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Annoying Beauty Sales Tactics

Sales PitchWe are closer to Christmas now and this is going to be happening even more so I have a bit of a rant to share today but please bear with me because I believe that this needs to stop. Have you ever walked into a shopping centre and been swarmed by sales people that want to rub creams on your hands and buff your nails? Yeah, I think we all have and if you haven’t – you’re doing something right and please teach me how you have managed to get this far in life without this happening to you. I need to point out its not only skin/nail care as a few years back there was a makeup brand that claimed to be better than Bobbi Brown doing the same thing but they seem to have died a slow death. Anyway, I digress, each time, the sales pitch is similar, “Oh look at how beautiful *insert part of your body here* is, do you know that if you use *insert over priced item here* that your skin/body/hair will be even more beautiful?”.  The most amazing things about these sales pitches is how much the sales person genuinely “likes” you and can almost drop 75% off the price as long as you don’t tell anyone else. I kid you not, a product that normally retails for R2,100 and if you buy it today and promise to use it, you can buy for R450 – but don’t tell anyone about it. STOP RIGHT THERE. That intially upsets me. A price should be the price. When I buy good quality products I am not interesting in bartering with the sales person. My skin is worth more than flea market tactics of sales. I know about my skincare. I use quality products. When you mention this to them they look at you say “… but *insert brands name here that they are trying to sell* is 100% organic/nautual/made of diamonds and is better for your skin than *whatever good well known brand you just mentioned to them that you use and love*.”.

I am NOT sold. Secondly, I am NOT interested. The products retail online for half the price of the original price you tried to tell me.

TRYING SO HARDLet me tell you about what happened to me after doing grocery shopping the other day. The day before this I had gone for a second peel and my skin had flared up slightly and I had a lot of spots. Because of this, I was not wearing any makeup in order to try and calm my skin and to be honest I felt like a spotty teenager. I walked past a new store that has opened which is a hive activity for these specific annoying sales pitches and the guy dragged me in the store. Before speaking 3 words to me, he had already told me that my skin is allergic to alcohol. Sounds almost pyschic right? I mean, just looking at this spotty faced women he had to tell me something about my skin being sensitive and I am prone to breakouts – he could not of deduced that by just looking at my spotty face? Then proceeded to try and sell me their “at home peel”. He then looked at my nails and decided he needed to buff my middle finger (I presume so that once he was done I could let it shine at him loud and clear) and before lifting the buffer off my nail tried to calm my excitement (or boredom, but he called it excitement) and tell me I won’t believe what my nail will look like once he is finished. Yawn. After telling him many times that I have better products and I will not be using his after much resistance he let me  run away and I felt relieved to get away from this generic, almost rehearsed sales pitch.

Do not be fooled – its the same sales pitch I’ve heard from about 4 different brands over the years. I am not buying your overpriced shitty products (maybe that is a bit harsh but because you try so hard to sell them I assume they must be) so that you can get the commission. I have hoardes of quality products sitting in my office waiting for my love and attention and I really do not need your so-called quality with special ingredients from the Dead Sea/ Mars/Lost City of Atlantis in them. I have plenty of products which I know are better than yours and when I proceed to tell you that, you manage to drop your price even further. I really really really am not falling for it. I seriously hope the rest of the world isn’t.

Be careful about dodgy sales pitches, yes your eyes/skin/face/hair is beautiful, but don’t believe the other stories these guys and girls tell you. Never feel pressured into buying anything for your skin because chances are its just going to sit on a shelf in your bathroom. Rather buy an ice cream. Oh and in future Mr/Ms Salesperson I will be steering clear from you because you annoy me to no end because you don’t actually know what you’re talking about.

x flea143

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Tangled Tree – Wines With a Green Heart

birdsThere are fewer things that make me happier than seeing brands, big or small embracing the environment and acknowledging that it is important and even though going “green” is already incredibly popular overseas and more the norm than the exception to the rule, sadly it is not seen often enough in South Africa but Tangled Tree is changing that in the face of wine industry for South Africa. Their philosophy makes mention that they will not change the world by being caring towards the environment but changing the world and the face of the industry is not something that will simply happen over night, just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, companies embracing the change to address a happier world for the planet will too take time. Baby steps will get us there eventually.


How does Tangled Tree make a difference to promote a happier and healthier world for all? Well, for starters their bottles are not  glass like most wine bottles, Tangled Tree uses plastic containers using 100% recyclable materials which reduces the amount of waste and energy used in creating them. They are also assisting in promoting the bird life and wildlife in the Robertson region.

Living in Cape Town, everyone is  self-proclaimed connoisseur of fine wine, I’ll be the first one to admit I am no expert but I just enjoy the occasional glass of wine when I am not on my detox or follow up healthier eating plan but every now and then the occasion calls for a glass of something and what better than a glass of wine which was not only made with love, care and expertise but what about a glass of wine that was made with love for nature and our planet, Earth.

