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Guest Contribution : Healthy Chocolate Ice Cream Recipes to Try Against Premature Aging

Dark chocolate is actually good for you. Even ice cream recipes are beneficial to health if they list dark chocolate as one of the main ingredients. The operative word here is “dark,” which means that anything labeled or described as “dark chocolate” should contain nothing less than 70% to 75% of pure cocoa. This percentage is easy to overlook when cooking with chocolate, especially in making easy desserts such as chocolate jello or chocolate brownies.

dark chocolateLoaded with anti-oxidants with powerful anti-ageing properties, dark chocolate in easy dessert recipes also contains flavonoids and just the right amount of caffeine, two elements that can prevent the beginning of degenerative neurological and cerebral medical conditions including Alzheimer’s disease, memory gaps, and dementia. The higher the count of pure cocoa, the healthier it is for the body. Most people shy away from dark chocolate because of its slightly bitter taste, but remember that the dark variety is the pure, unadulterated chocolate without the sugar.

Weak Bones Can Speed Up Ageing

How does dark chocolate help in the anti-ageing process? Every cell of the body is at its best working condition when it contains fluid that has considerable alkaline content. When the body has sufficient alkaline, the risk for acquiring chronic diseases significantly decreases. On the other hand, when the body has excessive acid, the opposite of alkaline, it speeds up ageing because the body takes out calcium and magnesium already absorbed by the bones to neutralise acidification.

This neutralisation process greatly weakens the bones, making them brittle and dry, and increasing the risk of osteoporosis, among other threatening bone diseases. Some of the foods which contain acid include red meats, refined sugar, coffee, cereals and cheese. Excessive consumption of these foods will gradually lead bones to weaken, encourage fat acids to attach themselves to arterial walls that thicken into plaque and subsequently clog arteries and lead to stroke, hypertension and heart attack, and set the motion for digestive disorders that can lead to diabetes.

Try a Simple, Delicious and Nutritious Ice Cream Recipe      

Can chocolate be healthy? Only if it’s the dark kind. And are there easy-to-follow healthy recipes using dark chocolate? Here’s one to try right now: a nutritious, dairy-free, delicious and health benefit-giving ice cream recipe that will surely change minds and palates to go over to the “dark side” of confectionery:

Whisk 3½ cups of coconut milk together with 1 cup of almond milk, 2/3 cups brown sugar, ½ teaspoon sea salt, and 1 teaspoon of vanilla extract until sugar is completely dissolved. Pour this mixture into an ice cream maker, running the machine between 25 and 30 minutes, or when the texture becomes thick and creamy. Freeze ice cream for an hour or two, and then fold in a cup each of chopped dark chocolate pieces and raw almonds. Return the mixture to the freezer until firm.

This simple but luscious preparation is only one of many ice cream recipes which can be made healthy by using dark, rather than milk or white, chocolate. You not only prevent those wrinkles from making their appearance on your face, as German researchers have proven that flavonoids in those dark cocoa morsels can improve blood circulation to and hydrate the skin, as well as protect it from harmful UV rays.

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I’m a freelance web designer and also a writer for food and loves cooking since before. For me, food has been a life journey of exploration, discovery and experimentation and as I continue along my own culinary path, I hope to share some of the lessons and flavours I learn along the way and also I’m a mom of two.  – Angel Vicky

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