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Service Review ~ GlossyBox

Hello Pretty poutlings!


It’s here! It’s now!

GlossyBox is now in South Africa, and I hereby bring your their first edition.

for only R130 per month, you will receive your Glossybox via courier within the first 2 weeks of every month. Your box is packaged in a grey and pink cardboard box

Inside you will find a lovely pale pink, glossy box, filled with your goodies. Also wrapped in tissue paper and closed off with a lovely pale pink ribbon

Unwrapping the ribbon, you will find your products, protected from jiggling around by shreds of black paper (very good idea) with a product reference card.

My glossybox for February contained the following products:

1. Beauté Pacifique Metamorfique Créme – Full size product – R900 / 50ml

2. Nesti Dante Citrus and Bergamot Luxury Soap – R55 / 150g

3. Beauté Pacifique  Dermoscan voucher – Value R650

4. Carita Ideal Douceur Cotton Mask – R490 /50ml , and one of my star products;

5. L’Occitane Shea Butter Handcream – This is one of my star products, ladies you have to invest in this hand cream. It’s pure indulgence.

6. A cute little pink fold open hand mirror, every lady needs one in her handbag, and

7.  A wonderful soothing eye mask that can be used warm or cold; this definitely going to come in handy.


I will review these products in due time, although I have allready done a review for the L’Occitane Shea Butter Handcream.


So, what makes this one different to Rubybox and GlamBox? Well, for one, they state that your GlossyBox will be suited to your beauty profile which you complete on their website.  This we will have to wait and see as it seems so far everyone received the same Glossybox this month.

So far I have received great customer service from the Glossybox team, and hey, my box was even delivered on a Saturday morning!


So go on ladies, treat yourself a little, try out at least one or two Glossyboxes, you deserve it!


Have a pouty perfect day!


Glossybox website

Glossybox Facebook


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Product Review ~ Carita Progressif Anti-Age Pearl of Youth for Lips

Hello pretty poutlings!

So today under my spotlight is Carita Progressif Anti-Age Pearl of Youth for Lips  which I received in my November Rubybox


This product sells for R610 for 15ml


So we all love French products, but I just couldn’t get my head, or lips, wrapped around this one.


This is a beautifying anti-ageing emulsion that nourishes the lips and helps repair them while smoothing out fine lines. This volumising  peptide restores your lips youthfulness leaving them young and plump and sassy and soft and moisturised again.


Use it twice a day, in the morning and evening on clean dry lips.


This product does contain Pearl powder extract, phytokine ( A soy extract which rebuilds the dermis), anti-glycation peptides, bio-hyaluronate de sodium, volumising peptide, pink pearlescent pigments and plum oil. Although it’s a perfectly light pink color, I just couldn’t get used to the grainy feel of the product. Whether it is the pearl powder or something else, the grainy feel on my lips just drove me absolutely insane.


My suggestion, visit your nearest beauty counter and get a trial or sample size of this product before you decide to buy it.

Have a pouty perfect day!

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