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Victoria Beckham Launches Capsule Collection

Hiya Poutlings! ❤

Victoria Beckham is to launch a capsule collection called Icon featuring the selected reworked designs from her archive collections starting from Spring/Summer 2009 season. The line of seven Beckham dresses coveted by fashionistas around the world will start at £1,000 or roughly R14,000.

Together with my personal edit of the spring/summer 2013 collections, I wanted to be able to offer an exclusive product on the site that was in keeping with the signature aesthetic that’s very special to me, I introduced Icon in response to requests for designs from as far back as my first collection from customers, and I wanted to find a way to offer them key dresses from the archive, but in newly-reworked colours and fabrics.. I hope these updated styles will become unique, limited edition pieces and am excited to revisit other archive designs as the Icon collection continues to grow.NEW ICON RANGE - VICTORIA

The dress that was unveiled as the broke is this navy and spearmint frock inspired by Victoria’s Spring/Summer collection. It will be interested to see what other dress will make it to the Icon collection… are you feeling this one? I don’t know if I like it or not. It may grow on me… maybe?


Meanwhile Victoria showed both her collection at NYFW. The main line textures and colour blocks while Victoria, Victoria Beckham collection is about layers and versatile pieces, which I think I prefer to the first Icon collection piece…

I’m really excited about this collection, it’s effortlessly cool and easy and we’ve developed a lot of textures, it looks like there’s a lot of layers. The idea is that you don’t have to think about it. It looks like two pieces – jumpers and skirts – but it’s just one piece and you can just zip yourself up and off you go.

Be sure to check out Vicky’s website for the new ecommerce website and new pieces of Icon collection.

x missfitz

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Wise words for 2013 for the general Facebooker

Hello Poutlings!

I hope you all had a wonderful festive season, and for those that managed to break away, I hope you had a good rest.

2012 was a heck of a year and with all the shoots we had at NFNT Studios, we weren’t able to blog much, but now we’re back, with a lot to say, so here’s goes our first one for 2013!

With regards to some things learned during 2013, I wish to share these bits of information with you, and hopefully, just maybe some of you will remember these wise words and save yourselves alot of trouble or future embarrassment.

1. Facebook Model Scouts

Ok ladies (and some gents) it seems that some of you never learn. Everyone wants to be a model, so let me cut straight to the point… There are a lot, and I mean  A LOT of so-called “Model Scout” profiles out there, usually with some dodgy name, like “Models Wanted” and they have very vague profile descriptions ie. “This Page is viewed by certain modeling agencies looking for new potential models. Post pics on our wall or tag us in your pics to be noticed by the agencies.”

Really? What agencies? Desperate girls add these profiles and think, “OHEMGEE!! This is my break!” Get real girls, Some of you have been on these pages for ages, you tag all your pictures and nothing happens. Except some dodgy dude from the UK or some foreign country sends you messages, offering to pay you R20 000 to do a nude shoot, without even telling you what the pics will be used for, hey… if you believe something like that… expect to find your pics on some “Pay per view Russian Porn site”

Oh yes, and believing there is a scout out there, making him/herself out to be a scout for Wonderbra, asking you to send him your boobies in a bra and with no bra, you deserve a dumb sign. IF you believe ANY person who says he’s a scout for a competition for some big company, afford yourself a few minutes, go look for the official page of said company, and enquire if indeed said person is a scout and if indeed the said competition is true or not. OH, and Wonderbra will not ask for bbm pics of your nude boobs.

Now don’t tell me “Ah but I didn’t have to time to enquire…”  Come on, if you have time to make silly status updates, if you have time to post duckface party pics and v-pout pics of you and your bestie, you sure as hell have time to do some research.

If you want to be “noticed” get a decent photographer (DO YOUR HOMEWORK!) who can assist you in compiling a decent portfolio, and contact the agencies yourself.

2. Pointless Facebook competitions

Now people, entering some cheesy “Miss Pretty toes”  competition on Facebook, where you get to win…. Profile Picture for the week… ain’t gonna get you no where! Yes you might think “OHEMGEE! This is gonna launch my modeling career!” … IT WON’T! It might be cool for you to be a banner of a profile picture for a week, and even thinking doing it over over is cool, it’s not helping you at all.

