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Marvellous, Mediocre & Meh at the 2014 Golden Globes

Although I might be a bit late with an update of the Golden Globes that were held this past weekend, I did laugh seeing Mnet broadcasting messages throughout the weekend to watch them live at 3am on MONDAY morning (late afternoon/evening in Beverley Hills)…. I can think of better things to do at a time like that, sleep is most definitely the best option and that is what I was doing.

I can’t bring myself to watch these award shows they are always so long winded but I do take a guilty pleasure in looking at the beautiful people, some wearing attire with a certain ‘it’ factor and others wearing things that look like they got dressed in the dark…


Kate Beckinsale

Kate Beckinsale Golden Globes

This lady literally radiates from the red carpet, shining bright in her dress which has a gorgeous silver bustier top and thigh skimming maxi skirt with a mermaid tail which was adorned with rhinestones and which resulted in the dress glowing in the lights of the carpet. Kate’s face was left fairly toned down which complimented a messy-but-perfect updo and her look was finished off with Jimmy Choo shoes and an Edie Parker clutch in black.

Taylor Swift Taylor Swift Golden Globes

I cannot believe it, but Taylor Swift looks amazing to me. Normally I don’t pay a second glance to her but she ticked all the boxes for the Golden Globes ceremony from  her toned down makeup with a bright red lip or her simple but striking Carolina Herrera dress, paired with Christian Louboutin shoes, Jimmy Choo clutch and Lorraine Schwartz jewellery I cannot fault her look. Continue reading

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Guest Contribution : Spec-tacular Guide to Designer Eyewear

With so many of our in the modern world being diagnosed with eye strain, glasses are becoming increasingly popular.  Do away with the infamous four-eyed label and inject some sartorial know-how into your look with these exciting eyeglasses.


Oliver Peoples

Oliver Peoples are known for their vintage, eclectic range of eyewear.  Featuring beautifully crafted frames with chic designs, Oliver Peoples’ glasses are instantly recognisable due to their unique, quirky styling.  A pair of OP specs is a great investment, fulfilling both the fashion and functionality factor. 

 SpecTacular 01

Giorgio Armani

Armani are back on the eyewear scene and are proving that they are here to stay.  Their stunning collection includes directional forms, exquisite designs coupled with the finest materials.  These magnificent Armani glasses from Barnard Levit feature a fusion of black with tortoise shell.  This unique blend means these glasses are less severe than traditional thick, black rimmed glasses thus creating a soft, feminine look – perfect for small faces. 

 SpecTacular 02


For glasses with a sleek Scandinavian twist, choose Lindberg.  This Danish eyewear brand produces sophisticated, stylish and functional frames for the sartorially savvy wearer.  Their spectacular range features lightweight, rimless titanium frames amongst other exciting designs. 

 SpecTacular 03


Ray-ban have become synonymous with sunglasses.  Their stylish, edgy designs have amassed a loyal global fanbase for many years.  Their everyday glasses collection is just as alluring as their sunwear range and features the same directional designs and sophisticated styling that penetrates this coveted collection.  For reliable eyewear which is both luxurious and practical, choose Ray-Ban. 

SpecTacular 04


Whilst Cartier is better known for their luxurious jewellery and exquisite timepieces, they have cast their net deeper into the accessories realm, creating an alluring eyewear collection.  Cartier have carried on their constant strive for luxurious products of the highest quality with their fantastic range of glasses.  Ticking all the boxes, Cartier glasses are sophisticated, stylish, comfortable, functional and durable – a winning combination. 

 SpecTacular 05

All of these glasses are available from leading London Opticians, Barnard Levit

Author Bio: Rebecca is an avid writer and blogger.  Due to her constant computer usage she has recently bought her first pair of prescription glasses.  She frequently writes about health, lifestyle, wellness, fashion and anything else which takes her fancy.  You can follow her on twitter at @ms_jones419

Pout Perfection offers guest article contributions for more information please contact us at pout@poutperfection.com

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Guest Contribution : 5 Great Sunglasses brands

What makes a sunglasses brand great? First of all, it’s the quality of their products. This includes the materials used and the craftsmanship. Then, there’s design, which to some is even more important than quality. Last, but not least, it’s all about business. Taking the right decision at the right time means a successful label. Below are five famous sunglasses models, all created by brands who knew when it was time to enter the field, and how to do it. Click here for amazing brands that have defined what sunglasses are.


