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Red Square have gone Digital

Hiya Poutlings <33


Red Square – famously part of the Edgars group has finally launched an online store where you can get some of your favourite beauty and perfume brands online! They have also stated that they will offer a “free” sampling programme, simply put that when you order online you can choose three sample items to try, at no additional cost. It sounds very Rubybox-esque but it sounds good to me.

Red Square have also taken into account that we, beauty bloggers as a whole are quite loud and proud about our purchases and that we want to share our product experience and knowledge with people on the web, be it via social media, blogging or review sites, and have catered for this on their website providing the opportunity for the consumers to post comments, make recommendations or even give advice about the products on offer in order to strive for consumers to make more informed choices….

The goodies you buy from Red Square can also be gift wrapped with a personalised message on the card…. this sounds like it could be an absolute save for last minute birthday or anniversary presents for the men out there 😉 Look out for perfume-presents, ladies!

Orders over R350 have free delivery, any order under that amount would be subject to an additional R45 on your purchase price. Payments can be made via credit card, or any Edgars or Jet account. HELLO 6 MONTHS INTEREST FREE CREDIT.

I’m really loving the fact that they have finally launched in the correct direction, local South African online stores will most definitely soar over the next few years but I am suprised that they did not think to do this previously…. The website on a whole, is a bit boring for a company with such an established brand however it is still early days and they may actually liven it up a bit.

It however amazing that we can now shop these amazing brands online without having to pay for parking. The brands on offer include (the links are to our previous articles on the brand/person): Antonio Banderas, Avril Lavigne, Azzaro, Beautique, Britney Spears, Burberry, Bvlgari, Cacharel, Calvin Klein, Carolina Herrera, Chloe, Christina Aguilera, CK One Color, Clarins, Davidoff, Diesel, Dolce & Gabana, Dunhill, Elie Saab, Elizabeth Arden, Elizabeth Taylor, Escada, Estee Lauder, Ferrari, Filorga, Giorgio Armani, Gosh, Gucci, Hugo Boss, I Love…, Imedeen, Issey Miyake, Jean Paul Gaultier, Jennifer Lopez, Jimmy Choo, Joop!, Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, L’Oreal Paris, Lacoste, Lancome, Lanvin, Madonna, Marc Jacobs, Montblanc, Nails Inc., Narciso Rodriguez, Nine West, Paco Rabanne, Placecol, Puma, Quorum, Ralph Lauren, Revlon, Rihanna, Roberto Cavalli, Shakira, Swarovski, Taylor Swift, Ted Lapidus, Thierry Mugler, Trind, Usher, Valentino, Van Cleef & Arpels, Versace, Viktor & Rolf and last but not least Yves Saint Laurent.

I’ll be sure to let you know about any of my purchase experiences from Red Square and how the service is versus the service in the actual shops! Last time I visited Johannesburg, I had superb service at the Sandton City store!

Are you going to check out Red Square online?

Be sure to let me know your experiences, if they are before mine!

x missfitz

P.S. Be sure to check whether or not your chosen brand is cruelty free or not as I do note that some of the above mentioned companies are in fact still not cruelty free!!!

Disclaimer: I am no way affiliated with the above mentioned brand/company or have been paid to post this review.

The SA Digital Diva: Online & Beauty Habits of Women – An infographic by the team at Red Square

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Through the Years: A Tribute to Madonna

Hello my darling Pouters!

Since I was a little girl, I had been exposed to Madonna’s music, thanks to having a sister who was an 80’s teen and a die-hard Madge fan, I was singing “Like a Virgin” since before I knew what virginity was and singing “Pappa Don’t Preach” since I was in nappies.

So, I take this time to introduce you to the many faces Madonna has sported throughout the years, from obnoxious teen to sexy granny, here is MADONNA:

Madonna in 1984, the start of her career
“Like a Virgin”

Madge in 1985
These were her “Desperately Seeking Susan” days

In 1986, Madonna sported the blonde crop for “True Blue”

Definitely Madonna’s worst look was when she started her “Who’s that Girl World Tour” in 1987 with blonde hair and big bushy black eyebrows

1988 was the year Madonna divorced her husband of 3 years Sean Penn and the divorce was finally settled in 1989, oh and she discovered a tweezer. Good on her!

In 1989 Madonna was the first of many celebs to use the “God Card” and sparked controversy with her music video for “Like a Prayer” by using African American actor Leon Robinson to play Jesus.

