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Beyonce Gets Her Kit Off And Sparkles in FLAUNT Magazine

Hi Poutlings

BEYONCE (2)Despite the fact I am not the biggest fan of Beyonce’s music, one cannot deny that she is exceptionally beautiful. Beyonce is on the cover of Flaunt Magazine, July 2013 with swoon worthy images shot by the talented Tony Duran.


Seems like Flaunt’s creative directors know that there is no need for wasting time on shopping and dressing if all you have to do is to get a couple of body paint bottles and a good brush or two add Beyonce’s figure in the mix and you have one other worldly images as a result.


The makeup is absolutely first class, and I am slightly jealous I couldn’t get my brushes all over Beyonce. That sounds dirty, but really, it is NOT supposed to.


well done Queen Bey & co!


x missfitz


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Hiya Poutlings

Nail art has been around for a long while, but only in the past year or so has it evolved into something you were more likely to see on your cool artsy friend into a ubiquitous trend spotted on everyone from Zooey Deschanel to Beyonce.

…on the off chance you have $250,000 (roughly R1,750,000.00 – 1 million, 750 thousand SOUTH AFRICAN RANDS) you’re looking to be really careless with, and you’ve already ruled out eating it, snorting things with it and donating it to the poor, why not make like Kelly Osbourne at the Emmy’s and cash in on the Azature black diamond manicure.

Kelly Osbourne’s Nails @ The Emmys

Ladies and gentlemen of the interwebs, meet the most expensive nail polish in the world: Azature’s Black Diamond. The shimmery black formula contains 267 carats of crushed diamonds, and one bottle will cost you $250,000. The other day, I spent R200 on some Essie nail polishes and I felt a little guilty and self indulgent, so I don’t even know how to comprehend the fact that this exists.

Can you imagine, everytime you chipped your manicure on your keyboard, you’d be losing about $1,000. Talk about stressful.

What, why are you reading this blog post in that tone of voice. It is a completely reasonable and responsible way to spend your money, right?

To Kelly Osbourne’s credit, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that she, being a Joan-Rivers-approved-television-personality and Famous Person, got her Black Diamond manicure for free, it is still completely and utterly fucking ridiculous. There, I said it. Now I’m more optimistic about celebrity nail news.

Apparently, Azature is designing to sell to a department store version for $25, but I think I’ll just DIY my own by shredding up some R200 notes and mixing them into a bottle of Essie and then to proceed to cry myself to sleep…You know, it is a sick, sad, world we live in, especially with $250,000 manicures and all.



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Mixed Feelings About Kim in V Magazine…..

Hiya Poutlings!

As much as I have in the past always disregarded everything Kim Krapdashian, as we fondly call her around here has done, lets be honest here, we simply just call a spade a spade, right? Well, I must also give credit where it is due, as Kim is appearing in V Magazine for the fall’s travel edition 2012 and here are some of the shots…. Which I believe are absolutely beautiful, sans the god damn fur!!

PFFT to her for being a fur wearing whore.

Do I think  Kim K is a great model, no. Look at these shots, even though they are photographed perfectly BUT she has the exact same expression throughout, sometimes opening her eyes and sometimes closing them. That must take skill… not. Even with that being said, these pictures are eerily emotive, and I do like them. Oh my god, I cannot believe I like something that is in some way related to a Krapdashian.

Photographed by the ever talented Nick Knight in London, the photo spread includes Kim wearing Tom Ford, Giorgio Armani and of course Kanye West.

Kim K in Kanye West… does this dress not look similiar to the one that Beyonce wore to the Met Gala…? Just saying

Kim K in Tom Ford

Kim K covered by a veil in Giorgio Armani

What do you think?



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Matric Dance / Prom DO’s & DON’Ts

 You obviously want to look your best as it’s a night you’re going to have in your mom’s scrapbook album forever, so take some advice from us and make sure you cover the do’s and stay away from the don’ts all night at your Matric Dance!

Do: Bring a Hot Date

Or if he isn’t particularly good-looking, just make sure his teeth are white, his hair is gelled and his suit is clean, because there’s no worse accessory than a gross date! He will taint your photos (and the memory) of the night forever! *insert psycho music here*

Don’t: Forget to Shave your legs

You’ll be dancing all night, so make sure your pins are in tip-top shape! You don’t want to look like a tarantula on your big night, now do you?

