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Chocolate Couture Dress

Is chocolate your thing? Well it certainly is mine. I want to live in a chocolate house. Something quite Wonka-esque that would embody my happiness in chocolate. I want to eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and supper and not run the risk of getting diabetes or fat (in that order, I do have priorities here). I know that these are pipe dreams. Until I saw that there was a chocolate dress designed by Downtown Abbey costume designer, Caroline McCall, which was presented at The Chocolate Show in London. I mean, how fabulous!


My main concern though is how do you wear chocolate in public without the very real possibility that you might end up showing your bits to the world to see once the chocolate is eaten or god forbid melts! Chocolate melts at 36 degrees celcius – body temperature. Oh this is bothering me MORE than it should but I think its because I can’t quite comprehend this chocolate dress..

chocolate-dress-2 I take my hat off to that model for not chowing down on the 132 pounts of chocolate which were required to make this dress.

xo Flea143


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