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H&M’s Consciousness Exclusive Collection

Hi Poutlings


I think its utterly fabulous that H&M is building upon its Conciousness Collection – ethically sourced and sustainable clothing – with its new Consciousness Exclusive. You might hav seen Helen Hunt wear one the collection’s dresses at this years Oscars. But here’s the thing – regular H&M is the epitome of fast fashion. It’s the business model they rely on. So while I applaud them for offering up some sustainably produced garments, I wish they’d incorporate those practices into their regular line, instead of creating this environmentally friendly collection once a year.

Chloë Moretz and Sophia Bush wearing pieces from the collection

Chloë Moretz and Sophia Bush wearing pieces from the collection

In the meantime, the clothes are pretty, but whether they can start implementing these practices into their main line remains to be seen, then I will be really impressed… and probably post their entire look book for you to see, but right now, I’m TIRED, so I can’t be bothered. Click here if you want to see more….

x missfitz

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Celeb Spotlight : Stylish Lil Chloe Moretz

Hiya Poutlings!

Pout Perfection is watching this star blossom on and off the screen, and at only 15 years old, Chloe Moretz already has a list of movie titles under her belt and is growing into a distinguished young woman. If you have teenage daughters and they have rolemodels like Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga, maybe point them more in her direction. Chloe seems to have her head screwed firmly on her neck and just appears to be a perfectly a well mannered, bright, strong minded, pretty, young lady.

But in a new interview with Flaunt Magazine, the young star lets the world know that there is still far more to come from her, she went as far to reveal that she is holding back from offers to front fashion campaigns until she is older.

In the magazine she shows how she can pull off the moody fashion poses in what has been argued all over the web as her most mature photo shoot to date.

She reminds me slightly of the Olsen sisters in this shoot, as she moodily slouches and pouts into the camera wearing incredibly stylish threads. THUMBS UP STYLIST!

Talking to Flaunt, she explains about turning down the fashion campaigns and other things 15 year olds talk about, like university:

I’m not doing campaigns yet. I want to wait a couple years, because I think if I do it right now, where am I going to go when I’m 20 and I’ve already done two campaigns or something? You know, I figure, why do everything so young and so fast. I’m only 15. Why rush everything? I’m saving a lot of stuff for later. A fashion campaign will come in due time. I’m hopefully going to Columbia University. I want to do a minor in Art History and major in Criminal Psychology. I find criminal psychology incredibly fascinating and scary and how volatile the human mind can be. And I really love classical art, definitely. I mean I’ve been to so many amazing places in Paris and London, and I’ve seen some beautiful pieces.”

In another interview with David Letterman recently Chloe spoke about the Carrie remake film she is currently shooting, saying its going to be darker and more psychological than the original 1976 movie. She will be playing the titled role of the bullied schoolgirl who discovers she has psychic powers and usies them to cause havoc in her neighbourhood and revealed the movie will have similarities to 2010 psychological thriller, Black Swan.

It’s darker and much more psychological. More Black Swan. You’re really looking into her mind and it really looks into the relationship of Margaret and Carrie. It’s set in modern time, so it’s a lot different.I’m actually not looking at the original, even though De Palma’s movie was one of the best movies ever made. It’s completely iconic and I’m proud to be able to be doing a retooling of it. We’re kind of going off the book

But before we get to watch the remake of Carrie from Chloe, we can all watch her in Dark Shadows which she co-stars alongside Johnny Depp… I mentioned the film in this post.

There you have it, your requested dose of Chloe Moretz!

Keep smiling, pouters!



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Style Star to watch: Chloe Moretz

You may know her from movies like Kick Ass, Let me In and Diary of a Wimpy Kid, but did you know this feisty 14-year-old is taking over the fashion world? Well, with her cutting edge style and classiness to pull them off, she is fast becoming one of the most talked about celebrities on the style front!

She’s also been gracing many a magazine lately and her latest one is ASOS January 2012 where she happily talks about her mom and acting alongside Johnny Depp in “Dark Shadows”:

“My mom’s smart, she knows what’s going on. I’m in the sort of business where anything could happen. I respect her for being strict, even though we fight about it.”

“I can’t even begin to tell you how exciting it is to go on set each day with Johnny Depp. I have to pinch myself. How did this happen? How do you end up in a movie with all of these people?”

And unlike people like Ali Lohan (for example), she’s not too big for her shoes. She still acts her age, even though it’s clear she is very mature.

I think she’s awesome and a great role model!

Peace and love xoxox



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