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Makeup LOVES Johnny!

Hi Pouters!

Johnny Depp’s latest movie venture as Barnabas Collins in the Tim Burton film adaptation of Dark Shadows, show cases, rather a lot of makeup. But this isn’t the first time he’s slathered on the cosmetics for a role!

Johnny has made a career out of playing characters with outlandish makeup jobs. So, after seeing a trailer on TV for Dark Shadows yesterday, why should we not revisit a few of these roles.

So I present to you, dear Pouting Readers –  Johnny Depp’s most makeup-tastic roles in order of the heaviness of the cosmetics.

Oh, I feel it unncecessary to point out, but I’ll do it anyway, the majority of the most makeup heavy roles were directed by the one and only Tim Burton.


Barnabas Collins. White skin? Purple shading? Strangely pointy hair? What the heck sort of vampire is this? Once Barnabas new look had a moment to sink, I realized that perhaps I shouldn’t have been so surprised.

ED WOOD, Ed Wood

This is more for the cross dressing factor, than the amount of makeup. The Tim Burton directed biopic told the tale of the notoriously terrible director Ed Wood. Ed was also a transvestite, so naturally Johnny ended up dressing accordingly for the movie. It might be a little hard to see because of the film being in black-and-white, but there’s definitely some lipstick action going on here. And of course, black-and-white films tend to use a different sort of makeup than that used for color. Makeup artists – you can probably imagine how much extra it would take to get all that shading and contrast in greyscale.

WILLY WONKA, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

There is nothing too outrageous here, however, there’s an artificiality to the Willy Wonka look that puts it slightly higher up on the not-at-all-made-up-to-violently-made-up scale. He’s kind of got the same coloring as his candy…just a little more subtle, but you ALREADY noticed that, right??

CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW, The Pirates of the Caribbean Series

Eyeliner! Guyliner, if you will! Massive amounts of it! But not much else in the way of bizarre-looking makeup; the rest of it is really just the standard grime that ends up transferring itself to you when you sail the high seas for months at a time. Of course there was that time when he got captured and all painted up by a bunch of islanders who believed he was the human incarnation of their god…

SWEENEY TODD, Sweeney Todd: Demon of Barber Street

Aha! The first of the “Whoa! That’s a lot of look!” looks! With a totally white face and a wild mane of black hair shot through with a streak of white, Johnny looks appropriately serial killer-esque as the Demon Barber of Fleet Street. Just make sure you keep him away from the straight razors. Things could get messy.

TONTO, The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger isn’t due out until 2013, but images from it have already begun appearing—and Tonto as played by Johnny Depp has Jack Sparrow’s dreads, Sweeney Todd’s black-and-white face, and a dead raven on his head. Classy.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, Edward Scissorhands

Edward’s origins were in a sketch Tim Burton drew as a teenager; and amazingly, Johnny looks exactly like the sketch come to life. Those scissorhand prosthetics are really something else, aren’t they?

THE MAD HATTER, Alice in Wonderland

By far the most makeup-heavy role Johnny has ever taken on. Is that really him under all that? Yes. Yes it is.

Hope you enjoyed going through Johnny’s most makeup-esque roles, in my opinion anway.



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