The famous “Blonde Ambition World Tour” started in 1990, where Madonna was sporting her cone bra (recently sported by daughter Lourdes)

Madonna (above with Michael Jackson) dated some pornographer around this time (1991) and also Vanilla Ice. She also did her first documentary called “Truth or Dare”

1992 was the year of Madonna properly releasing herself as Hollywood’s Ultimate Bad Girl by releasing the book entitled “Sex”, starred in “Body of Evidence” and released “Erotica”

1993 was the year of “The Girly Show World Tour” where she dressed as a dominatrix and danced alongside topless dancers and needless to say, the tour got a lot of negative reviews

A naughty 1994 Madonna did an interview on David Letterman, asking him to smell her underwear and apparently it caused such an outrage that people said that she had gone too far with her sexual-ness. Watch the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_pxJtG4D4g

In 1995 she was busy with her “Bedtime Stories” tour, but decided to go for a more subtle look to regain some old fans, releasing songs like “Take a bow” and “Secret”

Probably the softest Madonna we’ve seen to date, 1996 saw Madonna acting out the role of of Evita Peron for, well, “Evita”. It was also the same year she fell pregnant with daughter Lourdes.

In 1997 Madonna gave birth to her little bad girl Lourdes Maria Ciccone and won a Golden Globe for “Best Actress” for her role in “Evita”

The release of “Ray of Light” in 1998 brought on another extreme change in Madonna’s looks and music, bringing on a more spiritual side of the singer. “This record, more than any other records, covers all the areas of life. I had recently joined Kabbalah and I had left off partying—but I had just had a baby, so my mood was complete, and I was incredibly thoughtful, retrospective and intrigued by the mystical aspects of life.”

In 1999 Madge released “Beautiful Stranger” for one of the Austin Powers movies and in the video is seen fondling Mike Meyers, much to his pleasure (lol)

For the beginning of 2000, she seemed to like doing the whole cowgirl thing with her style and it can be seen in her videos for “Music”, “American Pie” and “Don’t Tell Me” and also gave birth to her son Rocco

The “Drowned World Tour” started in 2001 and Madge starred in then-husband Guy Richie’s disastrous movie “Swept Away”

Madonna releases the song “Die Another Day” for the James Bond movie and also brings a new (and buff) body to our attention

The year of the infamous Madonna/Britney/Christina kiss was 2003 when they decided they were going to make controversy and kiss on the stage at the 2003 MTV ideo Music Awards. Nowadays, that’s just another drunk night at some silly club or another Gaga music video (lol)

In mid-2004 Madonna embarked on the Re-Invention World Tour in the U.S., Canada and Europe. It became the highest-grossing tour of 2004, earning $125 million. She made a documentary about the tour named “I’m Going to Tell You a Secret”. (Thanks Wikipedia!)

2005 was Madge’s worst fashion faux pas! It was the “Hung Up” days and she was sporting leotards left, right and centre. Thank GOD that phase came and went…

In 2006 Madonna calmed down a bit and then randomly decided to adopt a little Malawian boy (as you do) named David Banda. David came with a lot of complications (you know, the father deciding he wanted him back, etc), but in the end it all turned out for the best and Madonna got to keep her baby (teehee, you see what I did there?)

2007 was a year between the “Confessions” and the “Sticky & Sweet” tours where Madonna kept her leotard / curly hair look *puke*

In 2008 Madonna divorced her second husband Guy Richie and moved on to greener (and sexier) pastures and his name was Jesus Luz, but the relationship ended in 2010

Madge turned her sexy on for a song with Justin Timberlake called 4 Minutes in 2009, still sporting the damn leotard, but at least she was slowly getting tired of it

Doing a campagne for Dolce * Gabbana in the pic above in 2010, Madonna also did something terrible in that year and gave the TV show “Glee” the right to rape all of her wonderful music and “Glee: The Music, The Power of Madonna” was released.

Pictured above with daughter Lourdes in 2011. Madge released a clothing line called Material Girl with Lourdes and Taylor Momsen was the face of it until she was later replaced by Kelly Osbourne.

2012: The beautiful bitch turns 54 in August this year and personally I don’t think she’s looked better! If you watch her music video for Girl Gone Wild where she’s got boys dancing in high heels, you’d swear she’s still 26 years old

Let’s hear an applause for the mad woman that’s kept us entertained for almost 3 decades of our lives.


♥Marinda Liza♥


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Blast from the Past : Celebrity Prom Pictures

Hey Poutlings!

In honour of our matric dance season being upon us in its last few weeks here in South Africa, I thought I’d share a couple of pictures of some iconic celebrities who have become household names, once upon a time when they were just ordinary teenagers like the our matrics today.












After checking out the old photos, who is your favourite and who would you vote for prom king or queen?



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The Village Called; They Want Their Idiots Back…

Hi Pouters!

So, what is funnier than a pageant queens answers that may get a little lost in translation from the brain to the tongue? Well, celebrities when they are trying to be smart.

