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Makeup Inspiration : 4 Looks For The Festive Season

This wonderful set appeared in Foam Magazine featuring model Kassi from LA models photographed by Raquel Olivio. Illustrations done by Bijou Karman, styling by Jardine Hammond, hair by Sunnie Brook, nails by Destinee Handly and makeup by Emma Ospina using Dior products.

The title is Belle of the Ball and features around 4 lovely beauty looks for the upcoming silly season!Bar, the extremely glittery eye I believe these looks are not only acheivable but suitable for any occassion over the festive season…

Foam Magazine 01

I love this look but its really only practical for high fashion shoots and drag queens! It can be toned done to a glitter liner on the eyelid to create sultry, sparkly sophistication.

Foam Magazine 02Add some VAVAVOOM to your outfit with a cheeky eyeshadow application.

Foam Magazine 03This may take some time for the inexperienced eyeshadow applicator but with practice adding some bright colour to eyelid and blending can never go wrong, especially if topped off with a beautiful bright lipstick.

Foam Magazine 04The festive season is also time to give your natural hair its time to shine, go wild, put your straightners down, apply a dot of Argan oil and let your hair be free to show its natural beauty. Keep the makeup minimalist, and on trend for the season with a clear example of bareface! Don’t be fooled though, use a light bronzer to contour your face and finish your lips with an off neutral lip.

Common denominators in all looks? Start with a flawless face, strong eyebrows; if your makeup is wild tone down your hair and if your hair is wild tone done your face so as to not look too overdone, and let your inner festivites reflect on your face and in your hairstyle.

x flea143


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Gold Digging with Dior

DIOR SS14 (1)Christian Dior have brought sparkly makeup back once again, for Spring 2014 they have left the rhinestones at home and gone all out on the town with gold guilding.DIOR SS14 (2)

Everything from eyebrows, top and bottom of the lids broken up with a dash of pastel eyeliner.  DIOR SS14 (3)

It’s bold. DIOR SS14 (4)

I wouldn’t recommend recreating these for every day wear, but you have to admit it is pretty captivating. DIOR SS14 (5)

DIOR SS14 (7)x flea143

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Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior SS 2013

Hiya Poutlings! ❤

As most of you know, we at Pout Perfection love miss Jennifer Lawrence and so does Dior.


Oscar nominated actress Jennifer Lawrence becomes the subline new face of Miss Dior latest advertisement masterfully captured by Willy Vanderperre.

Content found on www.dior.com

x missfitz

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Jennifer Lawrence at the Golden Globes 2013

Hiya Poutlings!

Jennifer Lawrence is one of my new favourite style stars to watch.


Though Jennifer Lawrence’s Dior 2012 Haute Couture strapless corseted gown had me on the fence on the live red carpet, and in any of the outdoor images, however it really wowed onstage later.


When she first arrived, I was sort of happy to see another red gown, so she could stick it to Zoey Deschanel (I am not her biggest fan). The Gaultier-esque bust did bother me initially. I felt like it was squinting at me in the sunlight.


I will say that the addition of Raf Simons signature note from that collection, the metallic belt, lifted the oddness of that weird red and defined the wonderfully awkward silhouette.


As you can see from the indoor pics, how that colour sings out of the sunlight. It’s perhaps the sheen to the fabric.


The new face of Miss Dior went for a glittering metallic box clutch…


..and minimal jewels with a cocktail ring and drop diamond earrings.


Complemented with hair and makeup as fresh as it was dramatic. Perfect for a young actress making her debut.

Brava, darling.

That dress certainly grows on you the longer you look at it!


P.S. Check out Jennifer Lawrence’s interview with Elle and see what a healthy body image she portrays.  

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DIOR Golden Temporary Tattoos

Hiya Poutlings!

Oh, fashion, sometimes you are so ridiculously opulent, but we love it at Pout Perfection, because if you were not, we wouldn’t have much to talk about. Dior, has created a line of temporary tattos made of 24 carat gold, in case if you have a bunch of cash lying around, after your $250k manicure and after buying the most expensive dress in the world, you have run out of things to sniff with it.

Dior jewellery designer, Camille Micelli, the French fashion house took the temporary tattoo trend (may I add, which I thought died out in the 90s, sometime before puberty hit…) and gave it a touch of elegance. That’s right…

why wear gold jewellery when you can put gold directly on your skin in the shape of a ring or bracelet??

Retailing for $120 a set (rougly R960), the DIOR GRAND BAL GOLDEN TATTOO set included temporary tattoos made from 24 carat gold in the shapes of bracelets, charms and rings. Comparatively getting a real tattoo may be a little more expensive but is it made of gold? No. In that case, just be sure not to shower for a while to extend the shelf life of these golden temporary tattoos. Or for a more dramatic look melt them down and paint yourself gold.

Speaking of ridiculously opulent designer items, would you spend $290 (roughly R2,320) on a paper bag? Well, what if it was designed by Jil Sander?


I’m not even joking. Jil Sander is selling a paper bag that retails for a whopping $290 (roughly R2,320). I’m pretty sure that even if I bought 1,000 average paper bags and foiled them with 24 carat gold, that they still wouldn’t be worth the ridiculous asking price Jill Sander is expecting.

From her Fall 2012 Autumn/Winter Collection, Jill Sander has released the medium Vasari bag in brown (what other colour, really, it’s a fucking paper bag). According to the product description, that bag has “a long rectangular silhouette and is crafted from coated paper, features the words `Jill Sanders` printed in black at the bottom of the front pane;” and has “visible brown stiched seams at each side with two gold coloured metal eyelets at the bottom“.

APPARENTLY, some people have run out of places to spend their money because the Vasari bag is currently sold out. So someone have one of those rich bastards pick me up a lunchtime snack immediately! With extra foie gras and caviar, please. Oh, do not forget the lobster.

There is a recession, they said…. WHAT FUCKING RECESSION??




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