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The Bad Hairday… We All Have Them!

Hi Pouters!

In honour of Sandylashxx going to the hairdresser for the first time in 10 years.

Celebrities have access to some of the best hair stylists in the entire world, and yet they still have bad hair days.

Have a look at some of the worst bad hair days I’ve come across on the net!

It wasn't until now that we knew a supermodel as beautiful as Kate Upton could have a bad hair day.

That's one hell of a royally bad hair day, Kate!

Vertically challenged Jill Zarin has a solution for her height, pile a foot of hair on your head!

Rachel Griffiths shows the world why one should never ride in a convertible with the top down to an event.

Avril Lavigne, you're 27, not 14. You have no excuse. Whatsoever.

Cameron Diaz is blown away at how awesome her Starbucks is!

Nicki Minaj looks like a cross between Marge Simpson and candy floss

David Beckham was clearly tired of hearing how hot he is. Don't worry, nobody's saying that now, Becks

Is she trying to look like a greying grandma? Even Pink admits that her stylist ruined her hair!

Sharon Stone puts Snooki to shame with her helmet head poof.

Its rumoured Elvis is one of Alicia's biggest musical influences, well, I'm not sure about the musical part, maybe... hair influences?

Kelly lost a ton of weight, but it appears to have gone to her hair!!

Kesha always strikes me as being dirty, but I didn't know she was stupid enough to stick her finger into a plug point... I can't help but wonder what she is hiding in that mohowk!

Adrienne Bailon's hair is so side-heavy, she had to balance it out with an equally massive earring.

Remember the day Kaley Cuco played in the hay...

Anne Hathaway keeps herself safe on the red carpet with her massive helmet head.

it's Janet ... Mr. Jackson, if you're nasty.

Oh what type of post would this be without taking a stab at Jersey Shore, stop judging me, I haven't done it ages! Mike 'The Situation' Sorrentino found religion ... in his hair.

Johnny Weir, you're not a ballerina, you're a figure skater.

hahahahaha.... Kellis... hahahahaha!

Let's play a game, its called... WHERE'S WHOOPI?

Splendid comb over Charles, just splendid!

This is unheard of Jennifer Anniston having a bad hair day...

Jared Leto needs to learn the rule of mohawks: do not do them.

Ahh, so this is why Lady Gaga wears so many wigs!


Jay Manuel really needs to find a look look. ASAP. You're no silver fox like George Clooney.


Cassie's hair is the perfect example of why electric razors are not suited for children.


Nooo! Mel B lives up to her Scary Spice nickname with this 'do. But what's a half-shaved 'do without ...



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Tying the Knot in 2012

Hiiii Pouters!

So, seems like everyone is getting engaged left right and centre in Hollywood, it’s all over the media! So, who is actually planning on getting married in 2012?


After four years of dating, Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have decided to tie the knot. JT proposed over the holidays while on a ski trip in Wyoming. According to Billboard, he got down on one knee in the mountains, because he knows how much Biel loves them. The pair has yet to set a date.


On Monday, January 2, 2012, Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin got engaged to her longtime love, Willie Wilkerson. The two are considering a June or July wedding.


LeBron James proposed to longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson on New Year’s Eve during a celebratory dinner. The couple already has two children, LeBron Jr. who is 7 years old and Bryce who is 4 years old, who were on hand to celebrate.


After dating for three years, Michael Jordan put a ring on Yvette Prieto’s finger over the Christmas weekend. This will be Michael’s second marriage. The couple is still deciding on a date.


63-year-old Steven Tyler is planning to tie the knot with 38-year-old Erin Brady. Steven proposed with a five-carat engagement ring over the Christmas weekend, and already participated in a pre-marriage blessing in Hawaii.


Matthew McConaughey rang in the new year by putting a ring on Camila Alve’s finger. The couple already have two children, Levi who is 3 years old and Vida who is 2, and are ready to start their life together as a married couple.


Country star Wynonna Judd is engaged to her man of two years, Cactus Moser. Moser proposed on Christmas Eve. This will be Wyonna’s third trip down the aisle.


In November 2011, Anne Hathaway said “yes” to her boyfriend of three years, Adam Shulman. Anne is keeping her wedding plans quiet, but one thing’s for sure, she deserves a happy ending!


Former ‘Malcom in the Middle’ star Frankie Muniz is engaged to his longtime girlfriend, Elycia Turnbow. After four years of dating, and popping the question, he announced his engagement on Twitter.


In the autumn of 2011, Kaley Cuoco’s fiancé, Josh Resnik, popped the question during a quiet date night at home. The 25-year-old star of ‘The Big Bang Theory’ told People that they are very happy and excited to plan their wedding, though they have not yet set a date.

Did you get engaged over the festive season?



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Fashionable Spectacles: A new revolution

Remember movies like She’s All That where the geeky, unpopular girl was always the one with her hair tied back and her massive specs hanging from her face and the only way she could ever be the pretty, popular girl is if she let her hair down and learnt to wear contact lenses? Well, fear no more my minions of terrible eyesight who can’t stand to put those things in your eyes, because spectacles have made a turn for the best and gone from a horrible burden to an absolute fashion statement.

Seen in many a campaign lately, specs have gone from drab to fab basically overnight and been made popular by celebrities like Britney Spears and LMFAO. Current trends range from RayBan’s popular Wafarers and geeky look to the gorgeous Cat-eyes and semi-rimless with a bit of bling on the side.

Brands to look out for:

– Guess – Gucci – Tom Ford – Levis -RayBan – Vogue – Bvlgari – Oakley – Carrera

– Safilo – Calvin Klein – MaxMara – Roberto Cavalli – Emporio Armani

Oh, and don’t forget that pretty pout to complete the look! Happy Friday Pouters xoxox


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Stunning Celeb Wedding Dresses

It’s the day every girl dreams about since they first find out what princesses are. It’s the one day where all eyes are on you and you’re the belle of the ball. Yes, I’m talking about your wedding day! Whether you’re into sexy styles or more conservative ones, the celebs have done them all. Want a rockstar look? Check out Pink and Gwen Stefani’s dresses! Want something more traditional? Princess Kate and Grace Kelly’s look will work for you. These are my top 10 best Celebrity Wedding dresses:

10) Portia De Rossi 


9) Pink


8  ) Kate Middleton

7) Avril Lavigne

6) Fergie

5) Gwen Stefani

4) Hilary Duff

3 & 2) Anne Hathaway and Kate Hudson in Bride Wars

 and finally number 1) Melania Trump!

A very special mention must also be given to the best wedding dress designer in Hollywood, Vera Wang! Her designs grace movie screens everywhere and can be seen in movies like Sex and the City and Bride Wars. She has also dressed celebs like Jennifer Garner, Sharon Stone, Sarah Michelle Gellar, Uma Thurman, Holly Hunter and many more for their big days.

All hail the queen of the wedding dresses, Vera Wang and her stunning designs:


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Pro Tip: Shades

While there are many fancy looking; cheap and reasonably priced sunnies on the market which approach you from every angle, make sure that when you try them on that you hold your hair back so you can see if they fit and suit your face correctly. Bear in mind that no matter how cheap they are, they should have UV protection which is the wisest thing to do to look after your

While cleaning them wash them in cold water with no soap or else you will get a streaky residue, which isn’t that glamorous.

Happy shading!



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