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Konjac 6 Wave Body Sponge


A body spa treatment everyday? Yes please. That was my selling point when buying my latest purchase. The Konjac Sponge Co’s French Green Clay 6 Wave Body Sponge for Oily and Combination Skin. Confession time: I have not used a body sponge in years, in fact I can hardly remember when the last time was that I did! I have had a loofa in the shower which hardly got used, as I’d prefer to just use my body wash with my hands – quick, easy and fuss free but that being said, I have noticed that I am lacking a bit on exfoliating… I am not very good at it, don’t particularly enjoy the sensation and keeping up with it using body scrubs is something that I start out with good intentions but just never get round to doing it… not to mention its messy and requires a great deal of planning. So, after reading about the Konjac Sponge Co. and their philosophies I was intrigued and thought I should give it a try.

Konjac Body French Green Clay

The Konjac Sponge Co’s French Green Clay 6 Wave Body Sponge for Oily and Combination Skin

Essentially, The Konjac Sponge Co create a range of face and body sponges. The one I have been using (and loving) is the Konjac 6 Wave Body Sponge with French Green Clay (for Combination Skin) it a body sponge that doesn’t look very special. Taking it out of the packaging felt like somewhat of anticlimax, the dry sponge which when dry was not big and had a rough texture to it made me shudder at the thought of the sponge being rubbed against my skin. However once the Konjac sponge is completely wet the sponge feels like jelly and is incredibly smooth. The hidden powers of this much talked about sponge actually lie within the wet sponge. The Japanese have harnessed the benefits of the Konjac plant for centuries.

The Konjac body sponges have 6 ranges, one for every skin type (oily, problematic & spot prone skin; for combination skin; for dry and/or mature skin; for tired devitalised skin; for newborns; and one suitable for all skin types) and you’d be sure to find one to suit your specific skin needs and they can be used with or without soap to accelerate the skin cleansing process. The Konjac gently exfoliates, your skin feels incredibly soft and smooth once you are finished and not sensitve at all. The body sponges also assist with with preventing ingrown hairs which is an added bonus as those little buggars are sneaky and from my experience not easily avoided! If you shave, you can use the sponge to assist in lathering shaving foam/cream all while gently buffing the dead skin cells resulting in an even smoother shave.

From my first time using one in the shower, I made sure I massaged the sponge with a circular motion concentrating on all my delicate and problem areas of my skin along with my normal shower gel. I have not yet used the sponge entirely on its own as I prefer to use a body lotion but I will try this eventually! When I get out the shower I feel refreshed, and my skin feels conditioned, radiant and rejuvenated.

The bonus is that the sponge and its properties are 100% natural, and contains NO colouring or additives making it safe for everyone to use.

The downside – for a body sponge – especially for someone that hardly ever used a body sponge, it is not a cheap product. 27Pinkx sell this sponge for R230 and Beauty-Worx sell this sponge for R250 (where I got mine from) and just FYI both online shops ship for free. I ultimately believe my bank balance will forgive me because my skin feels revitalised, rejuvanted and FRESH.. thanks to my latest addition… Konjac! The sponge is not meant to last forever, but with proper care you can get up to 3 months out of the sponge by rinsing it properly by squeezing gently (never wringing) after use and leaving it to dry in an airy or warm dry place. Once the sponge has reached its life span, it is advisable to chuck it into your compost heap (if you have one) and let it go back to nature after serving you and your skin well.

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Elegant Makeup Storage

When the time comes to looking at your makeup collection – if you’re like me you have a pretty impressive collection. Compromising of high end brands which make you proud to own but also happy to wear, the only problem is when you know you have that lip liner that matches your brand new plum lipstick; you can never find the damn thing amidst the hoards and hoards of other products because you are scrambling between 4 {mini}makeup bags and you just cant find the damn thing. Is all that makeup truly worthy of being slung into makeup bags and squished and mistreated. The answer is definitely not but I am guilty

I can really understand why the rise of the acrylic makeup displays have become so popular to overlook these issues which can be both frustrating, time consuming and end up with you scrambling to settling for a different colour, shade or product than what you initially dreamed up in your mind.

Sometimes the more simple a design, the more beautiful. Acrylic makeup displays simply look flawless, are easier to navigate than bags and I’m quite sure make all women woo and make “oooh” and “aaah” sounds when laying eyes upon them when they are filled with their favourite cosmetics and how gorgeous would these look as an addition to your dressing table? Tres chic.

The only drawbacks I can think of are that I would imagine that they would get dusty quickly and when you need to pack a makeup bag for travels – how would you go back to makeup bags when scooting around to not having the ease of getting your products out? I also have so much makeup I may need two – not just one. AAAH. I am possibly over thinking this; as you should just get one and get on with it but I am still not sure yet as I haven’t taken the plunge and got myself one, yet.

Local South African online store 27pinkx (pronounced 27 Pinks) has been promoting their sales for these beauties and they range from R350 per draw to the actual cube like storage boxes with draws from R1,200 to R1,800 including free delivery. To view their entire offering, check it out here.


You can find 27pinkx at their website, on Facebook, Twitter @27pinkx and on Instagram @27pinkx

Have you got yourself a gorgeous acrylic makeup organiser or do you display and store your makeup differently – please let me know!

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