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Models-Turned-Designers : My Top 10

Hi Poutlings

Model-turned-designer is not a new phenomenon, on the opposite there are more models who turn to brands to expose their horizons and give their followers something (clothes, jewellery or shoooooes) designed in their signature style. Some may argue that it’s a disdain for true skill and craft of a designer, others would agree that some models bring their own unique vision into collection.


Anja Rubik in an ad campaign for her shoe & accessory line with Giuseppe Zanotti

Anja Rubik in an ad campaign for her shoe & accessory line with Giuseppe Zanotti

One of the most recent collaboration collections was designed by Anja Rubik, who I’ve previously blogged on before, along with Giuseppe Zanotti. The model and designer shared their “skills and ideas” in Giuseppe’s brand creating a 6-style footwear line and a handbag. The collection turned out beautiful as it often happens, Anja modeled the entire line herself.

This is not the first of Anja’s designer endeavors though as she already had an experience creating an accessory collection for Quazi in 2011.


Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her Marks & Spencer Spring/Summer 2013 lingerie collection

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley models her Marks & Spencer Spring/Summer 2013 lingerie collection

Rose Huntington-Whiteley expressed her desire to design on more than one ocassion but thanks to retailer Marks & Spencer and its lingerie department head Soozie Jenkinson, Rosie’s dream came true and she already launched her second lingerie line with the store. The line is full of pink sets, robes and babydolls.

Rosie also expressed a desire to do some “designing” in five or ten years and wants to have jewellery, lingerie and cashmere lines. Well, she’s got one of them already.


Helena Christensen models her lingerie collection for Triumph

Helena Christensen models her lingerie collection for Triumph

Helena Christensen is an original supermodel who has been on numerous magazine covers and in ad campaigns but she also tried her hand at design when she created a lingerie line for Triumph. the line included some printed pieces, sexy lace tops and black strappy styles.

Now Christensen has got her eyes on a bag line she is set to launch in September with Belgium bag brand Kipling. the collection will include eleven styles and focus on floral print.


Iman models an Arm Candy bag from her Global Chic line

Iman models an Arm Candy bag from her Global Chic line

Supermodel I”man is true style and fashion icon so it’s no wonder she has her own fashion line. Launched in 2011 with HSN Globalc Chic is a line of statement jewellery and accessories at affordable prices.

Iman thinks that jewellery and accessories add a lot more to the outfit and thus without them one “can never be fully dressed”.


Natalia Vodianova in ad campaign for her Etam lingerie collection

Natalia Vodianova in ad campaign for her Etam lingerie collection

Natalia Vodianova just recently launched her second footwear collection with the Russian shoe brand Centro. The model designed the classic pumps to raise money for her charity Naked Heart Foundation.

The model has also been given an oppurtunity to design heer own lingerie colections at Etam in 2009, which she used quite successfully.


Lily Aldridge models her collection for Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Lily Aldridge models her collection for Velvet by Graham & Spencer

Victoira’s Secret Angel, Lily Aldridge has just recently designed a thirteen-piece collection with Velvet by Graham & Spencer. The model was asked to do a line after working ten years with the brand,

The line consists of dresses, casual tops and a military style jacket that can easily be introduced into a basic summer wardrobe.


Gisele Bündchen models her own lingerie line

Gisele Bündchen models her own lingerie line

Gisele Bundchen created a whole empire with all the lingerie, footwear, clothing and beauty lines she launched. The world’s richest supermodel has an iPANEMA Gisele Bundchen sandal line, Gisele Bundchen Brazillian Intimates lingerie brand, and a beauty line under her belt.

But that’s not all she’s done. The model designed a clothing line with a Dutch retailer C&A in 2011 that included dresses, cropped blazers and other items.


Sophie Dahl models her own collection for Brora

Sophie Dahl models her own collection for Brora

Sophie Dahl is another model who tried her hand in design. She created a line with a cashmere brand Brora, which consists of thirteen pieces like a tea dress, cardigans, camisole and others.

Besides her modelling career, Sophie Dahl has written for fashion magazines like US and UK Vogues, Harpers Bazaar and such editorials like The Sunday Times, The Observer and The Guardian.


Kate Moss for Topshop Final Collection, Fall 2010

Kate Moss for Topshop Final Collection, Fall 2010

Kate Moss has been collaborating with Topshop for three years producing 14 collections in total from 2007 to 2010. Her lines included numerous minidresses and jackets. She released he last collection in 2010 along with Kate Iconic, a capsule line of her most popular designs.

Moss’ designs reflected the models style – a mix of grunge and boho chi – but there were also collections in nontypical for model floral prints and more feminine styles.


Georgia May Jagger launches Hudson by Georgia May collection at Neiman Marcus

Georgia May Jagger launches Hudson by Georgia May collection at Neiman Marcus

Georgia May Jagger tried herself in denim design when she created a line for Hudson Jeans. The model designed a twenty-piece collection with a different cut that the usual Hudson jeans taking inspiration from her mom’s vintage jeans.

So… should models turn into designers? Do you think they do any of the actual design work or just tell the real designers, “THAT’S NICE… I’LL PUT A RING ON IT, MY NAME ON IT”… ? Is it just another money making raquet, like the fragrance market? Does it mean something else? Am I missing the point? Must I stop asking so many questions?

x missfitz

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MODEL ALERT : Julia Nobis

Heya Poutlings!

I love sharing with you some of the fantastic models I think are real ROLE MODELS to anyone that is aspiring to be the best model they can be… and let’s be clear, I’m talking about REAL modeling, not just looking shit hot to be some masturbation material for teenage boys and balding men! Actually, making a living from modeling, people paying you to do it… You know what I mean, right? Good. Let’s continue….

