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Makeup Inspiration : Office Chic

Although a lot of people are starting to wind down now for the end of the year which is only a couple of weeks away, unfortunately when life tells you that you have to work, you work it, baby! Working in an office and getting ready in the morning can be a little tricky. You don’t want to look like you’re all dolled up and ready hit the town but you also do want to look like you’ve made an effort, shall we say their is such a thing as office chic? Most definitely! If you’re a bit a stuck at how to do your face in the morning the beauty editorial in Unica for October 2013 featured Alexandra from MRA Models with several easily adaptable looks which scream Office Chic, exactly as the editor, Georgiana Constantin aptly named the set. Images were photographed by Alex Ranta and the makeup was by Silviana Buturuga, hair by Petre Tache and nails by Lacramiora Enache.

office chic UNICA (2)Strong brows

office chic UNICA (3)Lips in a wine tint

office chic UNICA (4)Glossy lips

office chic UNICA (1)Light cheek contouring

Follow the basic guide of strong brows  or lips in a wine tint with neutral eyes or glossy lips or a contoured face and you can’t go wrong with Office Chic!

x flea143

x flea 143

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Brad, the Beautiful


Hiya Poutlings

We didn’t cover the story on our Facebook page (to my knowledge) but it was announced in May that:

Brad Pitt is the new face of Chanel No. 5.

Brad Pitt is the first man to represent the famous perfume, and I just had one question : Will he wear nothing but a few spritzes of the alehyde, bergamot, jasmine, rose and ylang-ylang eau to sleep at night next to Angie, a la Marilyn “naked, except for a few drops” Monroe?

While it may seem odd to Brad Putt serve as a brand ambassodor duties for a perfume that typically recruits starlets like Catherine Deneuve, Ali MacGraw, Nicole Kidman, and most recently Audrey Tatou for that honour, I get it : No. 5 is an icon, and so is Brad Pitt… easy enough.

To cement that icon status and in honour of Brad Pitt’s Joe Wright ad for the perfume which debuts tomorrow, I’ve rounded up some of Brad, father of six most memorable beauty moments – both the good and questionable – to help further explain why putting the blondie boy wonder’s mug next to that classic, glass square bottle will likely distract, er, I mean, compel a great many women to indulge in a bit of spritzing.


Aw, look how young he is, those dimples are sweet. A fresh faced Brad Pitt is the good boy version of Johnny Depp circa the late eighties 21 Jump Street – which shouldn’t be that suprising considering Brad had a guest spot on the show that same year. It was one of his first real parts after a few uncredited gems like “guy at beach with drink” in the 1987 version of the Hulk.


Haha, sorry, I cannot help but look at this picture and laugh. You have got to love Juliette Lewis for proving that there is a fact in way to overshadow Brad Pitt’s attention hoarding handsomeness on the red carpet. Ot’s called skull-gripping cornrows. That little trick made sure no one noticed his ill-advised facial hair and while we’re at it, tuxedo accessories.


Fresh off the success of a River Runs Through It, True Romance and Kalifornia, Brad debuts a serious surfer boy look : long golden locks, a sun-duppled complexion and that errant chin hair, clearly forgotten in the rush to get to the beach.


The legends of the fall.


After some astounding screen time spent playing Tristan Ludlow in Legends, this happened. A straggly, Cobain-esque bleached bonde mop offset by a goatee. Remember the nineties? ha ha ha


When Brad met Gwyneth. Apparently, many females made a mad dash to the hair salon to request Paltow’s Sliding Doors chop – and Brad joined in on the bandwagon and got one too. Not only did their haircuts match, so did their precisely placed golden highlights… Hands down this has to be the best moments in visual couple-morphing, ever.


Brad’s transformation into his next realtionship with Jennifer Aniston did not involve mimicking her hairstyle. Jennifer’s SoCalifornia roots did manage to rub off, though, whith his spiky cut and that goatee once again.


It took Brad long, but he got there,, the shorter buzz cut does wonders for focussing even more attention to his blue eyes, and the most major development here is that the goatee has disappered, for now at least.


A slick Brill-creamed comb over, clean-shaven face and a beautiful lady on his arm = wining.


A slick Brill-creamed comb over, clean-shaven face and a beautiful lady on his arm = wining.

You’re welcome.



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Inspiration : Intense Makeup

Good morning Pouters!

Time for some makeup inspiration…

as seen in

 Harper’s Bazaar Beauty Singapore December 2011

photographed by





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Don’t Always Believe What You See!

Hiya Poutlings!

In Hollywood, nothing is ever as it seems. We really do expect a certain amount of glitz and glamour from the celebrities prancing around on the catwalk and people seem to get sucked into the illusion. Tales of plastic versus natural are a constantly in the media and even some of the most resistant celebrities fall prey to the look of perfection, determined by the top plastic surgeons.


Poor old Paris, she rose to fame through a sex video leak, reality shows, and just being famous because she is famous. She has gone through numerous transformations, some noticable, others not so. While its obvious she over dyes her hair to get her signature blonde bombshell look, what isn’t well known is that she was born with brown eyes.

Photographs from her childhood up to her early teens show her looking more natural with brown eyes, seen in the picture of her holding a tea cup chihuaha. However, photographs of her now she always seems to be wearing blue contacts.

Her eyes are not the only things that have undergone a change. Recent photographs of her show her lips looking heavily and I would imagine painfully, collagen-injected, and of course there are plenty of rumours that she had added breast implants to her appearance… who cares about breast implants??


Mags, seen in a split screen image before and after photo retouching (above right) proves that diet and exercise are more than what is needed to keep a youthful appearance. Wearing a lace covered hat Madonna seems to have also had work on her cheeks.

A close up of Madonna (bottom right) shows what her skin looks like with the effects of aging. Seen leaving the gym (bottom left), shows how difficult it is for her to maintain her appearance, with veins showing on her arms and her arms looking very muscular lets us all assume that she devotes hours at the gym to keep her physique and a youthful exterior.



Stacey Ferguson has been in the spot light since she was a child star. This split shot (above left) shows her with curly hair before her Hollywood transformation began. Her nose appears wider and her eye shape is distinctly different. Dressed in a cheerleading uniform, a young Fergie had completely different features considering the difference in her appearance. The media suspects that she has got an eye lift as well as breast implants… WHO CARES ABOUT THE BREAST IMPLANTS? ITS HOLLYWOOD!!


Despite her terrible music, no one can deny her beautiful looks and even with those it looks like she’s had some help from a knife. Years ago, Beyonce was wearing a gold outfit on stage with girl band, Destiny’s Child, and she had a natural bustline. However a more recent picture of Beyonce wearing a floor length gold dress suggests she’s had implantsWHO THE FECK CARES?? But anyway, they give her already curvy figure – even more curves!!

I do in a way feel sorry for these women, in the star light. They have immense pressure on them day in and day out to look their best and its no wonder they generally go to such extreme measures to ensure that they in fact do look gorgeous… Sometimes too much? Yes.

It doesn’t help women who read/watch the media and constantly compare themselves to these starlets – a lot of womens self esteem rests upon what their favourite star looks like/how much weight they’ve lost/what plastic surgery they’ve had and unfortunately that is not reality for the real women. By all means – LOOK AFTER YOURSELF but do not weigh your self esteem on these people, they are as Sandylashxx has previously mentioned there are inspirations versus aspirations!

love yourself! missfitz orders! 😉


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