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Do You Dare? : Ombre Hair

Miley Cyrus has done it. Gwyneth Paltrow too. Rachel Bilson, and Demi Lovato too. What am I talking about? Ombre hair.

Everything “ombre” is “in” at that moment. Nails, stockings, hair.

I am not sure what to make of this trend, on some people it just looks to me like they’ve missed one too many trips to salon, whereas some people just make me love the look. I feel ambivalent: when it is done right it can look natural and sun kissed but it can also go very very wrong if the lighter colour at the bottom goes brassy.

Here are a few stars who have done the ombre hair trend-thing.
































What is your verdict??

 Who rocks ombre the best?



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Boob and Bra 101

Hello there Lovelies;

Today I’ll be talking about a topic that most men and women love talking about, whether it be to love them, hate them, criticize them or admire them, that topic is…


When is it safe to show your cleavage? How much cleavage is acceptable? When is cleavage NOT acceptable? What is it about boobs that make men go gaga?

HEY boys (and girls who wish they had Christina Hendrick’s puppies)

look over here!

So, why is it that men are so fascinated with our blobs of fat that sit between our necks and waists?

  •  Men see it as a sign of fertility subconsciously and this leads them to find women with large breasts attractive.
  • because they are forced to be hidden so there is a certain mystery about them that creates excitement for some men.
  • Some men don’t have an explanation, simply siting that they are beautiful and they love them.

Boobs can either make or break a woman’s classyness, depending on how she treats them. Case in point:

Don’t squeeze your girls till they can’t breathe no more, that’s just cruel Jodie Marsh!

Angelina carries her girls off with class

If you have big girls, for goodness sake, wear a bra!

If you have small girls and want to look fab while wearing something strapless, go for the stick-on bra option, aka NuBra:

If you have small (medium or large) girls and would like a bit of va-va-voom in a dress, go for a Wonderbra!

Whatever you do, DON”T leave the house looking like any of these girls…

Your boobs are meant to be an optional extra to help you look feminine and pretty, not dodgy and disgusting! Own a couple of pretty bra’s, get fitted properly and only wear bra’s that fit you. If the bra squeezes or hurts you or rise up at the back, it’s too small. If the cup seems too big, it probably is!

Try out this chart to see what your size is:

When cleavage is NOT acceptable:

  • At work: When you have cleavage at work, make sure it’s not in-your-face-poke-your-boss’s-eye-out-cleavage, especially if you work with men or with clients.
  • For an interview: You will give off the wrong impression.
  • Tea at the old age home with grandma: No, just no. Old people hate boobs. Boobs are the devil.

Opt instead for something a little more conservative:

 So, what is tasteful cleavage?

Tasteful, classy cleavage is not poking someone’s eye out with it. Tasteful, classy cleavage is optional to look at, not forcing people’s eyes into your top. So, keep it pretty Pouters!

Peace and Love xoxox



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Hello Pouters!

Before I start with my personal makeup how to’s.  I’d just like to start off first with a little bit of info on how I came to loving makeup so much.

It all started with a makeup legend! Mr. Kevyn Aucoin! Unfortunately for the fashion, beauty and makeup industry he passed away. But he was definitely the person that made makeup what it is today. He transformed faces like you wont believe.  He was the god-father of makeup!

When I saw his work on one of his books Making Faces I was absolutely blown away! I immediately wanted to just dip my whole face in makeup!!! His work became an obsession. I only dream to have a quarter of his talent!

That was the day I realized what a wonderful thing makeup was! Without the use of cosmetic surgery, one could transform a face from drab and naked to fabulous and painted, thanks to Kevyn.

Kevyn Aucoin, you are my makeup hero!

Kevyn was known for being the contour master. He transformed celebrities and ordinary people into works of art!


Calista Flockhart and Gweneth Paltrow

Demi Moore

Can you believe that this is Courtney Love?

Drew Barrymore

Isabella Rossellini to look like Barbra Streisand.

Hilary Swank as Raquel Welch

Janet Jackson

Christy Turlington

Lisa-Marie Presely made to look like none other, Marilyn Monroe.

Winona Ryder

Martha Stewart


Kevyn Aucoin 1962-2002

His books that made me fall in love with the art of makeup. If you have a passion for makeup, try to get these books. You can order them at Exclusive Books, but they will be expensive. It’s definitely worth it though!

Kevyn facts:

  • He was self-taught!
  • Went to New-York and would makeup models for free just to build a portfolio
  • Was discovered by VOGUE‘s photographer Steven Meisel
  • His career took off with a makeup shoot he did with Cindy Crawford which led him to do 9 VOGUE covers in a row
  • He also did 7 COSMOPOLITAN covers in a row
  • At the height of his career, he charged about $6000.00 per makeup session
  • Died from a pituitary tumor and suffered from acromegaly.

There is soooooooo much more he did regarding his career. This list would carry on forever, but I will let the pictures do the talking.

For your information, this is a guy!

This is how he would contour. It’s all about contouring! Just remember to blend very well! It’s the secret! You should have seen her after! Wow! I didn’t post a picture, because I think you should get the book and see the after. 🙂

Therefore I say LESS IS NOT MORE! Look at what more can do!


MuchLuv ♥

Sandylash xx


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