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Burst Studio

Helloo Poutlings, yes me again 😛

As many of you may or may not know, I am a make-up artist as well as a very big animal lover,

Now as both I have been struggling to find Synthetic make-up brushes for personal use as well as professional use since I can remember, I even looked for some during our Italy trip over December but was still not satisfied with what I’ve found. So today I finally took the leap and got myself a Synthetic 12 piece set from Burst Studio.

Can I just say from first glance these bad boys absolutely IMPRESSED me, they didn’t even look synthetic to be honest, they are of absolute high quality, no doubt!

Now as a make-up artist i’m sure you will all agree with me that the job cannot be done with out the proper tools, which is our brushes, products, technique etc.

So let me introduce you to my new and favorite set of tools:

SYN 01-Synthetic set:

This set consists of 12 absolutely amazing synthetic (obviously) brushes as well as an amazing black holder.

12 Piece Synthetic brush set with holder

1. Face Brushes

1. Stipple foundation brush

2. Flat foundation brush

3. Powder brush

4. Angled blush brush

5. Concealer brush

2. Eyeshadow Brushes

1. Large dome eyeshadow brush

2. Medium dome eyeshadow brush

3. Slanted eyeshadow brush

3. Blending Brushes

1. Medium blending brush

2. Small blending brush


4. Brow and Eyeliner Brushes

1. Angled brow brush

2. Pencil brush


Sadly these images don’t really do these brushes justice, I blame Iphone 😛
I really wish i could put to words what amazing quality these brushes are, they are honestly the first synthetic set I have come across that I am this impressed with.

So ladies if you are a MUA or you just love Make-up seriously pay Burst Studio a visit,

Pro artist qualify for discount, and there are smaller sets that are perfect for traveling.

They also stock pro set bags, brush belts, individual brushes, Lipstick decanting pallets, Special Sets and more.

Here are some of the other sets available from Burst Studio

Pro set bag

Pro set bag

7 piece brush set

7 piece brush set

Foundation set

Foundation set

Brush Pouch

Brush Pouch

Lip brush set

Lip brush set

Powder brush set

Powder brush set


For all you top quality brush needs visit Bust studio at:

Website: www.colourburst.co.za

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BurstStudio/info

Or you can send LaReine an email at: LaReine@colourburst.co.za

Also note that Burst studio offers a wide variety of make-up services so head on over and have a look.

Hopefully i’ll get to post a few make-up application pic’s with these beauties soon.

Have a fabulous day ladies





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Let’s Talk About Kontouring…

Hiya Poutlings

I am pretty sure the title of my heading has most of you NOT reading this post, but those of you that are brave enough to face what I have to say, well, I salute you, in the nude 😀

Kim Krapdashian has for some reason taken to Twitter to show her followers just how she pretends to be someone from the cast of the Lion King draws a facelift on under makeup before an apparent photo shoot…

Fascinating, isn’t it?

If it were anyone else I would be seriously congratulating their time and effort they have put into creating such a wonderful masterpiece. Contouring is not necessarily hard, it takes lots of patience and blending the shit outta your brushes, it takes someone who has patience to be able to put this facade everyday… someone like Kim.

Does the sight of the Krapdashian tongue and the thought of where it’s been make anyone else want to be boarded up in a nunnery for the rest of your life?


The end result is the caked face we’ve come to know and love or hate, depending on who you are….



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MAC’s Heavenly Creatures Makeup Collection

Hey Pouters!

I’m sure you’ll join in on my excitement that MAC is releasing another collection of products to try soon. Packed with mineralize eyshadows, blush and skin finish collection was inspired by outer space and universe as beautifully illustrated campaign shots show and product names prompt. Full of beautiful colours, hues MAC Heavenly Creatures Collection will hit the stores in July.

MAC Mineralize eyeshadow comes in nine beautiful colours streaked with complementing hues. Aurora, Neo Nebula, Sky, Water, Universe Appeal, Bright Moon, Invincible, Magnetic Attraction and Earthl offer shimmery browns, purples, blues and greens with occasional pops of silver and gold. Also for eyes the collection offers a False Lashes mascara and three makeup brushes.

Created to give cheeks the glow, MAC Mineralize blush offers gold, pink, bronze and amethyst hues streaked with different shades of gold.

MAC Skinfinish offers a range of sparkly compact powders in shades of brown, bronze, gold and pink named Star Wonder, Earthshine, Center of the Universe and Light Year.

The range of lipsticks are featured in pink, red and beige hues in glae and lustre finish in Cut a Caper, Cusp of Dawn, Pleasureseeker, Venus and Fire Sign.

Cremesheen glass comes in brighter hues including pinks and corals and reds in Celestial Kiss, Glaxy Rose, Meteoric, Astral and Strictly Plutonic.

The collection also includes a makeup remover – Mineralize Charged Water Cleanser, a scrub – Mineralize Volcanic Ash Exfoliator, an eye cream – Mineralize Charged Water Moisture, and gel – Charged Water Moisture Gel.

The names alone, never mind how amazing the colours are, just makes me want to buy THE WHOLE SET of these products! My kit will need a revamp to take on all the new Cape Town faces I will be ‘making up’ in the months to come.



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Move your tools!

Have you got a favorite brand of makeup brushes?

I have M.A.C, The Body Shop and one stunning set I bought at the Beauty expo by  Creative Glamour.  My sister recently bought me 2 brushes from Palladio (The Makeup Geek uses them) AND a stunning brush from SEPHORA.   My fabulous better half got me a gift voucher from INGLOT.  I’ll definitely try out a brush or two from them. (Cannot wait, thanks babsie)

But the one set I REALLY want is Billy B’s.  Oh I’m sure you’re rolling your eyes thinking, “What is it with Sandy and Billy B?”.  Hey!  Leave me B!  He IS the bestest best of the best!

He would use makeup brushes and anyway cut the bristles according to the way he wanted them.   Guess he figured having brushes specially made for him would be easier at the end of the day.   Makeup artists who have used them only seem to rave about them.

Here are a few of the most talked about makeup brush brands out there…




SEPHORA (I have the pink one! hehe)






and of course (drumroll)


BTW, which method of foundation application do you use?

Fingers?  (On yourself only I hope)

Foundation brush (Fi’s blog post shocked me once, when people told her they didn’t know what it was.  I use mine daily!)

Stipple brush? 


A new tool used by some makeup artists is the Kabuki brush.  Initially used as a powder brush, Mario Dedivanovic used it on Kim’s face as a foundation brush.  He says it brings on a whole new flawless effect.  Give it a try and tell me if you agree with him.

So which brand do you use?  Are you happy with it?  I’m happy with what I have, but the collection keeps growing!

Just remember, if you use a makeup sponge, wet it beforehand.  You can wash certain sponges and reuse them, but if you’re going to work on a client, ALWAYS use a new sponge.

Wash your brushes.  Personally I use shampoo!  Shampoo is made to remove grease build-up from your hair.  You must see how it cleans the brushes.  Afterwards I’ll rewash it with Savlon soap.  Any disinfectant soap will do!




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