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What is the latest craze in the makeup industry? What’s the one word you hear in almost every makeup tutorial?  


So I did a makeup application in which I didn’t contour at all.  I did however shape my brows as I cannot embrace those misshapen things, plus I didn’t apply any falsies.

So this is what I ended up with.

Here is my CONTOUR-LESS look!

Applying foundation


My Nina joining in on the fun!

Nina is such a diva!

So I have on: Foundation, mascara, blush, shaped brows, lipstick.

             I think overall this look is good for an everyday easy application.  Look, I enjoy wearing falsies on a daily basis, even if it’s just on the outer half of my lash line .  I doubt I’ll go falsie-less on a permanent basis.

The whole post is about not contouring, and I think, I can embrace it.  Unlike many women, I don’t mind my big nose at all.  It doesn’t function whatsoever… having chronic sinusitis and all, but it’s there.  Anyway, would I stop contouring all together? Nope!  I think contouring is great!  Remember when every makeup artist would tell you to blend, blend and blend in their tutorials and so forth?  Well, that still holds true, but if you’re into contouring, please do it properly and BLEND  the CONTOUR.

And if you don’t contour at all, well, that’s your decision.  It’s not the end of the world if you’re indeed a minimalistic makeup user.

If you ARE into CONTOURING, please learn from the best makeup artist, Samer Khouzami and celebs like Lilly Ghalichi.

Here are some of my previous makeup ‘tutorials’ :

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Blend Blend Blend.


Sandy Nouwens

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Thought for the day.


The word ‘NOT‘ is offensive. You are NOT beautiful.

The word ‘EVERYONE‘ is offensive. EVERYONE thinks you’re irritating.

The word ‘FINDS‘ is offensive. He always FINDS the worst in her.

The word ‘EVERYTHING‘ is offensive. EVERYTHING you have done in your life was a waste.

The word ‘OFFENSIVE‘ is offensive. In my opinion what you said about so and so. This and that. Him and her. Them and they is OFFENSIVE.

What is my point?

Don’t take everything to heart. What I’ve been noticing about people these days is that they finding anything and any word or term offensive.

People. Relax!!! One of these days we won’t be able to use any words in any language, because somewhere along the way, a vowel, a consonant, a verb, a term was used in the wrong manner according to YOU.

You know what? Let’s just stop any form of communication. Because what is the point? People are over sensitive.

At the end of the day, different people in different cultures, countries and even the same families are exactly that….Different! Our sense of humors aren’t the same. Our levels of “offense” aren’t the same.

I’m not saying not to care about other people’s feelings, but if you show that something doesn’t affect you. Then it’ll die out. Sometimes the problem is not with others, but with you holding on to a mere term or word. Wow. Such a small and sad world that is. (If something major happened to you, then yes. Protect your feelings, but also understand. The billions of people out there don’t know what you’ve been through. And yes. You have to walk a mile in ones shoes to understand. But, this post isn’t about that. It’s about chilling the flip out)

Be considerate, but also. Don’t shoot people down if they didn’t know that they may have obliviously offended you. And if you correct them, do so understandably and don’t throw the offense back with a offensive defense!!! That defeats the purpose you supposedly stood for.

And if you disagree with me. Please comment nicely below. Don’t get offensive because I was offensive. Because I’ll find it so offensive and say something offensive. Then you’ll reply with an offense. Then I’ll hit back with an offense and then you’ll be cheesed off, because of the offense and well………… You see where this is going????????

Just embrace positivity. Be positive. Be a blessing. Don’t be a negative Sally. Don’t think you’re an emotional scientist looking at people in an emotional lab and you need to do some experiment. Let’s all change for the better, judge less (and I’m sure some may think this post is all about judging), eat clean. Lol. And drink lots of water. Read a spiritual book, brain-fart less and just give someone a hug.

Breathe in and out. Relax the tit muscles! Life is all about learning. But learn and teach kindly.

The word ‘not’ isn’t offensive. You are NOT all the bad things people say about you.

The word ‘everyone‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYONE looks up to you, because you’re an inspiration.

The word ‘finds‘ isn’t offensive. He FINDS all that you think are imperfections about yourself perfect.

The word ‘everything‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYTHING about you is beautiful.

The word ‘offensive‘ isn’t offensive. They stand up for what they believe in without being OFFENSIVE.

See? Same words as above. Different set of mind. What set of mind are you and I tuned to?

Muchluv, BeBlessed


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Hey Peeps!

The other day I was cruising the channels on tv and watched a movie called ‘My Best Friends Wedding’, I’m sure you remember that awesome movie with Julia Roberts?


This movie was released in 1997, making it an old movie today. One of the actors in the movie was Rupert Everett, and because I haven’t been seeing much of him lately I decided to google him. What I found shocked me!

This is how I remember him. But now?




Before & After pictures of Rupert Everett.





This is unfortunate and terrible! I’m sorry, but you have totally changed Rupert. You, I’m sorry to say, look horrible.

Plastic surgery in my eyes is a disease. If it totally changes your appearance, then you have gone to far. Of course if you need it then do it. (Like if you have a serious defect) Not just because you want to look younger. Humans age! Deal with it!

This is a fail! A plastic surgery fail!



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Hey Pouters!

Have you ever wanted a sexy round booty?

I understand that some women can’t stand their behinds, but you may be surprised to know that there are women out there that would like a J-Lo booty. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be achieved with certain exercises like squats and lunges. However, some women run to plastic surgery as their first options. Please don’t be one of them, as sometimes it can be the worst thing you do.

Look what happened to Renee Talley.

She was a famous stripper and VIP hostess in Las Vegas before she underwent the bum enhancing surgery. However, that all came to an end.




Renee became extra famous for her video she posted online to show how her butt implant would turn under her skin!

Now this mommy of four is out to warn the world about this procedure and all the risks involved. Well, I guess there is always something good to learn out of a bad situation. She may be saving a lot of lives with her shocking story. Thanks Renee.

To watch the shocking video, click BOTCHED butt implant NSFW.



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This is NOT SUITABLE FOR WORK or suitable for most innocent eyes.

There is a Brazilian model that decided to share with the world how she tried to breast feed a calf recently on her Instagram page. I won’t even bother adding links as I feel that would be a waste of your time. Only reason why I’m sharing this with you, is so that you know there are wackadoodles out there.

Her name is Sabrina Boing Boing! LOL.

She is a dj and a Pamela Anderson lookalike. (Ok, I don’t know where the heck she thinks she looks like Pamela Anderson???)





Apparently she got upset because the calf never latched. (Oh my wooooord, what a shaaaaaaame. Really? Is she thick? I’m sorry, this to me is almost on the lines of beastiality. Sis man! She did it for attention. Clearly.)

Please share your thoughts!!!! How would you comment on her Instagram page?



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