The wine I have waiting for me for a special day was a gift from the first #BWB meeting from Tangled Tree which I am so looking forward to having with a friend one day soon.

It’s also refreshing to have such a quirky and interactive brand on Twitter @TangledTree and Facebook, be sure to check out their website here for more information on their entire wine offering!!

x flea143

Disclaimer: This item was a gift, this has not altered my view of the product in anyway I am just so excited to try it 🙂

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OFRA Cosmetic’s

Hello poutlings,

I trust that all is well and everyone is getting prepared for winter. (everyone in Sa at least lol)

So if you love cosmetic’s as much as i do then you have more then likely heard of OFRA before.

OFRA co za

I was first introduced to this brand last year at the beauty-show in JHB and I immediately fell in love,

Not only because of what they had to offer but firstly because of the Makeup kit they had on display (well done OFRA great marketing technique 😉 hehe)

Makeup kit

After hanging around the OFRA stall a bit and listening to everything they had to offer and testing out everything they had, my friends and I walked away not forgetting the brand and most certainly with a card in hand to have a look at the website for further reassurance of it’s awesomeness!

After that day at the beauty show I was educated and ended up adding a new brand to my favorite list.

OFRA has everything to offer not just when it comes to makeup but for me as a qualified makeup artist and now beauty student there is nothing you can’t love about this brand as they don’t just stop at makeup!

OFRA has a complete skin range as well, and who better to understand skin then someone with the knowledge of it.

FacialsSkin care02Skin care

“Ofra Gaito began her career as an aesthetician in South Africa in 1979. From her success with her first salon and a distribution network created in South Africa and later Australia and New Zealand, came the knowledge and drive to create her own line of skin care and make up, resulting in the opening of Ofra Cosmetic Laboratories, and the first Ofra Salon, in Fort Lauderdale, Florida around 1997.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories has developed a reputation for their understanding and treatment of various skin types and conditions through the use of anti oxidants, peptides, biotechnological, natural and high quality ingredients and have created a unique, skin care and make up line for both men and women, formulated by a specialised research and development team and are fast becoming a leader in the cosmetics industry. Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories products are hypoallergenic, environmentally friendly, recyclable, and not tested on animals.

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories specializes in the use of FDA approved Ingredients such as Argerline, Vegetable Growth Hormone, Retinol (Vitamin A) Vitamin B, Vitamin C,  Vitamin E, Vitamin K, glycolic and Lipolaic acids, Lactic Acid, Sodium Hyaluronate, Natural sun filters (titanium dioxide) UV Filters (L-ascorbic Acid),anti oxidants – (Alpha Lipolic Acid,)  Derma Minerals, Plant, Marine and Vegetable extracts

Ofra Cosmetics Laboratories makeup range is a sophisticated line created from the finest ingredients, for professional and personal use. Long lasting colours help your skin look natural and feel soft all day long. The superfine textures, colours, derma minerals and polymers are designed to give optimum coverage with minimal use of product. Create a stunning look with our wide selection of Eye, Lip, and Face colours that stay on beautifully whether you want a soft daytime look or a dramatic evening look.”

Eyeshadow blushFix line eyeliner3d eyeshadow

Now you can kit out all your cosmetic’s with the OFRA range, knowing you get quality products that actually do what they are intended too, Plus Using OFRA you can have ease within your heart knowing no animals were harmed during the process of making your products, Yes OFRA is ANIMAL CRUELTY FREE!


Be sure to keep an eye on this brand.

Website: http://www.ofracosmetics.co.za/

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/OFRA-Cosmetics-South-Africa/144787562240284?fref=ts

Twitter: @OFRACosmeticsSA

Have a fabulous Saturday.




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Being a fitness fanatic, I am completely in love with FITNESS MAGAZINE !

Never have I come across a magazine so informative and interesting, I have been buying and reading this magazine religiously for over 2 years now, never once have I been disappointed in it.

Being from South Africa, a lot of our fitness magazines were imported from overseas, which I didn’t bother buying due to the fact that if there were recipes or anything in them, I wouldn’t find half the ingredients or clothing and supplements they had for sale or advertised in the magazine.

Having fallen in love with FITNESS MAGAZINE SOUTH AFRICA I would highly recommended this magazine to any fitness fanatic, or those starting off new in the gym or fitness and health lifestyle.


Fitness magazine is very comprehensive, they have articles for beginners and advanced fitness freaks (like me), they have articles for the pregnant fairy’s, articles on health and training, success stories, and fat loss articles.

Ladies take advantage! Best magazine to buy, so educational and articles are always a pleasure to read. Awesome fitness clothes advertised along with nutritional supplements from leading brands.

Fitness magazine is available in your leading stores, like CNA and Dis-Chem or even better get a subscription and have it delivered to you, even better get a Digital Copy.

Fitness Magazine is well priced and well worth it! SO what you waiting for ladies, go grab one and get fit!





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