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Do You Even Selfie?

Selfies are the internets bastard child but love them or hate them, they are here to stay. With selfie being reportedly incorporated into the dictionary and creating a stir with the pro-selfie lovers and the selfie-haters about it  was the focus of debate which has still not ended and has gone as far as being described as word of the year. Simply put, a selfie is the act of taking a self portrait, generally using a camera phone and holding the camera in weird angles in order to get the shot. Awesome Selfie 01Awesome Selfie 02

From a photography background, I truly don’t believe its a form of art or expression if it is using a smart phone and a filter but then again I am not the world’s biggest fans of selfies but I don’t hate them either – I’m all for anything in moderation. Old school self portraits using intricate lighting techniques and self timers can be passed off in my opinion more as art, expression as they still echo a certain je nes sais qua which an iPhone just can’t bring to the table. Too many iPhone selfies write the word NARCISSIT all over your face when I’m scrolling through my newsfeeds and your face in 100 different angles and expressions really grates my tits! However, with that being said, I have to take my hat off to the creativity of this unknown girl who has put a lot of effort into creating the most unique mirror-smartphone- selfies I’ve come across in a while. See more below… Continue reading

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Good morning Pouters!

I’ve seen LEGO used in multiple ways as growing up with a LEGO nut in the family can teach you a thing or two about what you can actually do with a couple of bricks. I never really thought I’d see the bricks used as a wig, and for that I have to thank artist and designer Elroy Klee.

Elroy designed these stunning wigs for an advertising campaign called “Mindplay: Bricks on Me”, his high concept LEGO wigs were worn on the top of skullcaps and wach was custom made to fit the model’s head.

Maybe I am crazy, but these wigs designed to represent an afro, a short crop and a layered hairstyles look AMAZING and STYLISH!! I am in awe of the creativity. Why did I never think of this? haha!!

I doubt they are comfortable, but style doesn’t always equal comfort, right? 😉

Let me know your thoughts… If nothing else – these models have some unique shots for their books.


P.S. I am still obsessed with these shots!!


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