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Roadkill Couture

The fashion industry is historically pretty fond of wearing dead animals because of its legacy as a luxury material, however, designers tend to obscure the origin of the fur – few people like being reminded of all the suffering and sinew that goes into a pricey fur coat.

eatton1Conceptional artist Jess Eaton wants to address the gap between dead animals that are socially acceptable to wear and those that are not – so she made a bunch of dresses out of straight-up roadkill.

eatton2Roadkill Couture comprises of garments created out of the pelts, feathers and bones of animals that have been killed and eaten as food, have accidentally killed on our roads, that have died of natural causes or been culled as pests.

Roadkill Couture is a celebration of the exquisite design of nature and is giving a second life to things of wonder and beauty when they would normally perish or simply be thrown away or discarded.

The animals used have been found by ourselves, donated by friends, family or pest control or bought at the butcher and we have processed each and every one ourselves.

Roadkill Couture has a very strong ethical code and aboslutely no animal was, or ever will be harmed or killed for the making of the collection.

Jess Eaton’s designs will be on display at London’s White Gallery this May.

While I appreciate that Jess Eaton is asking questions that need to be asked from within the fashion industry (Kate Moss wore one of her designs in Love), but I really cannot help but feel that these look a little too much like golden era Alexander McQueen.

eatton3Unfortunately, rather than a post about the origin of our so-called luxury materials, I’ve been tempted to having a conversation about intellectual property. So back to my point…I am not pro fur, faux, real or otherwise, HOWEVER I do believe that Jess Eaton may be onto something IF one would be possessed to wear another creature but my inital reaction to this was that, it is disturbing and tragic all at the same time.

what are your thoughts?

x missfitz


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Jean Paul Gaultier’s Couture SUPRISE

Hiya Poutlings!

The couture shows were being wrapped up in Paris yesterday after a long week which included some dreamy ensembles, scary eye makeup and posibly intentional wardrobe malfuncions on the runway. Which I hope to find time to blog about soon.

However, this season Jean Paul Gaultier was inspired by Indian Gypsies, or rather, he imagined what the “Real Housewives of Mumbai” would look like, and showed a collection of colourful and detailed gowns offset by his signature corsetry and cone bras.

His last look, per couture tradition, was a bridal gown, which was a cropped top and a caged skirt made from tulle and accented with gold embroidery. But that’s not all he sent out – when the bride appeared on the runway, she lifted the enormous cage skirt, whuch was wider than the runway itself, to reveal four adorable little girls in bright outfits a la The Nutcracker.

jpg runway couture bride


jpg runway couture bride girls 2 jpg runway couture bride girls

Couture never looked like so much fun.


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Anna Wintour Shared Her Very Own Vogue Story

Hiya Poutlings

Anna Wintour has took to Vogue’s Internet presence on the evening of the magazines 120th anniversary, last week Tuesday (14/08/2012) to have some nostalgic moments of the begginings of being editor, and also to divulge a little secret with the world…

 Her first cover.

Vogue Cover November 1988 featuring model: Michaela Bercu, photographed by: Peter Lindbergh and styled by: Carlyne Cerf de Dudzeele

November 1988, brought forward a fresh unchartered frontier at Vogue, unlike the brief of any past versions, for those of you who are unaware, a model wearing jeans on the cover of the most gradiose magazine was a very new concept and it reinforced that Anna Wintour wasn’t one to hesistate in revolutinizing the standard of the magazine to something even more mind blowing.

Anna Wintour

I must admit that I was  suprised by Anna’s positive attitude towards causing havoc in the halls of couture and embracing a model that didn’t fit in a sample size (well, at that very moment, for what it is worth.)


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MODEL ALERT : Julia Nobis

Heya Poutlings!

I love sharing with you some of the fantastic models I think are real ROLE MODELS to anyone that is aspiring to be the best model they can be… and let’s be clear, I’m talking about REAL modeling, not just looking shit hot to be some masturbation material for teenage boys and balding men! Actually, making a living from modeling, people paying you to do it… You know what I mean, right? Good. Let’s continue….

Last time, I introduced Anja Rubik, who is no less than amazing and such a HUGE name in the industry. Today, I present a model who is young, relatively new to the industry compared to Anja, but I think we haven’t seen the apex of this particular models career to date.


Julia Nobis is no doubt a rising star. She was only discovered in 2009.She has a unique look with a particular strong appearance. She’s known for playing guitar backstage before a show.


Julia started modeling locally, in Australia, at the age of 16.

Her first time on an international catwalks was during CALVIN KLEIN fall 2010 in New York and she exclusively walked only for them.


The next step on Julia’s modeling career was during the same season but this time on the runways of London Fashion Week. She opened the fall TOPSHOP in London and also closed the RICHARD NICOLL show. During her time in London she got invites to Milan and Paris and she ended up walking for PRADA, DOLCE & GABANA, LOUIS VUITTON, VALENTINO, MAISON MARTIN MARGIELA and MIU MIU Fall fashion shows and as you can imagine she became well known as one of the best newcomers into the fashion world to date.

Later on in 2010 she walked for her first couture show, VALENTINO HAUTE COUTURE in Paris.

2011 Spring fashion shows she opened and closed the POENZA SCHOULER fashion show and also walked for BURBERRY, ALEXANDER WANG, LOUIS VUITTON, CHANEL and BALENCIAGA runways. She also presented looks at the spring CHANEL and ELIE SAAB couture fashion shows.


During Spring 2012, FASHIONTV’s FIRST FACE COUNTDOWN featured Julia Nobis as number 3. She was beat by Anja Rubik and Amyeline Valade.

Currently, Julia has only been on one fashion magazine cover, Australian Vogue featured her in 2011 where she posed for the photographer Kai Z Feng.

She has appeared in a number of editorials for British and Italian Vogue, i-D, Dazed & Confused, Interview and W Magazine.

What I particulary love about this model is that she lives an alternative lifestyle, she has broken the international stereotype of MODEL! Julia is really into martial arts, some of her favourite bands are Nine Inch Nails, Queens of the Stoneage and Rage Against the Machine. She has the perfect mix in her book of “alternative” or should I say edgy shots combined with standard commerical and high fashion couture! The proof is in this models book, and I think she’s got it nailed. Don’t you??

So, models and models-in-training, are you inspired?



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Extravagant Dresses

Hey Pouters!

I love dresses, yet I only own  a few! ! Here are some of my favourite “extravagant” dresses I’ve come across in the past few weeks, some are wedding dresses, others are party dresses, some are designers creations, I LOVE THEM ALL. I WANT THEM ALL!! I love but I know I will never have an occassion or even a budget to own one… but I can stare at them all I want. I look at these and shout out GET IN MY CLOSET!

 Do you want to stare with me?

Have a look at some of my favourites!!

a girl can dream, right?



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