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Lady Laws

In honour of Woman’s Day tomorrow…. There are certain things, I believe in life that us girls need to learn in order to be acknowledged as a full on lady, in a true sense of the word. I am calling these the Lady Laws and I believe we need to learn and master these things and you will be on your way to being the best women you can be….

ComplimentTaking a compliment.

“You look absolutely amazing”. Yes, you do. You spent hours doing your hair and makeup (sometimes even weeks when you’ve been training your butt off at the gym) to look exactly how you look right now. Someone has acknowledged it. Embrace the compliement, think of it as a gift of kindess. Do not and I reapeat DO NOT throw a compliment away when one is given to you. Yes, you might be taken aback and flattered but a simple “thank you” with a smile is a great response. Do not point out another weakness in response to this as it ends up looking like you want your own pity party, and only girls have pity parties – not ladies. Be gracious about it though in the same regard and don’t get a big head about it.

Self DefenseHow to defend yourself.

We live in a scary world. Not just a scary country. There is a high chance that 1 in 4 women has a chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime. Studies have shown that it is virtually always better to fight back in situations as women who have done in studies have always eneded up being less injured than those who didn’t. I’m not suggesting a black belt in karate but a good knowledge of how to defend yourself against a potentially nasty situation will only empower you in life.

Breast Cancer CheckLearning to check your body.

One in nine women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives and early diagnosis is vital for a good recovery. This means, it is ideal to check your own boobies once a month. They are your breasts and no one elses. Its really simple and can be done when you are in the bath or shower. You need to be aware of what is normal for you in look and feel, what changes to loook for and report any changes to your doctor without delay and ensure to go for a mamogram once year once you reach the age of 35 or earlier if you have concerns.

Walking AwayWalking Away From Bad Friendships and/or Relationships

There are so many people in the world that can be toxic for you, both platonically and romantically. If you ever feel as though you are trapped, undermined, anxious, in danger or unhappy around certain people, learn the art of letting them go from your life in order for you to be free. Surrounding yourself with a support group of compassionate loving family and friends will help you see yourself for exactly what you’re worth in life. Do not compromise that for anyone. Continue reading

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Is Chivalry Officially Dead

Hi poutlings ❤

Trying to catch up on some blogging while I’m up in Egoli. If you live in South Africa, you are likely to have seen this on the news but I feel I need to add my two cents…It’s SAD.


It’s Zimbabwe news, so don’t worry South Africans, this is unlikely to happen to you. Anyway, back to the story: A naked boyfriend ran off into the bushveld  while a lion mauled to death the girlfriend with whom he’d just been having sex.  A friend told local news in Zimbabwe,

“The two were romping when the incident occurred. The lion came from behind and roared.”

Sharai Mawera had her neck and stomach torn apart by the lion, while her unnamed fisherman beau ran off while still wearing a condom— supposedly to get help. This is the second time a human has been mauled by a lion in the area in the past week.

Let that be a lesson about outdoor lovemaking: don’t do it with dangerous predators around or with men who’ll leave you behind for breakfast.

x missfitz

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Hello to you Bride-to-be!

In October I will be a bride myself, and I cannot wait to be one. I’ll be marrying the most wonderful man, and I want to look really stunning, for him and myself.

Doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks about what you as a bride looks like on your day. However, for the rest, parents of the bride and groom have a say about the wedding, ESP if they’re paying.

This post is my take on bridal makeup tips for your big day, and of course for my own big day.


* If you are a woman who loves wearing loads of makeup everyday, why would you go minimal for your big day. Nothing is worse than not looking like yourself on your wedding day. This is the day you’re photographed the most. Of course, the same applies if you hardly wear makeup on a day-to-day basis. Don’t go off the path lady! Be you! The one thing you can do is, neaten up your look!


* Invest in a proper silicon primer. This will only give your foundation a flawless finish. Primers from SMASHBOX, WOOLWORTHS, INGLOT will ensure you have that smooth look. It also acts as a moisturizer in a way. Since many moisturizers tend to give an oily look and feel. Rather moisturize the night before, and only use the primer on the day.


