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Helloo Poutlings

As some of you know the beauty show was last week in Jhb, in all honesty it was rather disappointing except for one little investment we came across… The Beauty Blender!

If you have not heard of this before, you obviously don’t have one and should definitely go get one ASAP!

The Beauty Blender was  Invented by top Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva, Beautyblender has been created to leave you with a professional finish and a flawless complexion. Silva knows that the key to a perfect face is simple: a perfect blend. So forget your fingers or sharp-edged triangular sponges, these application methods waste make up and can leave visible streaks.

This is without a doubt a blending dream, at first i was really “Selfish” about using it as you know when buying

something which comes across as amazing but turns out poo, well this was the exact feeling i had about this little pink egg shaped sponge.

I eventually got over my “Fears” and i am truly IN LOVE, no more latex wedges or brushes, I would def recommend this baby to everyone!

The beauty Blender is used by the likes of:
*P Daddy

*Macy Gray


*Erin Andrews

*Wanda Sykes

*Jennifer love Hewitt

To name a few.

But the main thing that got me about this little sponge, it’s re-usable and you can clean it, it uses half the amount of makeup your latex wedges does! :O How freaking amazing!

If you are still a little confused about what this pink sponge does, visit their web-page and check out below’s Youtube video’s!

Happy Blending everyone!



Lady_HellFire xox


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Hey there.  Me again!

Ok, so let me say it like it is.

I guess the reason why I am quite good at makeup applications (Yes, I admit it), could be due to the fact that I am quite artistic.  Since a very young age I could draw well.  Blending the pencil lines.  Learning where and how to shade was no mission for me.  I used to have friends who couldn’t even draw stick men.  I’m not bragging, but in general makeup artists have some level of being artistic in one way or another.

(haha, so someone just told me I sound UBER VAIN with what I said above.  Look, all I’m saying is that if you’re creative (naturally) it’s easier to catch on the makeup groove.  Those people who could only draw stickmen, couldn’t apply makeup either! haha.  All I’m saying is that whether you’re naturally artistic or not, face charts is a good way to practice the art of makeup!)

I would look at a photo and sketch it.  It would almost look the same.  So what am I saying here?  Makeup FACE CHARTS   “trained” me in a sense.  I downloaded the chart.  Looked at the picture and pretty much did the same  on my face.

Do you have trouble applying makeup?  As in which colours to use?  Have you made use of FACE CHARTS?

Check out these complete FACE CHARTS.  Try to apply the same on your face.  It really helped me.  It will help you!

So print those FACE CHARTS and get out those colouring pencils and practice! (Use pencils if you don’t want to waste your makeup)

Being a professional makeup artist or just having a great talent at makeup, is knowing what goes on where first to achieve the look in the pictures above.  But, for those who want to start somewhere.  This is a good way to start.


Ps:  Want to get the creative juices flowing?  Spritz on some sexy perfume.  It somehow works for me!




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Right guyz & galz.  So every now and again I would like to feature” a makeup artist.  I love surfing the net for makeup artists and their work.  No, it’s not to copy them.  It’s to embrace and appreciate their work!  If I see work from a makeup artist I like, I will tell them and of course will want to share their work for all the world to see.  Give credit where it’s due.

In the “makeup” world, there will always be makeup artists better, but also worse than the next.  It’s all about learning from each other.  And just sharing the makeup love.

Today, I want you all to have a look at a stunning makeup artista called “xjustinemariex”.

I just love how she blends, the colours she uses plus she is very creative.  Got in contact with her and asked her permission to blog about her work and post a few pictures.  She is an absolute darling.  Let’s have a look…

I didn’t add descriptions to her work as I feel the pictures speak for themselves.  It’s brilliant isn’t it?  Support this awesome makeup artista on YouTube and FACEBOOK. 

So Justine, I hope you approve of this post. Hehe.  I wish you all the success in all your endevours!  Be Blessed!

xjustinemariex FACEBOOK


For some reason the link to YouTube is giving issues. 




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