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Guest Contribution : How to choose the right metal jewellery for your big day


This bride has a mixed skin tone with chocolate coloured eyes yet creamy, pinkish skin you can see on the collarbone. Silver with a warm-coloured stone flatters both tones and the slightly off-white dress.

This bride has a mixed skin tone with chocolate coloured eyes yet creamy, pinkish skin you can see on the collarbone. Silver with a warm-coloured stone flatters both tones and the slightly off-white dress.

As with any outfit, making sure your accessories, clothing and shoes match is a vital part of the dressing up process. This is even more important on your wedding day. Every bride wants to look their best and a co-ordinated outfit will definitely give you that flawless, beautiful look. When it comes to accessories one of the easiest ways to make sure you’re outfit is well matched is to choose the most flattering metal jewellery.

The most vital aspect to look at is your skin tone. But how to you figure out what yours is? Here are a few tips. I’ve omitted hair colour is it’s often irrelevant as dying hair is so common.

Cool tones:

  •          Have pink undertones if skin colour is light or little undertone or a hint of sallowness if dark (Azealia Banks is a great example of dark cool skin). Skin looks a crisp and almost cool to the touch.
  •          Eye colour is blue, grey or almost black.
  •          Looking at your veins in direct sunlight they appear blue.
  •          You have been told you flatter the colours blue, jewel green, pink, blue-based red, pure black and pure white etc.

Warm tones:

  •          The skin colour is often in the mid-range; if dark or pale the undertones are yellow and make the skin look warm.
  •          Eyes are usually warm tones of brown, green and hazel.
  •          In sunlight your veins look green.
  •          You’ve been told you look good in off-white or cream, brown, orangy reds, wine coloured purples and natural greens. If you look good in khaki you’re probably warm.

Once you’ve got a rough idea what metal you should suit take a look at your dress. There is more than one tone of white! Crisp white dresses with hard lines, simple sleekness or lots of diamante will often look better combined with silver jewellery. If you’re dress is one of the colours listed in the cool section silver is definitely the best choice. If the dress has an invitingly warm hint it’s likely to be an off-white colour, which is far better with gold pieces. Often dresses with ruffles and dresses with a lot of volume look better with gold jewellery as gold can be worn more simply while still looking luxurious. As above, if the dress is cream or any of the listed warm colours gold is definitely the way to go.

The big issue is that most of us are a mix of skin tones. You could look great in a champagne coloured dress but not look good in gold. If this is the case stick to the metal you know looks good on you. To bring colours from the opposite end of the spectrum look for details in the dress’s colour spectrum. If you have a cream dress but are cool choose silver jewellery, look for some with off-white pearls or stones in a warm colour such as amber or ruby. As a cool toned woman myself I’ve used similar silver jewellery with amber to warm up my daily outfits too! This is both a great way to make your jewellery stand out as well as harmonise the wedding outfit colours. To cool down gold diamonds are always a good choice, or look for pure white pearl and stones in jewel colours such as sapphire and emerald.

One last area to consider is the style of your wedding. If you’re wearing a dark blue silky dress you’d think silver jewellery is the answer, but if you’re getting married on a sunny beach gold and its association with the summer holidays would suit the wedding far more (your skin should be getting a nice warm glow from all the sunshine anyway!). A more formal, traditional wedding might mean that silver jewellery flatters you best, while a wedding out in nature might require you to stock up on natural materials like pearl and stones and experiment with both metals for the best affect.

I hope this gives any bride-to -be some ideas for choosing the best metal jewellery for their big day. Having a rough idea of the colours that fit together takes a huge chunk of stress out of matching your dress and your jewellery together. 


Bio: Adina is a part-time sci-fi geek and loves to blog through guest posting as a great way to meet people from all over the globe.

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Guest Contribution : Picking the Perfect Pearls for your Dress

Whilst weddings are a momentous and joyous occasion, one that you have probably envisaged since you were a little girl, the run-up can be stressful, time-consuming, even all-consuming!  Whilst there is enormous amounts of preparations, organisation, guest politics, who to invite, who’s vegetarian? coeliac? gluten-free? – you get the point! – Relieve some of the pressure with these stunning jewels which are guaranteed to pull your wedding attire together and ensure your day goes smoothly (well in the looks department at least!)

