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Brilliant Ideas : Are Your Boobies Too Hot?

Hiya Pouters!

Don’t you hate it when your boobies get too warm?

I certainly do not really know what the hell that statement I just made was all about but obviously… the Japanese do!

The Japanese have invented bras, with ice in them. Following the Fukushima catastrophe, the people of Japan have been encouraged to avoid using air conditioners.

Finally women will have a way to keep their breasts cool and nipples hard for days on end. Gentlemen, consider this a consolation prize while you sweat your balls off, as there is no such contraption for yourselves, yet. Thining about it, it may actually, make them even sweatier than before… Because men like boobs and the act of looking at them? But if they create something to cool off the masses of suffocating Japanese testicles, you can be sure that I will keep you posted.

Have a good weekend!



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