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Animal Nursery Editorial Controversy

Hi Poutlings


Here are some photos from a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot featuring Kate Upton and some exotic fur babies. There is a lot of controversy, of course, as there always is with Miss Upton. However, before I touch on that, please can I confess – I love Kate’s styling in these photos. It’s very retro, but it’s incredibly flattering. I love the fact that no boobs are pushed on you when looking at these images, and I lovelovelove the fact that Bazaar has some hair and makeup people who weren’t hypnotised by her boobies and actually put some great effort in to make her look great!


The controversy? The editorial is aptly named “The Animal Nursery” and the theme is that Kate, is not only a largely talented breasted model, acting as a nurse to baby animals, and she poses winningly while holding up various kinds of animals.


The shoot was styled by Carine Roitfeld and it will appear in all 26 international editions of the magazine. This is hardly the first time a major fashion magazine appears tone deaf about how fashion editorials are accessorised. Vogue recently went under fire by using actual babies as accessories for fashion shoots, and just a couple of months ago, Vogue did an absolutely terrible shoot in the areas of New York which were drastically affected by Hurricane Sandy. So, where does “using endangered baby animals”” fall on the list of editorial disasters?

Fashionista reached out to Harper’s Bazaar, but no one at the magazine would issue any statements. Fashionista also reached out to Zoological Wildlife Foundation, which apparently provided the animals for the shoot, and they wouldn’t go on record either. But, as always PETA did, FYI – I am not a fan of PETA however their statement was interesting…

“The gibbon featured in the photographs is an infant and should be with his mother at all times. Besides the emotional trauma that he has undoubtedly suffered as a result of the separation, his delicate immune system is still developing, and he is susceptible to illness that humans carry. All the animals in the photographs are endangered and should be protected rather than being treated like props.”

Now, PETA, are melodramatic all the time, however – if all of what they are saying is true, (I’m not claiming to know because I am not a vet), then the gibbon should most definitely be with its mother. Damn. As for the little tiger… I think he is adorable. I wish he would follow me home and he could be my tiger for life. I bet he has super sharp kitten claws though… and to honest, that is what bothers me most about this shoot – that they had all those babies together on the set. What if the baby tiger thought the gibbon was a playmate and those kitten claws come out and then…? Disaster.


Anyway, what are your thoughts?

x missfitz

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Unconventional Antics : Anne Geddes… now with adults!?

Hiya Poutlings!

Are you ready to take charge of Tuesday by grabbing it by the short and curlys? wakakaka!

As much as I believe this is an elaborate photoshop prank I have to admit, this made me smile on this shoddy little Monday. I present to you, the famous baby flowers and butterflies we have all “ooh”-ed and “aaah”-ed about at in some of the most famous child photography known, all grown up….

I do hope it made you crack a smile 😉



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Hiya Poutlings

The wonderful Miss Sandylashxx, has previously mentioned the Miss Pregnant pagent that is held… Well, my blog is about something of a similar nature…. pregancy and pageants….

In Houston Texas, this past Thursday 40 expecting mothers all in their third trimester strutted their stuff in the 8th ANNUAL PREGNANT BIKINI PAGENT.

The women in this competition are not only competing who looks the best, pregnant, in a bikini, but their are events throughout the day designed to to “test” their mommy skills too, like the nappy toss and baby change.

Here are some of the contestants!

Now PLEASE bear in mind my opinion is based on my experience of being around pregnant women. I have never been pregnant, so this is possibly incorrect, but I have all the necessities if I wished to be so… I also never wish to be pregnant or have children of my own, so let’s just put that out there before I give you my thoughts.

I believe that I understand why these women think its a great idea  to enter such a contest, simply because generally speaking due to the change that happens to a womens body during in pregnancy CAN result in the women feeling insecure and  unattractive, especially around friends who are still skinny with their social lives and sex lives intact. So, I’m sure it’s a fun experience to be around a bunch of other girls going through the same thing.

