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TRESemme Instant Refresh

The darlings from TRESemme sent me their Instant Refresh to try out. Instant Refresh is a DRY SHAMPOO, which essentially is a waterless shampoo which reduces the greasy appearance of the hair by applying a powder form spray to the root of the hair. Dry shampoo will never substitute for real shampoo which involves the use of the water to completely cleanse and remove grease but it is meant to be an in-between washing solution. While it reduces the appearance of greasy roots, the Instant Refresh gives also gives the hair added volume from the root which results that it is possible to style the hair in some ways which would not be possible with freshly washed soft clean hair.  Instant Refresh

I have been trying to use Instant Refresh on the days when I don’t wash my hair (I normally wash my hair everyday and I feel like my hair is dirty if I don’t), so I have been using sporadically, maybe once a week.  Directions for use are simple, shake the can vigourosly before spraying, part your hair into sections and lightly spray the roots in short bursts about 20-30cm away and then massage the product into your scalp with your finger tips and comb through your hair. Et voila, you have Instantly Refreshed hair (see what I did there?).

When I use Instant Refresh, my hair does feel look and refreshed but I know that my hair is not clean. Its obviously a thing I need to get over. I like to use Instant Refresh between washes if I am planning on wearing my hair up, either clipped, in a bun, in a plait or braided. I still can’t bring myself to wear unwashed (without water) hair loose but who knows, one day I might try soon.

Although I have my issues with dry shampoo, I have to say that my mother is completely besotted with the stuff. She gave me a mini can of Instant Refresh before I went overseas for my Italy trip which I used here and there and I am slowly trying to warm myself to using it but I really need to get over the fact that simply because my hair has not been physically washed that it does not appear clean.

Jessica Alba TRESemme

Matthew Monsoor is TRESemme’s celelbrity stylist and his suggestion for the Instant Refresh is to use to give last nights curls brand new life.

Last night’s curls can be revived into boho-chic waves with a twist, by using the right products to re-awaken the volume. Adding braids gives a pretty finish.

200ml aerosol of Instant Refresh goes for R76.99 and is available at Clicks and Dischem nationwide.

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Disclaimer: This product was sent to me for review purposes however this did not alter my view of the product in anyway especially due to the fact that I already had one in my toiletry bag – thanks mum!

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