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Guest Contribution : Ciate Shell Manicure

I recently got to take the new Ciate Shell Manicure for a test drive and what a roller coaster it has been.


Firstly the kit is comprised of an instructional booklet , the cutest little funnel (so that you can put your shell bits back into the bottle) , and a coloured nail polish and in my case what I’d like to call a ‘Barbie’ pink.

This set comes beautifully boxed and my set was called ‘SHE SELLS SEA SHELLS – SHELL MANICURE’ , here see for yourself …

I set out by firstly reading the instruction… Yes I really did! Here is how the application of this set works when doing an accent nail such as my attempt.

Step 1 –

Apply a coat of colour to all nails except the accent nail

Repeat the process

Step 2 –

Pour your shells into the moulded plastic container that forms part of the packaging

Step 3 –

Paint your first accent nail and whilst still wet dip it into the shells, and press the shells down.

Repeat the process

And voila you have a shell manicure just like me …


Overall, I loved the look of this on my nails.

It was super fun to try and easy to achieve on my own. The nail polish itself lasted for about 3 days before showing tip wear and did not loose its shine. The shells however started dropping off within an hour and to be honest the texture is a little rough for me as it caught on everything.

This manicure however looks ever so pretty and feminine and the pink is just the prettiest and most feminine pink.

I have been stalking Ciate for sometime and I have really enjoyed the product and would love to try a few more in future.


Ciate Shell Manicure sets are available from Clicks nationwide towards the end of November.

It will retail for R349.95

About the Author, Heather de Bruin of Femme Lifestyle

I am a 40yr old beauty obsessed , creative junkie and totally in love with Jesus. I love to share about beauty, books, fun activities, great food,great places, cats and life in general…

You can follow Heather on Twitter @heatherdeBruin

Disclaimer: This product was given to the author for review purposes. This has in no way altered the view of the product in anyway.


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Back to School : Nail Art

CHALK NAILS Hi Poutlings ❤

CIATE has repeatedly impressed me in recent months, with innovative manicure solutions ranging from caviar pearls to foil finishes to velvet nails. They continue to amaze me and have launced CHALKBOARD nails which comes with chalk pens that you can doodle, draw and write with to your hearts content!

I really hope they bring this to SA soon, because this is seriously so awesome. Check out some designs people have been posting on Pintrest!

ciate-chalkboard-nails_GBciateCiate Nails Chalkboard Manicure beauty blog review 27b31897efdcf3f795366f7715b2a0eaa1c78ac3df2fc37a6d79ba30091684b2d

I have a few questions though – will the polish make your nails feel like a chalkboard? Can you erase the liquid chalk pen marks? does the chalk rub off all over everything you touch? If you misbehave will you be forced to stay after school and clean the nail erasers? lol

The set will retail for £18 and contain the chalkboard polish, a topcoat, and four liquid chalk pens in white, pink, blue, and green.

x missfitz

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It’s the new thing girls!



It made its début on the runway for Cushnie Et Oche.  Ciate have however made a range which all us nail art lovers can now achieve by ourselves.


You have to admit though, nail caviar has quickly grabbed the nail art scene by storm. First it was water marble nail art, then it was followed by ombré nails (which is still very much in).20120623-211944.jpg

If you can’t get hold of Ciate products, you can do your own nail DIY project at home. Use your favorite nail colour and apply some beads while it’s still wet, press down and let dry. Obviously you have to buy some small ass beads at a craft store.20120623-211949.jpg

The Ciate range comes in three colors; rainbow, black and mother of pearl. It’s been said that ranges might expand in colors due to demand!


Will it make or break the nail art world? It’s gonna be a biatch to remove me thinks. Unless you soak it off with cotton and tin foil. And I can see nail biters having a feast nibbling on the not-so-tasty bits!


Thing is, it looks pretty amazing.







Love it or hate it?  Will it be trending your fingers?




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