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Hey there! So I hope you enjoyed my previous post on my wedding day about my wedding dress and where I got it. If not, please check it out wedding dress

Post 2, is all about the photographer. Christopher Munton. Actually, he isn’t a photographer, think of him as an artist.

I personally can’t stand cheesy wedding photos one sees these days. And sometimes it is the photographers that just are inexperienced. If you’re planning a wedding, I suggest you pay for a good photographer. Photos are what you end up with to remember the day forever. Not the shoes, not your perfume, or the amount of people you invited. So if you’re going to settle for a cheap photographer with a cliche portfolio, then that is what you’ll end up with…

The venue I chose sent me a list of suggested suppliers of photographers, musicians, makeup artists etc. Scrolling through the lists, Christopher’s work definitely stood out! It wasn’t normal wedding photos. It was art!

My parents, me and Nicholas.

Nick’s parents.

My mom giving me a gift in the day. Tavita my niece was with us.

My cousins son looking for his name in the seating list.

My nephew with my sister.

Please have a look at the rest of the photos on Christopher’s website in the link below and tell me what you think.
Nicholas and Sandy Wedding, Christopher Munton blog

Please read up on Christopher and his work in this link below.

So if you’re planning your own wedding and you’re in need of the best photographer, please contact Emily and or Christopher. You will not be disappointed! I must say, he is also such a great person! You feel totally comfortable with him. He captures the most wonderful moments without being all up in your face. Chilled and relaxed is how I felt. I feel that the mood of the photographer can set the mood of the bride as he is there while she is getting ready. So if he can relax you, you’ll be way more calm walking into the chapel. So this is a thank you to Christopher. Thank you for bring a brilliant artist.


More info:

Contact Christopher Munton: contact Emily or Christopher
Christopher Munton photography FACEBOOK: Christopher Munton Facebook

So have a look, like his page and be wow’d!

MuchLuv, BeBlessed

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Good afternoon Dahlings.

So on the 5th of October 2013, I got married to my babsie. Ever since, I’ve been terribly busy, but I’ve always wanted to write up a post about the amazing service providers that made the day unforgettable. Post 1 will be about the dress.

To plan a wedding is easy if you know what you want and you’re not influenced by too many different opinions. Trust what you feel is right. I started with a mental list of exactly what I DIDN’T want.
For example: no poofy dress, no veil covering my face as I walked in, no updo hairstyle, no bridesmaids, no flower girls, no main table, no buffet, no garter throwing, no dj, no blingaling, no sparkly invites and so the list goes on. Now you look at that and you’re probably thinking that I had a terribly boring wedding. Haha. Boy are you mistaken.

Let’s start off with my dress. I knew I wanted a lace dress, mermaid shape. I knew I wanted a mantilla and that I wanted to look elegant. In my mind I had a vision. We then booked an appointment at PRONOVIAS in Sandton. Honestly, the most exquisite and beautiful wedding dress store ever. If you haven’t heard of PRONOVIAS, I suggest you have a look at their site. Dresses from designers like Elie Saab, Manuel Mota and Atelier. We were welcomed by the amazing staff and our consultant sat us down and showed us all the dresses on the computer. I then had to choose my favorites. And from those favorites, I had to choose 6 dresses which she would then get ready for me to try on.
I tried on the 6 dresses, but by the 2nd dress I knew I found the one. It’s name was SILABA, by Manuel Mota.

I also got my headpiece, shoes and mantilla from PRONOVIAS. I’m terribly thankful for their amazing service, because I was losing weight before the wedding and they altered it perfectly with no complaints. (I didn’t lose weight for the wedding, it was a health issue I was facing.)


They had to take down so much of the dress. Bear in mind that this dress arrived 7 months after the appointment I made in January. It gets made in Spain and then sent over. If you’re planning on going to PRONOVIAS, make sure you make your appointment 6 months before your wedding. Minimum!

Our dear consultant was Lindiwe. What a lovely lady. So cute, tiny, friendly but the biggest sweetheart ever.

This was on the actual wedding day. 🙂

Prepping the mantilla.