However, bikini contents can be trashy to begin with (yes, NOT all are, but most of them are…) I have no problem with pregnant women in general, or even a pregnant mommy-to-be in a bikini on the beach… but to parade around and seek attention just before giving birth really gives me the impression that once your new baby starts to get attention you used to get (by parading around in bikinis/generally from your looks) you will start to get jealous of the attention the baby receives, instead of yourself and well, I don’t think later on in life or when you are supposed to be “bonding” with the new infant that its going to bode well emotionally with that child.

To be frank, I’m happy these women have the confidence to do this, I simply wouldn’t ever have the confidence to this normally, never mind if I happened to be pregnant. It doesn’t however mean I anyway condone this type of behaviour, my honest first reaction to seeing these pictures were: WTF A BUNCH BREEDERS, WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU DO THIS, and WHO THE HELL IS THE FATHER OF THAT CHILD? I suppose this type of behaviour feeds the strange and weird pregnancy fetishes?

Jennifer Clay, 32 Weeks Pregnant and the Winner…

Anyway, at the end of the pageant, Jennifer Clay, who is 32 weeks pregnany was crowned the winner based on her grace, presentation, and what the judges called “it” factor. In six weeks she’ll be getting a crown of completely different kind… So um, well done to her for being beautiful, having good mothering skills (?), having the “it” factor, getting knocked up and well, winning this daft contest, I guess….

Would love to hear your thoughts… Am I the only one that thinks this is completely BIZARRE?



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Marisa Miller & Griffin Guess are EXPECTING!!

Hiya Pouters!

You should know by now, I love the VICTORIA’S SECRET girls, even when they’re lives have moved on from modelling for Vicky and her Secrets!

Model Marisa Miller and her husband, record producer Griffin Guess (sorry, I have to add here — how amazing is his name?) are expecting their first child!

Marisa & Griffin are expecting late fall in the Northern Hemisphere

Marisa a former Vicky’s Secret and Sports Illustrated cover girl issued a statement by saying

“My husband and I have always looked forward to starting a family, but also wanted to just enjoy being married.” “After six years together , the time feels right. My sisters and I will all have babies in 2012 so it’s such an exciting time.”

“Even though I’m exhausted, gaining weight and breaking down from all the hormones, I’m really enjoying the pregnancy. It’s all for the baby, so I couldn’t care less.

Marisa who is now 33 years old is reportedly due in the late Northern Hemisphere fall.

Mazel tov Marisa & Griffin on your new addition!


P.S. This is my first blog from my new home in Cape Town! Yay!!


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Alessandra Ambrosio Has Given Birth…

Hi Pouters!

As our search directory shows us, Alessandra Ambrosio is one of top searched people on Pout Perfection, so I only think its fair to give our readers a bit of an update on her…

Alessandra, most famous for modelling for Victoria’s Secret and businessman fiance Jamie Mazue welcomed the birth of their second child on 5th of May.

They already have a daughter, Anja, 3, who was also born in Brazil.

Alessandra posted on Facebook:

Well, the day just arrived and we couldn’t be more happy!!! Noah Phoenix was born yesterday afternoon and already stole our hearts. Anja is a proud big sister now and we are so thankful he is with us.

Just hours ahead of the birth, Alessandra posted an Instagram photo of a Brazilian beach, where she has been spending the last few weeks of her pregnancy.

Alessandra and her friend Matheus Mazzafera at her baby shower

On the Sunday before she gave birth to Noah, she posted pictures on her Twitter of her baby shower.

A while back she told the media she wants to be ready to work as soon as possible after giving birth to her second child

I already have jobs planned for afterwards so hopefully will be back in shape. I told my booker and my manager; “I know I have a job to do, so just book the jobs and hopefully it’ll be fine.” I only have a few more jobs to do before I have the baby – all editorial, no more catwalk now – and then I hope to be back in London for the opening of the Victoria’s Secret store in July. I should definitely be back for the next Victoria’s Secret show – I have quite a while until then.

Forget Victoria’s Sercret… it was Alessandra’s secret! The model was nearly three months pregnant when she walked the catwalk last November!

Soo… hopefully this little post will keep our Alessandra fans happy, for a little while! 😉



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