Yes it is a given that the wedding dress plays a huge factor in the bride’s overall look but coming in a close second is her choice of jewellery as this can either make or break a look.  Whilst there is a whole treasure trove of choice, one of the most popular of all jewels are still pearls.

Pearls have retained their status as the go-to wedding jewel as they have a perennial elegance that never looks dated.  Pearls can be worn with modern dresses or more traditional designs.  These lustrous, highly versatile beauties are one of the few gemstones which appeal to all generations.

Most brides are interested in achieving a highly sophisticated look which oozes understated glamour and this is easily achievable with pearl jewellery.


If you are opting for a traditional dress with a fitted and bodice with a flowing, ball gown-esque skirt then a classic pearl necklace is the perfect option to create harmony throughout your look and pull everything together.  Choose a bridal pearl necklace from Winterson made with the finest cultured saltwater Akoya pearls for a look that exudes luxury, glamour and ultimately sophistication.  These pearls, traditionally cultured in Japan, should be round, with a sharp lustre and pinky white colour. Sitting just below the collarbone, the length of this necklace will bring the focus to your face whilst creating a demure and ethereal aura around you.



If you have decided on a more modern, slinky and ‘bodycon’ dress, then I would suggest a simple pearl pendant.  A luxurious white South Sea pearl and diamond pendant necklace will perfectly balance out your wedding look but will not detract from the dress.  With a silky lustre which radiates beauty, there is little wonder why pearls are the wedding jewel of choice.  This exquisite piece (featured below) also features a dazzling diamond set above the pearl to add to the luxury of this pendant.  This piece will not only see through your wedding day in style, but will also become a firm favourite in your jewellery wardrobe.



For the romantic, slightly quirky, bohemian bride, choose freshwater coin pearls.  These type of pearls have a distinctive, slightly irregular and jaunty, baroque shape.  Each pearl is unique thus creating a carefree, laidback look rather than a more traditional, polished style.  If this is the look you are trying to pull off then this White Freshwater Coin Pearl Bracelet would look stunning on the wrist of any lace-clad, billowy-sleeved bride.

Author Bio: Rebecca is a lover of the finer things in life and frequently writes about her musings and findings.  All images are courtesy of Winterson.


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Hiya Poutlings

With crazy schedules, we don’t always have enough time in order to do enough retail therapy in order to make your soul feel soothed. In times like these, this is when the internet prevails. Whether its window shopping you’re looking at or actual shopping, you can pretty much find what you’re looking for…


The problem is that, a lot of the time shipping is expensive as a lot of the stores are based overseas, and I’m so happy that ever so slowly, our local online data base of stores is growing… the gem of a store I found recently is MISSTAKEN a new(ish) online boutique which totally swoon worthy. They offer party dresses, evening gowns and gorgeous lingerie.

Here are some of my “window”/screen shopping favourites!





Draped Bra Chiffon Set : R370

Draped Bra Chiffon Set : R370






















What are you waiting for? Stop by misstaken.co.za and let us know about your favourites – they have loads of choice, and obviously I can’t feature all of them on this post 🙂

Happy Shopping, ladies!

x missfitz

PS. If you order any of their gorgeous goodies in the month of May you can receive a 25% discount!

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with this store/brand or have been paid to post this review.

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Featured makeup artist…


Tarryn Harding MUA

Can you tell our readers a little bit more about yourself and where you’re from?

I was born and raised in the windy city of Port Elizabeth, South Africa. I love pretty things. Small things makes my heart happy…. Pinterest, Ice cream, puppies, rainbow, dressing warm when it’s cold, buying new makeup, sunsets, stickers, dancing etc. Very cliché..but that’s the real me. A girly girl. My husband is my best friend and helps me build up my portfolio. Without him I would never of come this far. He is always by my side, no matter what. And I love him to the moon and back! LOL!