1. Ray Ban Wayfarer. The brand was founded in 1937 with the purpose of making goggles for pilots. They branched out into eyewear for the masses, and to great success. The Wayfarers are one of the most popular sunglasses models of our times, although they’ve been previously adored in the 50s and 80s. Click here for more Ray Ban models on GlassesOnWeb.com.

2. Prada 27 NS. What began as a leathergoods shop in 1913’s Italy evolved slowly, but steadily. They launched a ready-to-wear line for the first time in 1989, and one year later they started designing eyewear. The past few years have been huge for Prada sunglasses, most of their collections immediately becoming popular with the fashion crowd.

3. Persol 0649. Similar to Ray Ban, the brand started early on (1917) to provide eyewear for a specific demographics (tram drivers). Their most famous model was popularized by Steve McQueen in the 60s, and it was revived in the past few years by both male and female celebrities.

4. Tom Ford Nikita. The designer launched his namesake brand in 2006, complete with menswear, beauty, eyewear and accessories. Already experienced from Gucci and YSL, Tom Ford knew what he wanted. Just a few years later, his sunglasses are worn by virtually any famous face and are coveted worldwide.

5. Miu Miu 10 NS. The sister brand of Prada, Miu Miu was founded in 1993. The brand soon launched an eyewear line, which became successful in no time. Along with their pentagonal frames, these are the most popular of recent seasons, especially in their glitter version.

This guest post was written by Daria P. who also contributes for GlassesOnWeb.com and CelebritySunglassesWatcher.com; she also runs her own fashion blog called Kittenhood.

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Say What? : 3D Printed Shoes

Hiya Poutlings

Can you remember back to 2010 when 3D-printed shoes started to emerge (EHMERGED) as the young designers began embracing the technology.  If not, these shoes you may have seen online – all over the show, as they are to my knowledge the most pinned pair of shoes, ever. ha ha. Thanx lovely ladies that I follow on Pintrest 😉

Melonia Shoe

Melonia Shoe

This above pair designed by Naim Josefi and Souzan Youssouf and called Melonia shoe, which was nominated for Brit Insurance Design Award of the Year 2011 and was printed using powder nylon. the shoe was made out of a continuous loop, which made for an entirely different look.

3D printing is quickly on the rise and of course, within the fashion industry its being embraced by fashion designers. Its yet to have reached a point of being a widespread alternative to traditionally made shoes.

As the wearability is generally not practical when it comes to designer 3D printed shoes, some designers like Victoria Spruce has used which has generated lots of interest toward the technology still since her shoes don’t look at all like conventional shoes. Here are some rad 3D printed design shoes. hi-tech-fashion-3d-printed-shoes-andreia-chaves-invisible-shoes

Exoskeleton shoe by Janina Alleyne

Exoskeleton shoe by Janina Alleyne

Shoes by Marieka Ratsma

Shoes by Marieka Ratsma

Shoes by Continuum Shoes by Earl Stewart

Shoes by Hoon Chung

Shoes by Hoon Chung

Shoes by Pauline Van Dongen

Shoes by Pauline Van Dongen

Shoes by Rapidform The pros of both approaches is that it can combine classic shoe shapes with intricate printed heels, reduced cost of production as well as minimal to no waste.

I’m all for comfort when it comes to shoes, so if they can make them look funky but also comfortable, then count me in but until they can get this right I’m not going to running to the mall to get me some. What do you think?

x missfitz

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For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller

Heya Poutlings!

I’m sure we can all agree that there is nothing better than well manicured nails!
Whether they have a clear coat of varnish on them or a beautiful French manicure or like the talented Vonimoller with her creative nail polish designs.


Vonimoller originally known as Siobhan Moller describes herself as a small town South African girl who is in love with nail polish.
Talented as she is, her frequent blog posts show some interesting designs along with some very creative designs.


Vonimoller does not only show you great ways to paint your nails, she gives brilliant tips on nail care as well. She uses various colours to keep her readers interested as well as various nail varnish brand names.

Vonimoller gives step by step instructions on how to create each look, making it simple and easy for us Pouters!

If you enjoy painting your nails and experiencing, do give her blog a read.
For The Love of Nail Art – By Vonimoller!


XoXo Megs!


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