Do: Wear a flattering dress

If you’re a pear shaped girl, don’t do a mermaid dress. If you’re top-heavy, don’t show too much cleavage. If you’re skinny, don’t wear something shapeless. If you’re bigger, don’t wear too many frills. Yes, it’s a hassle to get the right dress, but if you dress for your body type you will look and feel amazing. Tip: Look for a celebrity with a similar body type (and don’t kid yourself, don’t choose someone obviously the wrong shape) and see how they dress on the red carpet and copy the look.

Don’t: Cake on the makeup

I’ve seen where girls look as pale as ghosts or just plain dirty in their Matric Dance photos. Go easy on the foundation and powder; don’t overdo it because nobody is going to think you look sexy if you look like a geisha!

Do: Check Youtube for hairstyle ideas

Whether you’re going for something funky or elegant, check Youtube for the best looks. You’re already spending so much money (whether it be yours or your parents’) on the dance and the dress, so why waste on a hairdresser if there are so many options on the internet? Although, if you know you have two left hands, rather get a friend or your older sister to help you with this.

Don’t: Wear too much fake tan

You’ll embarass your date and your friends if you end up looking like an Oompa Loompa or Oros on your Matric Dance, so go easy on the fake tan and remember to wash your hands after applying!

Do: Work on your pose

OK, so now you’ve got the dress, the hot date, the pretty makeup, the great hair and the nice tan and you pose like a pornstar. No. This won’t work at all. Stand in front of the mirror and practice your elegant pose. Work out which pose it right for you. Again, look to celebrities for inspiration. You may feel like a real twit at first, but you’ll be happy you did it when you look like princess in your photographs! And besides, nobody wants to see you squeeze your girls in your mamma’s scrapbook…



















Well there you have it! My number one do? Have fun because it only happens once!


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5 Crazy Celeb Diets

Now, we’ve all heard of some crazy diets out there, but in the heat of the paparazzi and being in the public eye, celebrities will do almost anything to maintain their size “double zero” figures. Here we take a look at some. After all, summer in South Africa is only 11 weeks away…

What? The Baby Food Diet

Who? Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon

How? It’s jarred baby food you would normally feed an infant, eating it whenever you feel hungry. Firstly, yes, it’s not hurting you, and you could lose up to 10 kilos in 10 days, but you’re not getting the nutrition you need and you would be unable to perform complex brain activity, just like a tiny little baby. Other side effects include causing gallstones and loss of muscles.

What? Maple Syrup Diet

Who? Beyonce (when she needed to get skinny for DreamGirls)

How? Basically Beyonce ate nothing for 2 weeks, only drinking water with lemon juice and maple syrup. Experts believe that even though there are no major side effects, not eating for 14 days can lead to starvation, headaches, irritability and the one thing we really don’t want – gaining it all back once you eat again. So, it’s pretty pointless if you ask me.

What? The Grapefruit Diet

Who? Kylie Minogue, Brooke Shields

How? Looking to drop weight fast? Just eat grapefruit with protein for 12 days and you’re guaranteed to lose around 5 kilos. Or so the stars say. It’s low carb, low calorie and not many side effects. Score.

What? The Cabbage Soup Diet

Who? Sarah Michelle Gellar, Jaime Pressly

How? This diet requires you to eat only cabbage soup while snacking on fruits and veggies and says you can lose up to 5 kilos in a week. Problem is, the one side effect it has, is unavoidable gas. According to howstuffworks.com, “When your body is ingesting this many vegetables, plus the high intake of cabbage, you’re sure to pass some less-than-pleasant odours. The diet is low calorie and high fibre, which won’t always agree well with your stomach”… err… no thanks.

What? The Low Calorie Diet

Who? Giuliana Rancic

What? I think this could be done well when done right, but Giuliana goes a bit far by not eating for 3 hours after she wakes up, but works out and punishes herself for having any sort of carbs. Basically, you should keep a diary of the calories you consume in a day and make sure you don’t go over a certain limit. On average a woman should consume only 1200 calories per day and a man 1800. It’s pretty simple really, but it’s not a fast weight loss, but once it’s off, it stays off.

So there you have it. Five crazy celeb diets. Now, don’t try any of these diets till you’ve gone to your GP first and none of these work if not teamed with 2 litres of water and exercise per day.

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