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RIP Richard Griffiths

Vernon-Dursley-Richard-GriffithsHi Poutlings

News has surfaced that acclaimed British actor, perhaps best known for his role as Vernon Dudley, Harry Potter’s mean uncle, Richard Griffiths, died on Friday. The reports claim he died from complications following heart surgery. He was only 65.

Richard Griffiths again starred with Daniel Radcliffe in the play Eguus. He did quite a lot of theatre, incluing The History Boys for which he a won a Tony. He also reprised his History Boys role in the film (if you haven’t seen it, make a plan too, BRILLIANT film).

The History Boys

Recently, I loved his role int he first episode of Episodes, starring Matt LeBlanc. That was a good show. A spot-on satrical look at American television and Hollywood. He plays a renowned British actor in a beloved British television show being adapted/ruined for American TV. Even though he’s a respected British actor, he’s still required to audition for the American version, and things go horribly wrong when he’s asked to do the audition with an American accent. He loses the role to Matt LeBlanc. It’s just like he once said,

“If I had my way, all actors over 55 would be issued with a 3pound wet salmon with which to slap the face of every young, beautiful, successful upstart. ‘That’s for being so lucky, you bastard!’ I would shout. And then, hit them again, if you can.”

What a legend.

Rest in peace, old boy.

x missfitz

SOURCE: The Independent UK

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Is Chivalry Officially Dead

Hi poutlings ❤

Trying to catch up on some blogging while I’m up in Egoli. If you live in South Africa, you are likely to have seen this on the news but I feel I need to add my two cents…It’s SAD.


It’s Zimbabwe news, so don’t worry South Africans, this is unlikely to happen to you. Anyway, back to the story: A naked boyfriend ran off into the bushveld  while a lion mauled to death the girlfriend with whom he’d just been having sex.  A friend told local news in Zimbabwe,

“The two were romping when the incident occurred. The lion came from behind and roared.”

Sharai Mawera had her neck and stomach torn apart by the lion, while her unnamed fisherman beau ran off while still wearing a condom— supposedly to get help. This is the second time a human has been mauled by a lion in the area in the past week.

Let that be a lesson about outdoor lovemaking: don’t do it with dangerous predators around or with men who’ll leave you behind for breakfast.

x missfitz

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Feeling MEH? Some FIRE THERAPY Will Sort You Out…

Hiya Poutlings! ❤

Once upon a time when the world was still new, humanity started drafting its long-running list of dangerous, idiotic things done in the name of youth and beauty. In ancient Greece, blonde hair was valued above all, women lightened their tresses with arsenic… which later become a popular ingredient for face powder *clickety click*. Venetian Cerise, a skin whitening cosmetic considered the best of its time, contained white lead that would eventually cause sores, organ damage and death. Similarly, the first kohl was made of dark lead, which Egyptians proceeded to put in and around their eyeballs. Because that’s a good place to lead…. aaaand let’s not start with Elizabeth Bathory, the bloody, excuse the pun, Blood Countess, who bathed in and drunk the blood of hundreds of virgins to keep herself looking youthful. To Liz’s credit, she lived pretty long for her time period. Maybe she was onto something? Anyway.

With all the experience we shallow humans have had risking our lives (and ending the lives of others) to improve our looks, you’d figure we might stop sometime. And yet!! The beauty coups just keep getting weirder. And when the weird gets super-weird, it packs up its under-eye bags and heads to Asia, where it will then undergo huǒ liáo, Huǒ liáo, simply translated to “fire treatment” is a widely practiced form of alternative therapy, performed all over China at “beauty salons” and “therapy centers“. It involves in soaking a towel in a specially prepared “secret elixir” before placing it on the “problem area“. Then some alcohol is added as “starter fluid“. And then they set it on FIRE.

make your eyes shine by..... setting them on fire???

make your eyes shine by….. setting them on fire???

The fire therapy is pretty straightforward, but as for why people do this and what it actually does… eh, who knows? Places that practice huǒ liáojust make ambiguous claims such as “You’ll feel great“. This particular photo was posted on a Chinese message board by a woman who said, “My mom went to get her face done at the beauty salon so I went with her. What I saw… instantly shoecked me.”

….so next time your aesthetician squeezes your pores a little too hard (extractions), just thank your lucky stars you’re not in China, where they’d be taking setting fire to face faster than you can say, “That’s not a pimple, it’s a birthmark!”.

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BRIDAL DRESS/ DESIGNER BANDIT Has Stolen 2 of Amy Winehouse’s Dresses

Hiya Poutlings

This is sad sad news

😦 😦 😦

Two dresses which belonged to the late singer Amy Winehouse, one being her wedding dress, have been stolen from the singer’s former home in North London.

While Amy’s belongings were being tagged and prepared for storage in her former North London home, two of the very important garments have been reported missing from her closet. A Moschino newspaper print dress and the anchor -print mini dress that she wore to marry ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil in 2006 were both discovered missing during inventory. These two garments were only a month away from being acutioned off to benefit THE AMY WINEHOUSE FOUNDATION to the estimated tune of approximately R2,000,000!!


The thieft must have had knowledge that the two specific dresses had sentimental value to Amy. Garments worth a fortune were left alone in the closet, while the two iconic dresses were the only ones found to be missing. Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s dad said:

“Her wedding dress was only a little cotton thing, a hundred quid at best in the shops. Whoever nicked it realised its signifcane and knew it had extra value.”

Since her untimely death from alcohol poisoning in July 2011, her home has been left as a shrine to her fans. Now it is being prepared for sale and therre was a two day inventory period whe it was believed that the garments were stolen. Currently Mitch and his crew is looking through the rest of her belongings to see if the thief took anything else.

Whether it was a Amy super fan or high class burglar who stole the wedding dress is still up for determination. Thankfully, its no longer Halloween, so we can never confuse potential burglars wiith those happened to be dressed up as the former singer. Although if you saw a strangely authenic costume running around this past weekend, you will no longer have to ask them where they got it.


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NSFW: KEEP CALM AND… Embrace the Nudity??

Hiya Poutlings!

[NB: NSFW stands for NOT SAFE FOR WORK. I’m serious; close the browser if you do not want to get fired. Thank you. This public service announcement is brought to you from Pout Perfection’s stay employed innitiative.]

I briefly mentioned this on our Facebook page where we post exclusive content and generally try to brighten up everyone’s days.

I present you one of the many reasons why I love Great Britian (I am far more patriotic than I care to admit…) and more specifically, their armed forces. If you want to know the general reaction amongst the Brits to Prince Harry’s Las Vegas strip billiards scandal, then I suggest you take a gander at this facebook group.

Almost 36,000 people have joined “Support Prince Harry with a naked salute!” and are posting multiple pictures of themselves, in their birthday suits, to give their colleage, or “comrade” as Ju-Ju would call him and let him know that a bit of Vegas nakedness is no big deal as far as they are concerned.

I just lost a whole morning laughing my ass off at these, so I hope I am not alone!!

Anyway, I disgress, whilst theres been a socked fuss wordlwide over Harry’s Vegas antics, in Europe a bit of nakedness and if anything it shows the third in line to the throne in a more human light, like I’ve mentioned multiple times before, Harry is the only one who appears to not take life too seriously and has a bit of fun.

Reportedly, Harry is is at his father’s Gloucester home until he goes back to work later this week and as that coincides with the 15 year anniversary of his mother, Princess Diana’s death, I think it’s safe to say from a PR point of view, Harry is going to be fine.

Will any of our readers be doing a naked salute to post online the group?

Please drop us an email of it, we want to see it too. hahaha.



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