Last time, I introduced Anja Rubik, who is no less than amazing and such a HUGE name in the industry. Today, I present a model who is young, relatively new to the industry compared to Anja, but I think we haven’t seen the apex of this particular models career to date.


Julia Nobis is no doubt a rising star. She was only discovered in 2009.She has a unique look with a particular strong appearance. She’s known for playing guitar backstage before a show.


Julia started modeling locally, in Australia, at the age of 16.

Her first time on an international catwalks was during CALVIN KLEIN fall 2010 in New York and she exclusively walked only for them.


The next step on Julia’s modeling career was during the same season but this time on the runways of London Fashion Week. She opened the fall TOPSHOP in London and also closed the RICHARD NICOLL show. During her time in London she got invites to Milan and Paris and she ended up walking for PRADA, DOLCE & GABANA, LOUIS VUITTON, VALENTINO, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA and MIU MIU Fall fashion shows and as you can imagine she became well known as one of the best newcomers into the fashion world to date.

Later on in 2010 she walked for her first couture show, VALENTINO HAUTE COUTURE in Paris.

2011 Spring fashion shows she opened and closed the POENZA SCHOULER fashion show and also walked for BURBERRY, ALEXANDER WANG, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL and BALENCIAGA runways. She also presented looks at the spring CHANEL and ELIE SAAB couture fashion shows.


During Spring 2012, FASHIONTV’s FIRST FACE COUNTDOWN featured Julia Nobis as number 3. She was beat by Anja Rubik and Amyeline Valade.

Currently, Julia has only been on one fashion magazine cover, Australian Vogue featured her in 2011 where she posed for the photographer Kai Z Feng.

She has appeared in a number of editorials for British and Italian Vogue, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Interview and W Magazine.

What I particulary love about this model is that she lives an alternative lifestyle, she has broken the international stereotype of MODEL! Julia is really into martial arts, some of her favourite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stoneage and Rage Against the Machine. She has the perfect mix in her book of “alternative” or should I say edgy shots combined with standard commerical and high fashion couture! The proof is in this models book, and I think she’s got it nailed. Don’t you??

So, models and models-in-training, are you inspired?



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Model Alert : Anja Rubik

Heya Poutlings!

“Nowadays, sex and nudity are either so vulgar or so prude”

Of course you know who she is.


Over the past decade, she has racked up countless covers, ad campaigns and catwalk exclusives. Model.com recently ranked her number 18 in the top-earning high fashion models in the industry. Born in Poland, raised in Greece, Canada and South Africa, she is fluent in several languages. so, in true, Anja style, she is motivated to launch her her new Erotica-tinged magazine.

Anja Rubik, is the 29 year old model turned founder and editor of 25 magazine, which will debut this month.

In the first issue, which focuses on erotica from a woman’s point of view, was shot completely by female photographers, and includes work by luminaries like Emma Summerton, Annie Leibovitz, Paola Judacki, Camilla Akrans, Ellen Von Unwerth, and Corinne Day. It also features profiles of high powered women in the fashion industry like Liya Kebede, Inez Van Lamsweerde, Elettra Wiedemann, and Roxanne Lowit. Most of the contributors and subjects are people Anja has befriended during her long and successful modeling career, one which any apsiring model can only dream of, which began when she started attending a British high school in Paris.

She started getting involved in editorial work about a year and half ago, by accident. She started helping a friend who owned 25 magazine, which was then based in Austria. Her friend asked her to help with fashion projects and she organized a few shoots and as such she ended up being involved with changing the layout and choosing writers for the then 25 magazine. Her friend then duly wanted to get rid of the magazine and as such she took over the name, essentially making a whole new magazine with the same name as the old one. The 25 magazine will now be based from New York, instead of Austria.

“It was bothering me how the world is nowadays – how we approach nudity and sexuality and beauty. I thought it was really, really wrong, and I wanted to create something that goes back to the erotica of the seventies. I was searching for inspiration, and I looked at this magazine Viva, from the late sixties and early seventies, that inspired me. It was a Penthouse publication for women. I thought it was so beautiful and innocent, and very sensual and erotic, but all in very good taste. What happened to it all? Nowadays, sex and nudity is either so vulgar or so prude. So I wanted to create something inspiring, and beautiful, and sensual, to get people to think in a different way.”

When she was asked about Terry Richardson, world renown fashion photographer (who I recently shot Lindsay Lohan’s trigger happy set here) who has had a scandal going around him whereby he has been accused of using his power in the industry to inappraopriately take advantage of young girls. Anja said she has worked with Terry a few times and she liked him a lot, but she has never had a situation with him where she feels uncomfrtable. There were loads of rumours going around that she didn’t want to work with him on the Pirelli calender which she said was true because she knows his pictures and she was well aware she may not feel 100% comfortable in certain situations.

I started modeling quite young. I would really recommend to every girl not to start modeling until they turn 17, to be honest. Before that, I think you’re not mature enough. You see girls that are modeling who are 14 or 15, and I think that’s way, way too young. The best models in the industry are the ones who feel comfortable on the set. If she doesn’t feel comfortable, the images won’t be beautiful. There’s this idea that you have to do something or your career won’t go forward, but a girl should research the job beforehand and if she feels uncomfortable with it, she should just say no. If she feels uncomfortable, the photographer won’t be happy with her, and the client won’t be happy with her, and she will do more harm to her career than if she had just said no to begin with.”

Are you intruiged by her new magazine? I think it sounds fascinating. Will have to wait and see what else she has to offer to world of fashion.



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