in ones shoes to understand. But, this post isn’t about that. It’s about chilling the flip out)

Be considerate, but also. Don’t shoot people down if they didn’t know that they may have obliviously offended you. And if you correct them, do so understandably and don’t throw the offense back with a offensive defense!!! That defeats the purpose you supposedly stood for.

And if you disagree with me. Please comment nicely below. Don’t get offensive because I was offensive. Because I’ll find it so offensive and say something offensive. Then you’ll reply with an offense. Then I’ll hit back with an offense and then you’ll be cheesed off, because of the offense and well………… You see where this is going????????

Just embrace positivity. Be positive. Be a blessing. Don’t be a negative Sally. Don’t think you’re an emotional scientist looking at people in an emotional lab and you need to do some experiment. Let’s all change for the better, judge less (and I’m sure some may think this post is all about judging), eat clean. Lol. And drink lots of water. Read a spiritual book, brain-fart less and just give someone a hug.

Breathe in and out. Relax the tit muscles! Life is all about learning. But learn and teach kindly.

The word ‘not’ isn’t offensive. You are NOT all the bad things people say about you.

The word ‘everyone‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYONE looks up to you, because you’re an inspiration.

The word ‘finds‘ isn’t offensive. He FINDS all that you think are imperfections about yourself perfect.

The word ‘everything‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYTHING about you is beautiful.

The word ‘offensive‘ isn’t offensive. They stand up for what they believe in without being OFFENSIVE.

See? Same words as above. Different set of mind. What set of mind are you and I tuned to?

Muchluv, BeBlessed


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Just when I thought I read, heard or even said it all, I haven’t.

Both men and women put themselves in extreme positions while wanting to lose weight. I, myself lost 15kg in 3 months while on the GABRIEL METHOD. It’s not extreme at all, it’s the best way to lose weight in a healthy way. It’s more about a lifestyle change. But we are not here to talk about my weight loss.

These are the WEIRDEST ways of some people losing weight. I can’t imagine it being healthy at all!!!


Why my word why????
How it works: This is when your regimen involves daily injections of urine from pregnant women! One weight loss counselor explained that its not the urine, but the hormones in the urine that works the weight loss magic. Sheryl Paloni lost 43 pounds and more than 30 inches in 5 months thanks to this wackadoodle method. “It’s human chorionic gonadotropin. It tricks your body to thinking its pregnant” said Iris McCarthy of Success Weight Loss Systems.


How it works: One of the worlds heaviest women is burning up to 500 calories by having sex with her ex-husband. Ok, so you see, this is what happened. Pauline Potter got a title in the Guiness World Record for being the heaviest woman in the world. But, she was divorced while receiving this “achievement”. So her ex decided to hook back up with her and now…. Well, they are doing the dirty and she’s losing the pounds. She has lost over 98 pounds since getting back together with her ex. “I can’t move much in bed, but I burn 500 calories a session. It’s great exercise just jiggling around.” Alex, her “exercise equipment” only weighs 140 pounds. Apparently, he does most of the work.


How it works: Cosmetic surgeon Nikolas Chugay will do a procedure on your tongue that will make it painful for you to eat. He stitches a small piece of polyethylene mesh onto your tongue, making it painful to eat solids, forcing a low-calorie liquid diet only. “It is uncomfortable to eat solid food, so people will all of a sudden remember, I am only to eat liquids.” said dr Chugay. Apparently over 60 people tried this method and have lost an average of 20 pounds each over a period of a month.

Ok. So which method would you try? Personally I would try out number …….0!
I guess most people would opt for number 2, but remember. Not everyone is qualified to operate heavy machinery. 😉



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Top Models as Prostitutes

Heyaaaa ❤

Fashion loves anything that straddles the very fine line between what is provocative and what is tasteless, and of course that happens to include the romanticising the blackened underbelly of society.

louis vuitton fall 2013 short film

If you do not believe me, please consider the “heroin chic” phenomenon of the mid-nineties or consider the unsettling existence of a wikiHow article called “How to be Heroin Chic”. So, I guess that fashion had no other option than to think “What’s gritty and ‘underground’ that we can glamourize with models and fancy clothes? Hmmm…. prostitution would be puuuuuurfect!”

kate moss "heroin chic"

Louis Vuitton’s latest short film, in collaboration with Katie Grand of Love magazine features some of the most recent TOP catwalkers Cara Delevingne, Edie Campbell, Saskia de Braw, Isabeli Fontana, Lily McMenamy, Georgia Jagger and Magdelena Frackowiak as Parisian reines de la nuit drifting about the city streets in the brand’s romantic lingerie inspired Fall ’13 collection. Their path eventually elads to the actual show, where they take the runway in the same clothing.

I don’t know what they are trying to say with this vague storyline – clearly they are trying to say something – but the video is pretty, and the music is nice, and hey, prostitutes!

It’s not too explicit, but there are a few boobs, a few arses, so be wary should you work at a church, or something.

Louis Vuitton AW13 by James Lima from LOVE on Vimeo.



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Really? There is more to Courtney? Isn’t she enough?
Apparently not, meet Courtland. Courtney’s half-sister.


Courtland is goth and Courtney is the ‘Barbie-wannabe’ and boy oh boy, wait till you read what she thinks of her blonde half-sister.

“Let me just say Courtney Stodden… Do I have to go any further? Yeah, I kinda do. She is my half sister and she’s a slut. Let me just get one thing straight.”

“Courtney and I are half-sisters. At least I have half my f…….. dignity left.”

“I’m not going to, like, my judgmental place but I’m from Washington State ok? I would never go and move to Hollywood and marry some bald washed up D-lister. I’m not a f…… whore.”

“She says her hair is real, her lips are real, her eyelashes are real, her eyebrows are real, her nose is real, her face is real, really? My half-sister isn’t real…..REAL.”


Ohemgeeeeee !!!!! What can I say? Wanna see more? Watch the video as she disses her half-sister, her hubby and her sisters dog ‘Dorky’. And this chick wants to become a singer? A star? Goodness me! No flippen way. Hahaha




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