* Having a facial a week before your wedding can be a mistake. Many people don’t believe that, but our skin needs to go back to its “natural” state. With a facial, it’s still very oily, and sometimes sensitive. Foundation doesn’t stick too well onto “freshly facial’d” skin. (As I say it).

* Need I say more? Ok, there are some guild lines, like don’t over pluck! Biggest mistake ever. The fuller look will make you look younger and fresher. And what ever you do, please don’t make crazy high arches.

* It is pretty simple. Two things you need to know here:
A) wear false lashes if you’re a fan of wearing a lot of makeup.
B) wear extensions if your a minimal makeup person.
The false lashes make a line, which you won’t see with a strong eyeliner, but extensions look natural. Have it professionally applied a few months before, so that you can get used to caring for the extensions. Remember to avoid the “real mink hair” lashes. We like to be cruelty free here.


* This is not the time to paste splashy pinks, blues, etc on your eyes. If you feel this contradicts what I said in tip 1, don’t be fooled. Of course you can apply all your makeup, but if you’re seriously keen on color, only apply a fine line on the bottom lash line. No neon! No glitter liner! Sorry. You are only going to get so far.


* Ensure your foundation matches your chest and not necessarily your neck. Depending on your dress, apply a tiny amount on your chest for photo flash purposes. Not too close to the dress though. You don’t want to have disgusting foundation sweat marks on your dress.

* A qualified and talented makeup artist is key. Doesn’t mean it’s that one with the most Facebook or twitter fans. It’s the one that takes your personality, feelings and look into consideration. Have makeup trials. Not just bridal makeup trials, but for any occasion. If you are going out for a party, bridal shower, dinner date, etc have the makeup artist do your makeup. This gives you both an opportunity to get to know each other way before the wedding. Build a relationship with a makeup artist you like. (And to my fellow makeup artists, do your own makeup for your wedding day! You know what you’re doing, you know your face and in a way, it’s some “me-time”).


* Is your dress soft and romantic, big and poofy, classy and understated, classic and lacy, sexy and voluptuous?…. Etc
Well, your makeup should follow suit. A big poofy princess-like dress doesn’t go well with a minimal makeup look. Neither will a sexy dress. So take your look into consideration when thinking of your makeup.

* Have a small round clutch bag for your wedding. You don’t need to hold it for the ceremony or photos, but have a bridesmaid or guest look after it for you until you get into reception. In it have lipgloss, lipstick, lip liner, eye liner, mascara, foundation/powder compact, blush. It may seem like a lot, but it really isn’t. You can even go to your favorite makeup store and ask for sample products. Makeup application never looks complete if your lips look naked! Always apply and touch up!








I hope these tips will help you on your big day, as I really believe in them.




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Hiya Poutlings

I had an interesting conversation with one of my recently-single friends last night and we got talking about Valentines Day! She was obviously very bitter about it, but then I think/hope I put some of it into perspective for her. Now, this “holiday” has been thrown way out of perspective. It’s a silly holiday, you don’t need to give into the external pressures of it and you also do not need to be super grumpy about it either.

Case in point: I am in a happy relationship – we don’t really do the Valentines day thing that the media portrays, I would much rather have LOVE expressed every day or on any other day, yes, a silly little chocolate/real (not plastic) flower or something never goes a miss even on Valentines day, however, huge elaborate gifts on Valentines day can be OTT. Even, me, in my relationship have received at least 5 emails daily to tell me to send flowers, send my loved one for a massage, silly stupid gifts ideas, etc. I REALLY DO NOT NEED TO SEND MY BOYFRIEND FLOWERS… but thank you for trying to market that to me.

Valentine’s Day, really should be no different than any other day! Really… In my opinion……however it should never be used for the following:

1. To throw a pity party – YOU may be single and bitter, or coupled and bitter, or divorced and bitter. You have have good reason to be terribly, terribly bitter about love. I am not taking that away from you. But Valentine’s Day does not give you carte blanche to feel sorry for yourself. You do not get to sulk. Or be mean to your co-worker because they got a flower delivery. Or be a general pitiful piece of shit all day because you are not getting any flowers.