I have been doing professional makeup for almost 3 years now and very popular amongst the Wedding Industry with Bridal Makeup. I am the official makeup artist for After Effect Photography {my husbands photography business} and do all the makeup for his photo shoots. I have had training with CK Makeup in JHB and a techniques course with MAC.

That’s me in a nutshell! 🙂

IMG_0101At what age did you notice your love and talent for makeup and when did you did you decide that makeup would be your calling?

I have had a passion for makeup since a very young age, Primary school I would steal some of my gran’s makeup and play with it without her knowing about it- I would get a big hiding…and now I know why… Because makeup is so very expensive!!! LOL! I just loved all the different colours and sparkles. It would give me this tingle and exciting feeling. Even up until today when I enter a store and walk up to a makeup counter and start testing out different colour eyeshadows, I get that exact same feeling. It has never left. I feel like a kid again!

IMG_0471Are you professionally trainer or self taught? Do you believe that education from makeup school is invaluable or a waste of time?

A little bit of both. I have had a passion for makeup since a very young age and obviously observed a lot of different looks from television and magazine and try them out on myself. I never considered it to be my profession one day. My parents said I should get some professional training and see if I could pursue it as a career. I had my training and after that there was no turning back. Started promoting myself and knew exactly what I was doing. I was on the right track all along. I just needed to be moulded into a Makeup Artist. My training completed the transition. Professional training will only count in your favour. Not always a must- a lot of Pro MUA’s are self taught. But nice to say that you know what you are doing.

TarrynHarding MUATarrynHarding MUAAre you a full time professional or freelance?

I am a freelance at the moment but going fulltime very soon. Business has been booming lately and I have had so many ladies book me for pageants, shows and events that are happening during normal working hours and that’s when I am stuck at work. When I will be going fulltime is still a surprise.. but I absolutely cannot wait. I will be living my dream!

TarrynHarding MUAWhat are the makeup brands you use the most?

MAC, Inglot, Kryolan & NYX. Best quality Makeup Products and photochromic {Looks amazing in photographs} I love all these products and each one has their pros and cons. Difficult just to have one

TarrynHarding MUAWhich brands are your absolute favourites?

 I love the products in my kit and each one has their pros and cons. Difficult just to have one favourite. I mix it up and use what works best for me!

TarrynHarding MUAWhen doing makeup for yourself and your clients is there a particular ‘inspiration’ yourself or your clients look for when you are applying their makeup? If so, are there any tips for achieving this look?

Most of client want a soft romantic look- they want the glow but mustn’t seem like they are wearing to much makeup. Natural tones like browns, taupe etc. Softy earthy tones and they feel so comfortable, and they can change the look instantly with a darker shade of lip gloss or blusher.

A few of my younger girls always refer to the Kim Kardashian look- I know immediately, Dark, sultry eyes, lashes and a nude lip.

Achieving these looks takes time.

All focus are on the eyes, even in a nude look. Eyes are the window to your souls. Let them do all the talking. Play it up with lashes. Lips are simple and cheeks are soft with both looks.

TarrynHarding MUAIs bridal makeup your ‘bread and butter’ or is it just part of the makeup work you do?

Weddings are the biggest percentage of my income indeed. Bridal makeup and their retinue of course. When a bride wants to book my services, she likes to know that she can book me for the entire group. Easier for her and everyone else. That’s what a bride wants. Less stress on her big day. So I take over and do the groups makeup. Depending on the size. I have done a retinue of 8 ladies by myself. I almost died, but they wanted no one else except me. I was so honoured.

I LOVE weddings and makeup for my bride to make her look and feel amazing! They are all so kind and generous to me and treat me like family. Weddings are my no.1 on my list but I do a lot of makeup for events like Miss PE & normal photo shoots, like maternity, pre wedding, casual and one of my favourite is Avant Garde makeup {Creative Art}. I don’t always get to do as many different Avant Garde looks as I would like- but when I have the chance I go for it. Being creative is in my blood!