My mother and best friend.
My mother, aunt and sister also got their dresses from PRONOVIAS. Of course my mom spoiled me with lots of cocktail dresses for my honeymoon. I’m so blessed.

What I also love about their store is that they have sales where you can get selected cocktail dresses for R1000,00. These were dresses that normally costed over R5000,00 and more. So make sure to just pop in for a cocktail dress, they may have a sale on the go.

For more info:

YouTube link to pronovias runway

Building: Michelagelo Towers Mall
Street: 145 Maude Street
Suburb: Sandton
City/Town: Johannesburg
Province: Gauteng
Country: South Africa
Landline: +2711 784 2000



So my next post will be on the amazing photographer!

MuchLuv, BeBlessed


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Good morning to you!

Well, if you didn’t know, I’m an absolute lash addict. I love lucious lashes. I used to wear lash extensions before. Unfortunately not all who claim to know how to apply them, actually do. So I find that temporary lash extensions do the trick. They easy, quick and usually reusable. Depending on the quality thereof.

I’ve recently been lucky enough to review KISS LASHES.


Here are some BEFORE pictures, bear in mind that I already had my makeup on.





As for the packaging, it’s perfect. Some lash boxes are far too huge in comparison to the actually lashes. This is perfect. And the glue is secure in front with the lashes. With most lashes the glue falls out the bottom when you open it up. With KISS lashes, it’s way more practical. The glue is odorless (10 points) and also doesn’t burn. (Another 10 points.)



And now for the AFTER pics.







And here is a picture of how well the lashes looked when I reused it days later and I’d been using it days between.


I will definitely be buying a lot more KISS LASHES in the future, they’re great quality. They firm, yet feel natural. They’re not overly exaggerated. They’re reusable. And they cost only R79,99.

You’ll definitely feel extra gorgeous with these eye lashes when fluttering your eyes.

MuchLuv, BeBlessed

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#ZOETLIEF LEIN #DUNCAN YARD #HATFIELD – place to pay a visit!


Good morning gorgeous people!

Hope you’re doing well!

Last Thursday my bestie and I spent some quality time together at DUNCAN YARD. If you’re in Pretoria, and you haven’t visited DUNCAN YARD, you’re missing out. This ‘hidden gem’ is in Hatfield Brooklyn area. So many gorgeous stores to visit and let’s not forget, there is DELI ON DUNCAN, where we had yummy lunch.


Sandra’s mini bobotie.


My mini veggie and mint pie.


Salad in a jar!

Follow DELI ON DUNCAN on Facebook, click here

<a(Chocolate available at DELI ON DUNCAN)

We then strolled around and walked into a tiny corner shop called ZOETLIEF LEIN. The cutest little things with a South African twist. A store that brought back many memories from our childhood. Sandra immediately remembered playing with finger puppets that they had for sale there. Plus I got spoiled, Sandra bought me zip earrings!






Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them…

The reason why you should visit ZOETLIEF is because they’re not just a typical store, the products are made by people with disabilities. ALL item are also recycled. Zoetlief Lein is the product of Employment Solutions ( an organisation that skill and employ people living with disabilities. All the profits go straight to those people with disabilities making the products, but they don’t want to be seen as a charity, but rather as a workshop. How could you not want to support such an organization?



Corner of Jan Shoba(Duncan) str & Prospect str
Hatfield, Pretoria
GPS coordinates
25° 45′ 4.25″ S
28° 14′ 24.47″ E

Click on this link to find out more about the stores. DELI ON DUNCAN

What you waiting for? Go have an amazing time in the centre of a Hatfield without the feeling of being in the city.



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Good afternoon beauties!

Have you heard of SOWEARTO? I recently purchased a lovely soft jersey/jacket from their store in Nicolway Mall. Just thought I’d show you! It’s so soft like a blankie, yet quite stylish.







It is like a blankie, with a styled and tailored twist. How awesome would it look with some hot black HUNTER boots?

Cost? R900,00
It’s very warm, although I would have loved some pockets.

Please have a look at this awesome blogpost in the link below by MISS SAIB on her SOWEARTO experience. She has loads of pictures of the store and its products. You’ll fall inlove.

so…lets go to SOWEARTO

HUNTER shoes what’s new




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