2. To contact your ex – I urge you NOT to contact any form of your exes on Valentine’s Day. Due to the external pressure I mentioned earlier, it’s heavy pressure. I’m not saying you should never contact your ex, but if you really want to, sleep on it for a whole week and contact them on 21st of February, when all the chocolate is on sale.

3. To go on an emotional bender – You might be feeling lonely, or reflecting on why you do not have romantic love in your life, or possibly even mourning a love that was lost. That is perfectly fine and normal. Do not let it get you down a rabbit hole of catastrophic thinking. You start with IT WOULD OF BEEN REALLY NICE TO GET FLOWERS and before you know it you’re at WHO’S GOING TO BE THERE FOR ME HOLDING MY HAND WHEN I DIE? Come on, now. No need to spiral out of control, indulging in feeling lonely on Valentine’s Day never really leads anywhere productive. Instead, challenge yourself to think more productive thoughts like WHAT ARE SOME THINGS I CAN DO TO BE MORE OPEN TO LOVE IN MY LIFE THIS YEAR? or LET ME REMIND MYSELF WHY THE EX AND I DIDN’T WORK OUT.

4. To test the person you are dating – Valentine’s Day is not a test to see how much the person you’re dating cares about you. There is no report at the end of the night. If there’s something you want to do celebrate, don’t wait for someone else to plan it. The people we date aren’t waiting around all year to make our magical Valentine’s Day fantasies happen.

5. To DEMAND an expensive gift – If the person you’re dating has the funds to buy you an opulent gift, like any of the gifts Sandylashxx mentioned in her last post, and happens to do so from the bottom of his/her heart, then consider yourself EXTREMELY lucky. If the person you are dating does not have the funds to buy you a mini pony wiht a diamond collar, so what? It doesn’t mean they love you any less. Don’t be that person who makes the holiday about all material gain. And please, dear God, don’t use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to push for an engagement ring, unless the time really is right for you two.

6. To internet stalk – Getting on Facebook/Twitter/Google and looking at pictures of your ex(es) and his or her new love is always a bad idea in my opinion… but if this is an activity that you’re not ready to give up, fine. Just abstain for 24 hours.

7. to sign up to an online dating site – PLEASE by all means, feel free to sign up for online dating. But do not do it the week of Valentine’s day. No need to get desperate, looking for a date, any date come February 11th.

Moral of the story: we all need to learn that being alone is NOT  bad thing. It’s a thing that everyone needs to learn to do at one point or another in life. If that doesn’t motivate you, remember that there is no lonlier feeling than spending Valentine’s Day with someone you don’t care for.


anti valentines


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Jingle my bells!! Lets not forget about the romantic side of Christmas.. ;)

brand size



So when it comes down to romance this season lets make its a bit steamy, and buy some lingerie to surprise the apple of your eye under the mistletoe..

Why not surprise your boyfriend, crush or husband with some little gifts wrapped with love, and delivered by you wrapped in sexy lingerie.. I’m sure he will appreciate unwrapping his gifts, and you… 😛

Underwear sizes come in small, medium, and so on, or they come in number sizes. If you can, find a pair of lingerie that has a number size, as that is more specific, and will guarantee a better fit. I’m sure that you are aware of bras and panties, but there are some other kinds of lingerie such as camisole, babydoll, shapewear, teddies, and etc. Camisoles are like a bra with a built in sheer part that covers the midriff. A babydoll is a short, sometimes sleeveless, loose fitting nightgown or negligee intended as nightwear for women.

It sometimes has formed cups called a bralette for cleavage with an attached loose fitting skirt falling in length usually between the upper thigh and the belly button Teddies are like little one piece’s that cover the whole torso.

Either of these are a great choice for you to wear as a little extra gift for your guy, because they suggest romance instead of kinkiness or lustiness, which is the most important on Christmas night.

If you take a look above I have posted a little helper for your ideal size to get you started… 🙂


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