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G-Star Raw Understands Denim Which Understands You

To be frank, G-Star Raw was a shop I have always found unapproachable until a few days ago when I got invited to their women’s event at the V&A Waterfront. I arrived rather sheepishly not knowing what to expect but after having a look around the amazing store, I actually thought to myself, this brand is so far from being unapproachable. If you have ever felt like that then I assure you, just walk in and your perception will change! They have something for everyone. Male and female. Every shape, cut and fit you could ever want from denims.

Anelisa Mangcu (The Creative)

Anelisa Mangcu (The Creative)

Aqeelah Harron Ally (Fashion Breed)

Aqeelah Harron Ally (Fashion Breed)


The event was hosted by local style connoisseurs – the createor and editor of Fashion Breed Aqeelah Harron Ally and artist/stylist at The Creative – Anelisa Mangcu. They shared their special relationship with the brand and how finding the perfect fit has affected their lives.

Since the brand launched a year before I was born, in 1989 they have taken denim to many heights, their most noteworthy achievement is that they made ‘luxury denim for the streets‘ by combining quality made denims with an edge, to make the best statement possible. Mixing this with washes and treatments, G Star Raw have created denims which are so much more than just another pair of denims. They are a further expression of you, your character, your lifestyle and your style. Their design is current but classic and a pair of denims will be an investment to your wardrobe, either dressing them up or down, you will feel equally as confident in the perfect fit for your shape.

Head of Women’s design for G-Star, Rebekka Bach explained,

“My team’s focus is to innovate with materials and fits that have a figure-enchancing effect. For example, the right placement of seams will determine whether your legs look skinnier and longer, and the right back pockets have a lifting effect.”

For the first time ever I might be vaguely excited to go shopping for a new pair of denims… as this is a task I have always seen as a chore! But G-Star Raw, be assured – I will be returning to the store in the new year to find MY perfect fit.

Thank you G-Star Raw, Aqeelah and Anelisa for having me at your event – I learnt so much and I am happy to have been formally introduced with G Star Raw denims.

Check out G-Star Raw’s website, Facebook and Twitter @GStarRAW

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Anni King, Now Available at Purr

Anni KingPurr

Last week I was lucky enough to attend the Anni King launch at Purr Boutique which is situated at Lifestyle on Kloof, Kloof Street, Cape Town. Although an already established brand, Anni King is making waves amongst ladies who enjoy the practicality of a leather accessory combined with perfect attention to detail which results in the most luxurious options for leather handbags and purses. Adding to the already exclusive selection of local and international designers available at Purr Boutique, Anni King is giving an added edge of femininity of a leather accessory which is perfect for any lady on the go or for someone looking for an investment wardrobe piece. Items available not only in stock standard leather colours of black or brown but also incorporating soft pastels and hues of deep coral, yellow and blue which are sure to brighten up and liven up any quality closet. If you are in the market for a new bag or purse, I dare you to have a peak and see the wonderful creations that they have on offer.

Here are some images of the SS14 collection which are simply gorgeous! They are all available at Purr.

Anni King SS14 Baby Pink Sweet Pea Anni King SS14 Deep Water Coral HYDRANGEA Anni King SS14 Elegant Black Petunia Anni King SS14 Yellow Daffodil

Anni King is a brand synonymous with style, femininity and attitude. The pure power of an Anni King accessory is to any women, simply an investment that will pay off for years to come that will compliment almost all stages of life and wardrobe.

If you are in Cape Town be sure to pop by Purr to check the Anni King line out – if you are elsewhere in the country be sure to check out the Anni King online store which has just gone live!

Thank you to Purr and Anni King for introducing me to such a wonderful brand. I know that the shopper bag is most definitely going onto my Dear Santa list.

