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Lady Laws

In honour of Woman’s Day tomorrow…. There are certain things, I believe in life that us girls need to learn in order to be acknowledged as a full on lady, in a true sense of the word. I am calling these the Lady Laws and I believe we need to learn and master these things and you will be on your way to being the best women you can be….

ComplimentTaking a compliment.

“You look absolutely amazing”. Yes, you do. You spent hours doing your hair and makeup (sometimes even weeks when you’ve been training your butt off at the gym) to look exactly how you look right now. Someone has acknowledged it. Embrace the compliement, think of it as a gift of kindess. Do not and I reapeat DO NOT throw a compliment away when one is given to you. Yes, you might be taken aback and flattered but a simple “thank you” with a smile is a great response. Do not point out another weakness in response to this as it ends up looking like you want your own pity party, and only girls have pity parties – not ladies. Be gracious about it though in the same regard and don’t get a big head about it.

Self DefenseHow to defend yourself.

We live in a scary world. Not just a scary country. There is a high chance that 1 in 4 women has a chance of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime. Studies have shown that it is virtually always better to fight back in situations as women who have done in studies have always eneded up being less injured than those who didn’t. I’m not suggesting a black belt in karate but a good knowledge of how to defend yourself against a potentially nasty situation will only empower you in life.

Breast Cancer CheckLearning to check your body.

One in nine women will get breast cancer at some point in their lives and early diagnosis is vital for a good recovery. This means, it is ideal to check your own boobies once a month. They are your breasts and no one elses. Its really simple and can be done when you are in the bath or shower. You need to be aware of what is normal for you in look and feel, what changes to loook for and report any changes to your doctor without delay and ensure to go for a mamogram once year once you reach the age of 35 or earlier if you have concerns.

Walking AwayWalking Away From Bad Friendships and/or Relationships

There are so many people in the world that can be toxic for you, both platonically and romantically. If you ever feel as though you are trapped, undermined, anxious, in danger or unhappy around certain people, learn the art of letting them go from your life in order for you to be free. Surrounding yourself with a support group of compassionate loving family and friends will help you see yourself for exactly what you’re worth in life. Do not compromise that for anyone. Continue reading

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Thought for the day.


The word ‘NOT‘ is offensive. You are NOT beautiful.

The word ‘EVERYONE‘ is offensive. EVERYONE thinks you’re irritating.

The word ‘FINDS‘ is offensive. He always FINDS the worst in her.

The word ‘EVERYTHING‘ is offensive. EVERYTHING you have done in your life was a waste.

The word ‘OFFENSIVE‘ is offensive. In my opinion what you said about so and so. This and that. Him and her. Them and they is OFFENSIVE.

What is my point?

Don’t take everything to heart. What I’ve been noticing about people these days is that they finding anything and any word or term offensive.

People. Relax!!! One of these days we won’t be able to use any words in any language, because somewhere along the way, a vowel, a consonant, a verb, a term was used in the wrong manner according to YOU.

You know what? Let’s just stop any form of communication. Because what is the point? People are over sensitive.

At the end of the day, different people in different cultures, countries and even the same families are exactly that….Different! Our sense of humors aren’t the same. Our levels of “offense” aren’t the same.

I’m not saying not to care about other people’s feelings, but if you show that something doesn’t affect you. Then it’ll die out. Sometimes the problem is not with others, but with you holding on to a mere term or word. Wow. Such a small and sad world that is. (If something major happened to you, then yes. Protect your feelings, but also understand. The billions of people out there don’t know what you’ve been through. And yes. You have to walk a mile in ones shoes to understand. But, this post isn’t about that. It’s about chilling the flip out)

Be considerate, but also. Don’t shoot people down if they didn’t know that they may have obliviously offended you. And if you correct them, do so understandably and don’t throw the offense back with a offensive defense!!! That defeats the purpose you supposedly stood for.

And if you disagree with me. Please comment nicely below. Don’t get offensive because I was offensive. Because I’ll find it so offensive and say something offensive. Then you’ll reply with an offense. Then I’ll hit back with an offense and then you’ll be cheesed off, because of the offense and well………… You see where this is going????????

Just embrace positivity. Be positive. Be a blessing. Don’t be a negative Sally. Don’t think you’re an emotional scientist looking at people in an emotional lab and you need to do some experiment. Let’s all change for the better, judge less (and I’m sure some may think this post is all about judging), eat clean. Lol. And drink lots of water. Read a spiritual book, brain-fart less and just give someone a hug.