TarrynHarding MUAWhat is your most memorable makeup moment?

Well, I have had a few. My makeup has been in newspapers, overseas magazines etc. One of the most memorable moments was when I did makeup for a hair show and our photos and makeup made it all the way to the International Finals in Miami in 2011. That was awesome. We are the only PE/ SA candidates who made it that far.

Currently my most exciting moment will be next month when my makeup with by feauture on the cover of a new Bridal Mag in PE. One of my lovely brides who I did Makeup for in April this year, 2013. That will be a lot of excellent exposure for me in the wedding industry.

TarrynHarding MUATell us about your ‘Get Fab with T’ initiative…

I love the Get FAB with T ideas. It is my own makeup tips, ideas and creations shared with the world. I have been so busy lately and have not done a tip in the month. Think its due time too. I break down a makeup look and explain what I did and what products I used. Something to help ladies when applying their own makeup.

TarrynHarding MUADo you have any other talents to share with us?

I LOVE to draw and have been drawing ever since I would pick up a crayons. LOL. When I was younger my art teacher entered me into art competitions and I always won Gold. I think that is where my creativity with makeup comes from. Colours, combinations and styles etc.

Photography I try, but I would rather leave that to my wonderful photographer husband.

TarrynHarding MUAWhat is your normal ‘go to’ day look?

Basic day look

Inglot Underbase, MAC/Kryolan Foundation , MAC crème Blusher, MAC shimmer powder/Bronzer, Nude earthy tone from Inglot or MAC, Satin Taupe or All that Glitters, MAC Mascara , Haughty & Naughty, MAC Brown eye pencil, Teddy. Soft nude lip gloss.

Evening look

Inglot Underbase, MAC/Kryolan Foundation , MAC crème Blusher, MAC shimmer powder/Bronzer, Inglot or MAC eyeshadows, Crystal or Sketch. MAC Mascara , Haughty & Naughty, Gel Liner and a cathy lipgloss colour like Pink Lemonade or Funtabulous from MAC.

TarrynHarding MUACan you personally go without makeup?

NEVER! Makeup is a must! During the week I don’t wear makeup at all. I wash, tone and mositurize my face and keep it clean and refreshed. Weekends and events is my time to shine with a creative look and some nice eye colour. Especially at wedding I am representing what I do- so how can a makeup artist pitch up at her makeup job without any makeup on??? I have to look the part and display my talent thru doing my own makeup.

TarrynHarding MUAIs less more when applying makeup?

Certain looks, YES! Depending on the look and what you are going for. Daytime look. I would say yes. Keep it simple, less is more. Soft lip, min foundation, nude eye colour, mascara and little bronzer to give your face that glow.

TarrynHarding MUAAre you willing to divulge any personal beauty secrets with us?

I have a few…

One of the main thing I have noticed that a lot of ladies don’t know is..

* When unsure about your foundation shade, rather go a shade darker. No one like a Ghost in their pics 🙂

* Always test foundation on your jawline with natural light. {Clean face ofcourse}

These two are my fav:

* Always where the colour eye shadow that works for you and makes your eye “POP”… Ladies with blue eyes should wear purple, brown. Ladies with green eyes should wear Burgundy, violet. Ladies with brown eyes should wear green or blue.

* Eye pencil can work or make you look worse. Try and keep you upper eyeliner as thin as possible {Gel liner}or else it can make your eye look more puffy and tired. The bottom eyeliner. Rather put your liner on the outer lash line, it will make eyes appear bigger.

IMG_8921Is there a particular person who inspired you to pursue your love for makeup artistry?

No not really- Makeup has always fascinated me and now that I am a makeup artist, it’s like I am living the ultimate dream!

TarrynHarding MUAAny tips for school leavers looking at a career in the makeup industry?

You have to take baby steps, walk before you can crawl. I had to do a lot of freebies and advertise myself before I could get paid jobs. Practise and get some training. Market yourself and word of mouth is very important. Your service must be 200%. Friendly and hardworking MUA’S go along way!

