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Back to School : Nail Art

CHALK NAILS Hi Poutlings ❤

CIATE has repeatedly impressed me in recent months, with innovative manicure solutions ranging from caviar pearls to foil finishes to velvet nails. They continue to amaze me and have launced CHALKBOARD nails which comes with chalk pens that you can doodle, draw and write with to your hearts content!

I really hope they bring this to SA soon, because this is seriously so awesome. Check out some designs people have been posting on Pintrest!

ciate-chalkboard-nails_GBciateCiate Nails Chalkboard Manicure beauty blog review 27b31897efdcf3f795366f7715b2a0eaa1c78ac3df2fc37a6d79ba30091684b2d

I have a few questions though – will the polish make your nails feel like a chalkboard? Can you erase the liquid chalk pen marks? does the chalk rub off all over everything you touch? If you misbehave will you be forced to stay after school and clean the nail erasers? lol

The set will retail for £18 and contain the chalkboard polish, a topcoat, and four liquid chalk pens in white, pink, blue, and green.

x missfitz

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