Here are some of my favourite idiotic quotes from the finest the media has to offer, or are there any better out there? 😉

“I was asked to come to Chicago because Chicago is one of our 52 states.” – Raquel Welch

I think you missed that geography lesson.  

“A zebra does not change its spots.” – Al Gore

 Such a pity, I expected so much more from Al Gore.

A zebra has stripes!

“I make Jessica Simpson look like a rock scientist.” – Tara Reid

God. Help. Us. All.  

“So, where’s the Cannes Film Festival being held this year?” – Christina Aguilera

Oh my gawd…. Maybe its actually gonna be in Cannes for a change?? Sigh.  

“I don’t diet. I just don’t eat as much as I’d like to.” – Linda Evangelista

Thats like a defination of a diet! OH EM GEE!  

“I think God is a giant vibrator in the sky, a pulsating force of incredible energy.” – David Arquette

I wonder what God thinks about being called a giant vibrator. Compliment? Insult?

“Is this chicken or is this fish?” – Jessica Simpson, on tuna

Its a lamb’s testical, dumbass. 

“Whenever I watch TV and see those poor starving kids all over the world, I can’t help but cry. I mean, I’d love to be skinny like that, but not with all those flies and death and stuff.” – Mariah Carey

I almost thought for a second you had a heart but then you started on your second sentence, and well, I realised your still a self centered ice queen. 

“I think gay marriage is something that should be between a man and a woman.” – Arnold Schwarzenegger

Well, that defeats the point now. Doesn’t it?

“I wouldn’t feel right wearing clothes covering my body.” – Christina Aguilera

I never knew this lady was a nudist. Good for her.  

“I’m shooting a commercial for safe sex. How ironic. Because I don’t have that.” – Tila Tequila

What a great example to set for the myspace generation! No wonder STDs spread like wildfire. Well done!

“Smoking kills. If you’re killed, you’ve lost a very important part of your life.” – Brooke Shields

That’s awesome, so once I’m killed I’ll have other insignificant parts of my life? Wooohooo!

“I have opinions of my own, strong opinions, but I don’t always agree with them.” – George W. Bush

Don’t take my word on this, I’m not a medically qualified but that sounds like you have different voices talking to you in your head.

“If you have intercourse, you run the risk of dying, and the ramifications of death are final.” – Cyndi Lauper

Oh crap, how did my parents survive?

“I’ve never really wanted to go to Japan, simply because I don’t like eating fish, and I know that’s very popular out there in Africa.” – Britney Spears

Oh goodness. Ok then – good for you!



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Boob and Bra 101

Hello there Lovelies;

Today I’ll be talking about a topic that most men and women love talking about, whether it be to love them, hate them, criticize them or admire them, that topic is…


When is it safe to show your cleavage? How much cleavage is acceptable? When is cleavage NOT acceptable? What is it about boobs that make men go gaga?

HEY boys (and girls who wish they had Christina Hendrick’s puppies)

look over here!

So, why is it that men are so fascinated with our blobs of fat that sit between our necks and waists?

  •  Men see it as a sign of fertility subconsciously and this leads them to find women with large breasts attractive.
  • because they are forced to be hidden so there is a certain mystery about them that creates excitement for some men.
  • Some men don’t have an explanation, simply siting that they are beautiful and they love them.

Boobs can either make or break a woman’s classyness, depending on how she treats them. Case in point:

Don’t squeeze your girls till they can’t breathe no more, that’s just cruel Jodie Marsh!

Angelina carries her girls off with class

If you have big girls, for goodness sake, wear a bra!

If you have small girls and want to look fab while wearing something strapless, go for the stick-on bra option, aka NuBra:

If you have small (medium or large) girls and would like a bit of va-va-voom in a dress, go for a Wonderbra!

Whatever you do, DON”T leave the house looking like any of these girls…

Your boobs are meant to be an optional extra to help you look feminine and pretty, not dodgy and disgusting! Own a couple of pretty bra’s, get fitted properly and only wear bra’s that fit you. If the bra squeezes or hurts you or rise up at the back, it’s too small. If the cup seems too big, it probably is!

Try out this chart to see what your size is:

When cleavage is NOT acceptable:

  • At work: When you have cleavage at work, make sure it’s not in-your-face-poke-your-boss’s-eye-out-cleavage, especially if you work with men or with clients.
  • For an interview: You will give off the wrong impression.
  • Tea at the old age home with grandma: No, just no. Old people hate boobs. Boobs are the devil.

Opt instead for something a little more conservative:

 So, what is tasteful cleavage?

Tasteful, classy cleavage is not poking someone’s eye out with it. Tasteful, classy cleavage is optional to look at, not forcing people’s eyes into your top. So, keep it pretty Pouters!

Peace and Love xoxox



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