Breathe in and out. Relax the tit muscles! Life is all about learning. But learn and teach kindly.

The word ‘not’ isn’t offensive. You are NOT all the bad things people say about you.

The word ‘everyone‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYONE looks up to you, because you’re an inspiration.

The word ‘finds‘ isn’t offensive. He FINDS all that you think are imperfections about yourself perfect.

The word ‘everything‘ isn’t offensive. EVERYTHING about you is beautiful.

The word ‘offensive‘ isn’t offensive. They stand up for what they believe in without being OFFENSIVE.

See? Same words as above. Different set of mind. What set of mind are you and I tuned to?

Muchluv, BeBlessed


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#ZOETLIEF LEIN #DUNCAN YARD #HATFIELD – place to pay a visit!


Good morning gorgeous people!

Hope you’re doing well!

Last Thursday my bestie and I spent some quality time together at DUNCAN YARD. If you’re in Pretoria, and you haven’t visited DUNCAN YARD, you’re missing out. This ‘hidden gem’ is in Hatfield Brooklyn area. So many gorgeous stores to visit and let’s not forget, there is DELI ON DUNCAN, where we had yummy lunch.


Sandra’s mini bobotie.


My mini veggie and mint pie.


Salad in a jar!

Follow DELI ON DUNCAN on Facebook, click here

<a(Chocolate available at DELI ON DUNCAN)

We then strolled around and walked into a tiny corner shop called ZOETLIEF LEIN. The cutest little things with a South African twist. A store that brought back many memories from our childhood. Sandra immediately remembered playing with finger puppets that they had for sale there. Plus I got spoiled, Sandra bought me zip earrings!






Aren’t they gorgeous? I love them…

The reason why you should visit ZOETLIEF is because they’re not just a typical store, the products are made by people with disabilities. ALL item are also recycled. Zoetlief Lein is the product of Employment Solutions ( an organisation that skill and employ people living with disabilities. All the profits go straight to those people with disabilities making the products, but they don’t want to be seen as a charity, but rather as a workshop. How could you not want to support such an organization?



Corner of Jan Shoba(Duncan) str & Prospect str
Hatfield, Pretoria
GPS coordinates
25° 45′ 4.25″ S
28° 14′ 24.47″ E

Click on this link to find out more about the stores. DELI ON DUNCAN

What you waiting for? Go have an amazing time in the centre of a Hatfield without the feeling of being in the city.



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I’m sure you’re an AMERICA’S NEXT TOP MODEL fan like I am? But who is your favorite judge? Mine is NIGEL BARKER.




Now don’t get me wrong! I don’t have a crush on the guy, but he is a very fair, level-headed man who cares a lot for his family. I enjoy hearing his views on the photos the models take. He doesn’t bash them, but doesn’t sugarcoat them either. He is well spoken and a gentleman.

Did you know that he used to model in his younger days? Have you seen pictures of him in his modeling days? I’m quite surprised! He looked great! Ok, he definitely still looks great. Can’t deny the obvious.





He did a great job at modeling wouldn’t you say?


His life story is also quite interesting.
Click HERE to read more about his personal life.

What a shweetiepie!

Click HERE to view a post on previous ANTM winners.


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Really? There is more to Courtney? Isn’t she enough?
Apparently not, meet Courtland. Courtney’s half-sister.


Courtland is goth and Courtney is the ‘Barbie-wannabe’ and boy oh boy, wait till you read what she thinks of her blonde half-sister.

“Let me just say Courtney Stodden… Do I have to go any further? Yeah, I kinda do. She is my half sister and she’s a slut. Let me just get one thing straight.”

“Courtney and I are half-sisters. At least I have half my f…….. dignity left.”

“I’m not going to, like, my judgmental place but I’m from Washington State ok? I would never go and move to Hollywood and marry some bald washed up D-lister. I’m not a f…… whore.”

“She says her hair is real, her lips are real, her eyelashes are real, her eyebrows are real, her nose is real, her face is real, really? My half-sister isn’t real…..REAL.”


Ohemgeeeeee !!!!! What can I say? Wanna see more? Watch the video as she disses her half-sister, her hubby and her sisters dog ‘Dorky’. And this chick wants to become a singer? A star? Goodness me! No flippen way. Hahaha




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