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NSFW-ish Cartoons : Boobs Squish Together

[NB: NSFW stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK.  I’m serious; close the browser if you do not want to get fired. Thank you. This public service announcement is brought to you from Pout Perfection’s stay employed innitiative. This is NSFW-ish, being that if you or your colleagues or boss is prude, rather watch these on your tab at home or not at all. ]

Hiya Poutlings

It’s not generally assumed that breasts enjoy being squashed together in a push-up bra…. but apparently they do, at least according to these bizarre Valege lingerie ads from france, which depict joyful reunions between left and right breasts around the world. The best part of each mini advert is probably the breast-on-breast chest bump…. actually, that is probably the most disturbing part.

Fittingly, not one but two ad agencies – Marcel Paris and Publicis Espana – had to squish themselves together to generate these CGI spots. J.A.C.K of Wanda Productions directed them.

Creative or creepy? You decide.



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FLASH SALE : Triumph

Hiya Poutlings!

A good bra and knickers can make or break your outfit… One of my favourite affordable underwear brands is Triumph and even though they are generally affordable, they are even cheaper online from 11 – 15 February…. Just in time for Valentines day!

I am so excited to tell you a secret – I’ve recently joined Diligo’s newsletter and they run the most fabulous FLASH SALES. They are only available for people who have signed up, but I thought I’d give you a quick peak at what I can see on their site, and to tell you that you should sign up too so you can see all the stuff I haven’t mentioned here.

WAS R459.90NOW ONLY R334.0027% saving

Triumph Maximizer Sexy Curves Strapless Bra Set –
WAS R459.90
NOW ONLY R334.00
27% saving


Triumph Saturn Seductive Curves Pushup Bra and String Was - R244.90 
now only - R178.00 
27% saving!

Triumph Saturn Seductive Curves Pushup Bra and String
Was – R244.90
now only – R178.00
27% saving!

Triumph Cranberry Maximizer Super Curves Push Up and Hipsterwas R244.99 
now only R178.00 
27% saving!

Triumph Cranberry Maximizer Super Curves Push Up and Hipster
was R244.99
now only R178.00
27% saving!


I must admit, I’m normally a bit sceptical about buying underwear online as you never know what will fit you, but as I already own a couple of Triumph goodies, I know exactly what sizes to order…

Be sure to sign up, so that you don’t miss out on flash sales of your favourite brands! Don’t forget, if you spend R500.00 or more, you get 10% off!!


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Miley Cyrus Covers Cosmopolitan Sans Bra

Hi Poutlings

I’m not gonna lie, I do have a soft spot for Miley Cyrus.

I admire the way she has publically rebelled against being the big-haired pop princess and goodie-two-shoes that Disney, no doubt, wanted her to be.

Here she is on the cover of Cosmopolitan, sans bra, incase you did not get the memo that she is NOT  a little girl anymore.

Miley Cyrus covers Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2013

Miley Cyrus covers Cosmopolitan Magazine March 2013



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Chrysalis Lingerie : Specifically for Trans Women

Hi Poutlings

Transgender women are becoming more and more talked about and really, they are most certainly becoming more accepted and less taboo in todays society, and they are becoming an ever-growing demographic world wide… So it would make sense that new businesses would crop up to attend to their specific needs. Chrysalis Lingerie is a special lingerie that is marketed to transwomen, and it comes completel witha power-mesh panel that’s designed to create a seamless effect, so that those who wish to “pass” as a women can adequately tuck in their male genitalia.


Similarly, the bra comes with hidden pockets that “hold full-cup” insers to create the appearance of breasts (seems like this might be a useful invention for breast cancer survivors and women who have had mastectomies for a variety of reasons, too.) All of the Chrysalis lingerie models are transgender.


“I wanted a product that actually celebrated who we are, something that made us feel beautiful but is also practical. We’re done hiding. We’re done keeping quiet. We are a very diverse community, we do exist and we have explicit needs.” – Cy Lauz, Chrysalis designer.

I think it’s great and another step in the right direction towards transgender equality.

I hope RuPaul approves! 🙂



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