Be sure to check out Purr’s website, Facebook and Twitter @ilovepurr

and Anni King’s website, Facebook and Twitter @AnniKingOffical

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Unique Gifts from Love Milo

Soon, as we have welcomed the month of November, we all need to start thinking about gifts for the festive season. It can truly be such a stressful period making sure you get everyone that perfect something. I am incredibly relieved to have discovered the wonderful products from Love Milo for a lot of the special ladies in my life. I am a huge fan of giving people tea pots, mugs and cute kitchenware. I am completely besotted with Love Milo and their unique cute pieces in their ceramics range.

Love Milo was founded by Nicki Ellis in January 2013, and is a proudly Cape Town based brand. Nicki fell pregnant with her son Milo in 2012 and she was inspired by motherhood to create even more beautiful things and thus the contemporary brand, Love Milo was born.

“I started getting all sorts of ideas about new things I wanted to do and create. I felt as if he was the catalyst for my newfound passion and artistry. I thought it only fitting to name the company after him.”

Here are some of my favourites that I think might feature on my Christmas gifting this year…




Set of 2 Mugs



Cappuccino cup and saucer




Be sure to check out the entire range Love Milo has on offer at their website and follow them on Facebook.

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A Little Burlesque

A couple of weeks ago I told you about the launch of the MUD Showroom in Claremont, Cape Town and I purchased some gorgeous new additions for my face. Well, following this I just had to play and I added a little bit of a razzle dazzle with some of MUD lipstick in Burlesque on my lips.

MUD Burlesque

This lipstick is absolutely to die for! It is a matte deep red cherry colour which is highly pigmented. Due to the fact that the lipstick is matte, is has a long staying power and regular touch ups are not necessary.

Even while eating and drinking the colour stays prominent on the lips without fading or wiping off easily. Obviously there are a few lip stick stains on a glass or if you have just applied your lippie then you might smudge it if you go and kiss your beau, but that being said once a couple of hours rolls round you sort of feel that you should maybe check your lips only to be surprised and find out that they are still the same colour as when you left the house which is a total bonus.

I would rate the MUD lipstick range with a better staying power than MAC lipstick, the lipsticks are not as creamy in texture in comparison but they are still moisturising and incredibly effective to rock a bold or natural lip for any occasion.

The lipsticks retail for R210 and are available from MUD South Africa distributors and stockists nationwide, for the nearest to you have a look on their website here.

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Tangled Tree – Wines With a Green Heart

birdsThere are fewer things that make me happier than seeing brands, big or small embracing the environment and acknowledging that it is important and even though going “green” is already incredibly popular overseas and more the norm than the exception to the rule, sadly it is not seen often enough in South Africa but Tangled Tree is changing that in the face of wine industry for South Africa. Their philosophy makes mention that they will not change the world by being caring towards the environment but changing the world and the face of the industry is not something that will simply happen over night, just like Rome wasn’t built in a day, companies embracing the change to address a happier world for the planet will too take time. Baby steps will get us there eventually.


How does Tangled Tree make a difference to promote a happier and healthier world for all? Well, for starters their bottles are not  glass like most wine bottles, Tangled Tree uses plastic containers using 100% recyclable materials which reduces the amount of waste and energy used in creating them. They are also assisting in promoting the bird life and wildlife in the Robertson region.

Living in Cape Town, everyone is  self-proclaimed connoisseur of fine wine, I’ll be the first one to admit I am no expert but I just enjoy the occasional glass of wine when I am not on my detox or follow up healthier eating plan but every now and then the occasion calls for a glass of something and what better than a glass of wine which was not only made with love, care and expertise but what about a glass of wine that was made with love for nature and our planet, Earth.

The wine I have waiting for me for a special day was a gift from the first #BWB meeting from Tangled Tree which I am so looking forward to having with a friend one day soon.

It’s also refreshing to have such a quirky and interactive brand on Twitter @TangledTree and Facebook, be sure to check out their website here for more information on their entire wine offering!!

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Disclaimer: This item was a gift, this has not altered my view of the product in anyway I am just so excited to try it 🙂

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