TarrynHarding MUADo you have any future makeup plans in the pipeline that we may look forward to?

A few things. Contract with a New PE Base Magazine and some awesome events coming up.. but I still have to keep it a secret.

IMG_0229Are you happy with the availability of cosmetics in South Africa? Do you ever have to order items online/from overseas that are not available here?

I have never had to order anything in, but there have been a few times where I would like a specific product that SA doesn’t stock. So the availability is not so great in SA! Wish we had my cosmetic choices! haha

TarrynHarding MUAWhat are three makeup items that no woman should leave home without?

Lipgloss, Mascara and a good SPF cream to keep that skin protected from the sun.

TarrynHarding MUAIf you could work on any celebrities face, who would it be and why?

Wow… Rihanna or Nicki Minaj- they are both beautiful and love being creative with makeup so I know they would let me do my thing.

IMG_7216What has been your biggest challenge of your makeup career?

A bridal Party of 8 ladies by myself! But I did it and survived! They were all happy and couldn’t stop complimenting me about me makeup work. Was all worth it!

 TarrynHarding MUAPlease be sure to like Tarryn Harding : Makeup Artist on Facebook to keep up with all her latest work!TarrynHarding MUA

If you have any queries, or wish to book Tarryn please email her on tarrynhardingmakeupartist [at] gmail [dot] com or aftereffectphotography [at] gmail [dot] com

Tarryn Harding’s work is nothing short of amazing and she is such a beautiful woman, inside and out – we wish you nothing but success in your career going forward. Thank you for communicating with us!

x missfitz

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Guest Contribution : Top Trends in Wedding Dresses for 2013

Your wedding gown is the centerpiece of your wedding. All eyes will be on you and the gown, and your choice will influence the colors and style of the bridal party attire, the types of flowers you choose, your wedding cake and your other decor. Of course, it will also be immortalized in your photos forever, so it’s important to make the right choice.

This season, there are many trends in wedding dresses that can make you a beautiful bride with an unforgettable wedding. Here are some of the top trends in wedding dresses for 2013 for you to consider:

Bare Backs

barebackwedding1Wedding gowns are getting away from the prim, covered-up looks of the past. Today’s wedding gowns are a little bit sexy, and they’re not afraid to show off your figure. One of this season’s top trends is the bare back — either from a plunging backline or from a cut out. The result is a sexy view of the bride as she walks down the aisle.

asymmetricalAsymmetric Necklines

The strapless gown is starting to fade into the background as the strap rises again. This season’s hottest gowns have sexy asymmetric necklines with an off-the-shoulder strap. Once reserved for evening gowns, asymmetric necklines are giving a whole new look to wedding gowns.

ivoryweddingdress short hemlineShort Hemlines

This season’s gowns are getting lower in the back and higher in the front. The hemlines are getting shorter, resulting in gowns that have tea-length or even mini-skirts. It makes for a much easier dress to dance in during the reception!

sculptedruffleSculpted Ruffles

Ruffled hemlines may seem like something that went out of favor in the 80s, but this season’s wedding gowns update that look to create something sophisticated and gorgeous. Sculpted ruffles advance far beyond the hemline and can take up the entire body of the skirt, creating dramatic and abundant swirls.

sheersleevesSheer Sleeves

Long sheer sleeves are hot right now, and they add a touch of old-world elegance to a gown. Lacy, sheer sleeves look romantic and feminine, and they are great for a formal wedding or one with a garden theme.

Of course, any dress you choose should reflect your personal style. Choose one of these trends and you’ll get a dress that’s memorable and a great reflection of who you are.

What are your favorite trends for wedding gowns this season? What do you think about the latest looks? Share your thoughts in the comments!

About the Author:

Bridget Sandorford is a freelance food and culinary writer, where recently she’s been researching culinary schools in Oklahoma City. In her spare time, she enjoys biking, painting and working on her first cookbook.


If you wish to submit an authored our anonymous guest post please feel free to contact poutperfection@gmail.com or one of columnistas directly for more information.

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