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breakOUTS : Ingredients to AVOID in your Skin Care Routine

Hiya Poutlings

Your hormones are really not always to blame for breakOUTS. After having a lengthly discussion with one of our readers who believes its unfair that she had to deal with skin problems throughout high school and now, almost 15 years later, she still gets acne. She is frustrated, and I don’t blame her, I get frustrated with the odd breakout here and there. While a bad breakout may no longer “ruin your life” like it may have in highschool, acne-prone people are born with about four to five times more skin cells than the average person and produce more oil than the average person as well, and basically its the combination of these factors that make up acne however there are other, sneakier ways that you could be irritating your skin as well to form acne breakouts later in life, ways you aren’t even aware of, so if you’re at a loss as to why you’re getting all zitty, the culprit may very likely be in your daily routine, undercover.


There are certain ingredients that can cause irritation in makeup or skin care products, the ones to really watch out for are :skin care

ARTIFICIAL COLOUR – look for FD&C in the ingredients list, which means the product has artificial colour. This can irritate the skin and if it’s in your lipstick or blush, it can cause breakouts around your mouth or on your cheeks.

LANOLIN – this forms a film on your skin, trapping dead skin cells and bacteria, which is the prime cause of acne and it can also give you mililia, those tiny white bumps on your skin.

PETROLEUM – this is oil, and as you may have guessed, you don’t really need to be putting more oil on your face.

ISPROPRYL MYRSTATE – this can actually make your skin feel less greasy, but it also clogs the pores and causes skin irritation, while drying out the essential hydration for healthy skin. It might seem like a good idea to dry out oily skin with harsh cleansers, soap and alcohol based toners – and skimp on the moisturizer but your skin is far more complicated than that, because drying out your skin will make it produce more oil because it naturally tries to correct itself.

ARTIFICIAL FRAGRANCE – this can irritate your skin and cause breakouts. Try to use as many fragrance free prodcuts as possible.


LOOK after your skin, or it won’t look after YOU!


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