3. Adding some weird people from other countries with weird names, just because you have 500 mutual friends

Now, let’s think about this, everyone wants to be beautiful, everyone want’s to have many friends, but accepting friend requests just to win a popularity contest, just ain’t the way to go. I’ve noticed people just randomly accepting friend requests because they seem to have a lot of mutual friends, and in the end, you complain about being stalked or receiving weird wall messages or strange private messages. Come on, get level-headed and think about who you add on your profile.

If you live in South Africa, what benefit would it be to you, to add some stranger from ie. India, who barely speaks a word of english? None at all, all you will get is his 200 other buddies adding you, wanting to speak engrish to you and tell you how bootiful you are.

Right, so this is a just a bit of advice for the beginning of 2013, I hope some of you will read and take this to heart and maybe have a bit of a safer Facebook experience.

From the NFNT desk… have a pouty perfect day!


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Naomi Watt’s Talks About Playing Diana on the Cover of Vogue Australian

Hiya Poutlings!

First and foremost, HAPPY NEW YEAR TO OUR DEAR READERS! This is our first blog post of 2013, and I would just like to extend my biggest gratitude to our readers, a blog is nothing without its readers, and you guys are all awesome. I wish you all every day a happy one filled with all the good stuff.

Naomi Watts has is gracing the covers of the February issue of Vogue Australia, and I think this is maybe one of her loveliest pictorials ever. Now, that being said, I can’t really recall any of Naomi’s magazine editorials ever making an impression on me either way. I actually don’t think she does a lot of magazine interviews and editorials…?


So, this is a special case, and it’s lovely. I like the floral background and I love the green Gucci gown on the cover. Beautiful.

Naomi appears on the cover for two projects – one, she’s promoting The Impossible, for which she will probably get a Best Actress Oscar Nomination, and God knows, she might even be a major contender for the award too. She’s also talking a lot about her Princess Diana film, which as this point is only called Diana.

That film doesn’t even have a UK or USA release date yet, so who knows when it will come out. Anyway, Naomi spent a big chunk of this Vogue interview talking about Diana.

And here are my favourite parts:


“In the case of Diana, of course, there is a huge pressure to look right, to have good hair, to walk and speak like her. And I instantly thought “Oh no, I’m going to fail at that because the comparisons are going to be monumental”. I’m always interested in complicated women, in women who are full of contradictions: strength, vulnerability, success, loneliness and all those things. Diana exemplified that in major ways. She was a great mother, did a lot of things with AIDS charities and the landmines, and had an extraordinary life, but her life was filled with tragedy and, of course, ended in the most tragic way.”


“Most of the time I go completely under the radar but I do understand a little the pressure and how awful it must have been for her. She was properly isolated because of the media attention and, as a result, paranoid. She didn’t know who to trust and that is horrible. Such a lonely idea… a horrible way to live.”


“It was definitely hard work but had it been on green screen, you wouldn’t have got the same feeling. I mean, we were in that pool, struggling to breathe. Of course, nothing to the extent to what the real people went through, but, nonetheless… I’m not even a strong swimmer. The pressure of The Impossible was huge because it is such a sensitive subject and needs to be told with a lot of truth.”


“There is nothing that is going to stop me [living a normal life]. I won’t allow that. Sometimes we may be suddenly surrounded by 10 or 15 photographers on the school run and they just won’t get out of your face, but most of the time we’re fine and can get through it. I don’t want to be stuck in the house and send someone to fetch the children.”


“You know, I want be able to do normal things. You can also add to the problem if you do the secretive thing, putting up the umbrellas and all that. It creates more allure that way. I think it’s better to go out with messy hair. They might write that I look tired or old or something but they are going to pick on something regardless.”


“I got knockback after knockback at auditions. Just before ‘Mulholland Dr.’ my agent told me I was so intense I was freaking people out. She told me I was a brilliant actor but the feedback was that I made people feel uncomfortable because I was so nervous and intense. I just sat there and blubbed. My mum was staying in LA at the time and I went to her and said: ‘I just can’t do this. I’m not cut out for it.’ She just said: ‘Don’t believe a word people say about you. Forget them.”

I’m certainly looking forward to watching Diana, aren’t you?



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