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Babor HY-ÖL

Babor is a very unique skin and body brand which is all encompassing with precision science to ensure top quality results. You wouldn’t expect anything less from German standards. Having had only minimal experience with the Babor brand due to the high price tags, I was ecstatic to find that at the Babor Reversive launch earlier this year that we received their flagship product in a sample size which is soon to be celebrating it’s 60th anniversary, this product is simply called HY-ÖL, which I pronounce “High Oil” and I am not 100% sure if its correct but that’s what I’ve been calling it. Fast forward to later this year and myself and some other beauty bloggers received a private product preview of all the products in the Babor range and this HY-ÖL  has really caught my attention. HY OL

HY-ÖL is the flagship product of Babor as it was their ‘first born’, or should I say ‘first launched’ product launched onto the market which is still manufactured today and their ultimate best selling product with up to 15 million litres of product being sold every year. That’s a huge amount of HY-ÖL floating around!!

Anyway, cleansing your face with HY-ÖL makes cleansing something special with a style of its own. The cleansing system is a two step system; first step involves gently rubbing the Hy-Ol on your face which draws makeup off the skin, this is gentle on your skin and it acts like a dirt magnet and you literally feel your skin can breathe again, the second step is moistening your fingers with cool water and the Babor Phytoactive (prescribed to your skin need) into a milky cleanser and then rinse your face. It leaves your skin feeling conditioned and fresh. I never thought cleansing could be so therapeutic, but its an incredibly calming thing to do in the evenings before bed time.

According to the Babor South Africa website the application is as follows:

Mornings and evenings, gently massage 2 pumps of HY-ÖL® over the face, neck and décolleté. Immediately apply 1 pump of Phytoactive on top and blend together. Add cool water, massage until a milky emulsion forms then rinse off with plenty of cool water.

My skin is not conditioned to the Babor range and I did experience a mild breakout when using HY-ÖL for the first week but shortly afterwards it really started to become something I wanted to use each and every day. This HY-ÖL will set you back approximately R422 for 50ml but its definitely an investment worth making (it will also last you a while) and the CPhytoactive prices vary, for my combination skin I have been using and loving the Phytoactive Combination, which retails for R341.

Phytoactive Combination

So the total cost would be approximately R800 for my cleansing but as I said previously, it lasts for ages as the pumps are calculated to last.

 Thank you Babor for educating me on your luxurious products, for me its easy to see why they are the staple of many beautiful faces around the world.

xo Flea143

Disclaimer: The Hy-Öl was given to me to try out but I purchased the Phytoactive Combination to ensure that my skin needs were met. This has not altered my view of the product in anyway.

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Sh’zen Natural Essence

Hera Fabulous Poutlings!

As we know I’m religious user of Sh’zen, and they have recently introduced a new range called:
Natural Essence!


First in the new range is:

Natural Essence Purifying Cleansing Wash


This lightly foaming cleanser has a delightfully fresh scent and works to thoroughly cleanse skin without stripping it of essential moisture.

Natural Essence Matifying Day Cream


This velvety day cream provides long-term hydration and sun protection while keeping skin de
This clay-based mask deep cleans skin, absorbing excess oil and impurities to visibly improve skin and leave it calm and comforted.

Natural Essence Clearing Lotion


This spot-control treatment provides fast-acting relief from break-outs and is a must for acne-prone teenagers.

Natural Essence Balancing Toner


Control excess shine, refine pores, freshen and clarify skin with a spritz of this citrus-scented toner.

Natural Essence Clarifying Exfoliant


This cream scrub prevents blocked pores and clears away dead skin cells to reveal a clearer, brighter complexion.

Natural Essence Skin Life Oil


An elixir of 100% natural plant oils, this works to purify, repair, restore and rebalance skin, while its fresh, citrus scent delights the senses.

Natural Essence Rescue Clay Mask


This clay-based mask deep cleans skin, absorbing excess oil and impurities to visibly improve skin and leave it calm and comforted.

I hope you Poutlings enjoy these products as much as I do.
Don’t forget to use the Sh’zen website for more information.

Megs 😉


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Hey Pouters!

Looking after our skin is very important from the days of our youth until our more mature days, and finding a product that works great for us individually can be very difficult.

I struggled for many years with difficult skin and not to mention the thousand of products I tried that were promised to work and to clear my skin, yet they never did, if anything they only aggravated my skin making it very frustrating for me. Some of those products are still on the market and however they may work for some people but they make me cringe.

In South Africa, many of the products people use are made in countries with a climate totally different to us, and these products are used and tested on people in those countries and often don’t work the same here in South Africa as they do overseas.

Just over a year ago I discovered a South African based beauty solution called


Sh’zen was started in 1989 when research showed that South African women believed there to be a need for a specific solution range specialising in the care of hands, nails and cuticles. Apothecaries, aromatherapists and cosmetic chemists were closely consulted to formulate a range of the highest standard and with great excitement the initial Sh’Zen range of only 7 products was launched.

Sh’ZEn means “natural” in Japanese – and was chosen as it reflected the philosophy of the company – products whose active ingredients are primarily natural – plant extract and essential oils predominate in each product!

I started off with using the Sh’Zen’s facial range:

Sh’Zen Cleansing Cream 200ml (R239)

Sh’Zen Day Cream 50ml (R269)

 Gentle Exfoliating Cream 75ml (R269)

Sh’Zen Radiant Serum 30ml (R349)

Sh’Zen Floral Hydarting Mist (125ml) R175

I have been happily satisfied with all these products, and to some people it might be a bit pricey, however if you use the correct amounts they can last you longer than three months, obviously the more you use, the less time it lasts for. For instance one supply of the cleansing cream lasts me six months.

I have also tried some products for the hands:

Sh’Zen Exfoliating Cream 100ml (R149)


Sh’Zen Repair Cream 75ml (R125)

Loved using their hand products, makes your hands feel fresh and fabulous. I have also tried a few of their foot products, and loved them as well. Sh’Zen has an amazing range of products and so far I am very satisfied.

They run monthly specials every month, and some of their deals are to die for, and in some of their monthly special they bring in limited edition products, which so far I have loved all of them. They have a variety of products for the entire body, from face to feet to body.

They even have a range for men, and the men I have spoken to have loved the products, so ladies spoil your men with something different.

Sh’Zen have stockists country-wide, and all their products, prices and special are available on their user-friendly website: www.shzen.co.za

Go check it out and see if these products are for you!




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