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Naked Services, Anyone?

Hi Pouters!

The internet is a wonderful invention, you can find almost anything you want on it, probably everything you could ever want. Mail order brides, porn, makeup shopping, illegal pets, small slaves, books, dates, creepy weirdos, service providers, something to do when you’re bored, you can order food to be delivered to your house, speak to your friends, Twitter yourself stupid… need I go on?

Well, let me jump back to my mention of service providers… I’ve certainly looked them up online. Have you? People to fix your appliances, possibly a maid service, or a nerd on call to fix your pc, DJ’s for a party you may be throwing, or a plumber to fix a burst geyser or if you’re feeling rather extravagant – a chef, a cleaning service, or a massage therapist?

Well, you can have all of those things done in the nude, if you do so wish. A South African company called “Natural Company” offers a wide variety of services ranging from naked topless male waiters, to sushi models, to strippers, to full body massage – all from from someone in the nude, or even having your house cleaned by someone who is wearing what ever tickles your fancy, if you have a uniform fetish – get a police man/woman, french maid, the possibilies are endless, to clean your house.

My initial reaction… WTF?

My second reaction… ARE YOU #$%^&* KIDDING ME?

My third reaction… Is there really a target market for this?

My fourth reaction… Stop being so reactive and write a blog about it.

Well, if I don’t think too hard I can somewhat see how some people might find having someone doing work for you in your house nekkid is appealing, but if I think about it properly, unless you can bang the brains out of said nekkid person, what is actually the point of it all? Then again,m I have the same opinion on porn or any psycho-celebrity worship.  If there is any clarity on this from the readers, with a different point of view – please comment and let me know!

The website of said, Natural Company, says that the staff are ONLY for entertainment purposes and not sexual services, as stated in their terms and conditions…

Terms & Conditions (even naked services have them….)

•Our Staff are for entertainment purposes and not sexual services.  
•Inappropriate sexual contact will not be tolerated and any client and staff sexual interaction is not permitted.
•Staff will not unblock toilets or drains or perform any  cleaning work that will leave them looking or feeling dirty.
•Soliciting prostitution is not allowed
Domestic Clients must be sober

I must just point out here… I’d be pissed off if I paid someone to come and be my plumber (fully dressed of course) and in his plumber T&C’s he couldn’t unblock my drain, is that not what they do. That brings me to a maid/cleaning service, I’d expect them to clean my house, again let me mention, fully clothed, if it was dirty and if that made them look or feel dirty, I DON’T GIVE A CRAP! (or maybe I do give a crap, one too many and that is why my drain is blocked and need outside services to come in and fix to require a plumber in the first place!!!!) I understand that soliciting prostitution may be a bit of problem, and I agree that should really be a T&C as they have clearly stated the staff are only for ENTERTAINMENT and not SEXUAL SERVICES, however the last T&C is a bit problematic, if I ever wanted a nude cleaning staff/computer tech/whatever I’D HAVE TO BE DRUNK and on a numerous amount of illegal substances. So needless to say, I don’t think I’ll be using their services anytime in the future.

Let me just point out, not all the staff members on this business/sites book do the nudity thing, some of them only do topless services (I’ll go into this more a bit later on) when I show some of the staff pictures. With the world being full of perverts, I can really understand why this is a good business pitch (ha ha, no pun intended), and in theory I think it could make a brilliant business proposal however, I just don’t think it sounds too good for the staff, going in to strangers homes to work, in the buff. Do you think the staff of this company come along with “protection” in case if the person’s house you’re cleaning wants to take advantage of you being all nekkid and bent over washing the floor or wants to play a game of SAW with you? That thought just creeps me out a little…

I’ll save you from going to their website, but here are a few (they’re are a lot more if you are as perplexed as I was) of the people that they have listed on the site, and what services these people offer.

"Tenielle Cape Town 100% Nude 100% Goes" - I'm sure, that I'm not the only person who gets the wrong impression from that little slogan as you hover over this picture on the site.

"Marco jnb law student naked services" - REALLY? I know university fees are a little bit expensive but can this so called 'law student' not make his money elsewhere? surely, this won't look good on his CV when applying for positions at law firms.

"Pearl Ct nude masseur & services" one has to wonder, even though the lists on their website are endless...what other services??

"Shaun JHB Nude Hany Man & Cleaning Services" - I really have nothing to say about this apart from... most naked men are generally quite handy, if you get my drift.

"Seth JHB/PTA Anything naked , I love it" - like most desperate 21 year olds...

"Lance JHB Naked Service Specialist Swedish Massage(unlocked pic for members only)" i am so very glad i am not a member. with pictures like that you have to wonder if the T&C's are only in place to protect them legally from soliciting prostitution.

Their website says they are looking to hire, so if you’re not at all put off by me rambling on like an old woman, then go and have a look..

Yours in clothes;



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